Brandt’s Woodwind Quintet List – N

Nachmann, Leib (1905- ?)

Blaserquintett, Op. 31 (1968)

A Romanian Jewish composer, almost no info is available online.

Naessén, Ray (1950-2004)

Ikaros: a woodwind quintet in six movements (1995)

Stockholm: Svensk Musik

Duration: 19:00. A Swedish composer and bassoonist, he died in Thailand. (There’s got to be an interesting story in there, somewhere.) Movements: Energico; Allegro; Molto Tranquillo; Allegro Scherzo; Tranquillo cantabile; Allegro.

Nagai, Akira (1931- )

Umi no uta (Song of the Sea)

Tokyo: Japan Federation of Composers

Flute doubles on piccolo, oboe doubles on English horn. Duration: 22:00.

Nagan, Zvi (Herbert) (1912-1986)

Concertante (for woodwind quintet and orchestra)

Israeli Music Institute, 1967

Nagel, Jan Paul (1934-1997)

Blaserquintett Nr. 1

For all 4 quintets, contact: Litschen/Sachsen, Germany: ENA-Musikverlag, Elke Nagel at Uhyster Strasse 2, 02999 Litschen / Saxonia, GERMANY

Blaserquintett Nr. 2

Litschen/Sachsen: ENA-Musikverlag

See also biography (in German) at http://www.ena-musikverlag.de/?page_id=222

Blaserquintett Nr. 3

Litschen/Sachsen: ENA-Musikverlag, 1997

Blaserquintett Nr. 4 “Weihnachtsquintett” (Christmas Quintet)

Litschen [Germany]: ENA, 1997

Nagele, Albert (1927- )


Nagle, Paul

Tin Pan Alley

W. Trenton, NJ: Musicians Publications, 1990 /

Chesapeake, VA: Bill Holcombe’s Musicians Pub’s (http://billholcombe.com/)

Terrific pops arrangements of “You made me love you,” ”Moonlight Bay,” ”Peg o’ my Heart,” “There’s a Long Trail” & “I Want a Girl.” Wonderful for receptions, mall concerts, background music and nursing home gigs. [Andrew Brandt]

The Roaring Twenties

W. Trenton, NJ: Musicians Publications

Chesapeake, VA: Bill Holcombe’s Musicians Pub’s (http://billholcombe.com/)

Really fun arrangements of “Five Foot Two, Eyes of Blue,” “Toot, Toot, Tootsie,” “Makin’ Whoopee” & “Yes Sir, That’s My Baby.” Wonderful for receptions, mall concerts, background music and nursing home gigs. [Andrew Brandt]

The Roaring Twenties, Volume 2

Chesapeake, VA: Bill Holcombe’s Musicians Pub’s (http://billholcombe.com/)

Includes: “The Sheik of Araby”; “April Showers”; “Carolina in the Morning”; and “Second Hand Rose.”

Festival of Carols

W. Trenton, NJ: Musicians Publications, 1984

A medley of “Joy to the World,” “Hark the Herald Angels Sing,” “It Came Upon a Midnight Clear,” “I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day,” “We Three Kings,” and “Angels We Have Heard on High.” Duration: 5:00.

Festival of Carols, 2nd Edition (arr. Nagle & Bill Holcombe, Jr.)

Chesapeake, VA: Bill Holcombe’s Musicians Pub’s (http://billholcombe.com/)

George M. Cohan Medley

W. Trenton, NJ: Musicians Publications, 1984 /

Chesapeake, VA: Bill Holcombe’s Musicians Pub’s (http://billholcombe.com/)

Vaudeville Spectacular (arr. Nagle and Holcombe)

West Trenton, NJ: Musicians Publications /

Chesapeake, VA: Bill Holcombe’s Musicians Pub’s (http://billholcombe.com/)

Arrangements of “Melancholy Baby,” “By the Light of the Silvery Moon,” “Oh You Beautiful Doll” and others. Printed lyrics included. Duration: 5:00.

Nakagawa, Ryohei(1935- )

Three Wedding Marches for woodwind quintet and optional piano or harp

Tokyo: Ongaku No Tomo Sha, 1981 1979

March from “The Marriage of Figaro” by Mozart

Bridal chorus from “Lohengrin” by Wagner

Wedding March from “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” by Mendelssohn.

Several other quintet arrangements by Mr. Nakagawa are scattered around the list under the composers’ names, too.

Two Encores: A Londonderry Air and “She’ll Be Coming ’round the Mountain” for woodwind quintet and optional piano or harp.

Tokyo, Japan: Ongaku no Tomo Sha, 1979

Two Encores Italian, (arr. Ryohei Nakagawa)

Tokyo: Ongaku no Tomo Sha, 1980

Santa Lucia (Neapolitan folksong attributed to Teodor Cottrau); “Io sono docile” (“I’m Obedient” by Gioacchino Rossini).

Nakamura, Sawako (a.k.a. Sawako Kawai?) (1931- )

Wind Quintet

Naón, Luis (1961- )

Cinq personnages en quěte de hauteur (1984-85)

Duration: 19:00.

Narboni, François (1963- )

Ti Ta Te Tin Tay (1991) for double woodwind quintet

Duration: 9:00.

Nass, Daniel (1975- )

Scherzophrenia (1998)

See also: http://danielnassmusic.com/about.htm

Nataletti, Giorgio (1907-1972)

Blaserquintett (1927)

Composer is known mainly as an Italian ethnomusicologist.

Natalevičius, Mykolas (1985- )

Perpetuum Mobile

Natanson, Tadeusz (1927-1990)

Sonata Antiqua (1978)

Warszawa, Poland: Agencja Autorska, 1982

Duration: 10:00.

Nathan, Eric (1983- )

Spires (2010, revised 2013)

Larchmont, NY: Nathan Arts Publishing

Natta, Christian

Crystal Breathe

Forton Music; see also http://www.sheetmusicplus.com/

Naulais, Jerome (1951- )


Paris: G. Billaudot, 2000


Face à face for windquintet and concert band

Six Short Stories (1996)

See: http://www.liornavok.com/

Duration: 12:00. Movements: The Meeting; Native Dance; Air; Fire Dance; Longing (Sinking and Floating Memory); 1+1=11 (Introduction and Fughetta)

Tetris for double woodwind quintet (2009)

See http://www.liornavok.com/

Movements: Keep moving; Gutter People; Getting busy; Keeping busy.

In the notes, the composer compares the people of New York City with the activity of Tetris pieces in the classic computer game.


Three Episodes for Chamber Ensemble (1997) for woodwind quintet, violin, viola, cello, bass, piano, percussion

Duration: 13:00.

Naylor, Peter (1933- )

Wind Quintet (1962)

Manuscript: Scottish Music Archive, Glasgow

Duration: 17:00. Flute doubles on piccolo. See also: http://www.scottishmusiccentre.com/members/peter_naylor/home/

Nazareth e Hubaldo, Ernesto (a.k.a. Ernesto Júlio de Nazareth)(1863-1934)

Odeon (arr. Antonio Bruno)

Usually listed simply as Ernesto Nazareth. Duration: 3:11. Recorded by the Quinteto Brasília.

Odeon & Apanhei-te (arr. Frank Morelli)

TrevCo Music Publishing

Also included in the set “Three Brazilian Choros,” also arranged by Frank Morelli.

Apanhei-te Cavaquinho

Recorded in 1977 by Quinteto Villa-Lobos. Probably arranged specifically for them. There is also a version of this work for bassoon, clarinet and piano, published by Ediciones Eldorado in Buenos Aires.

A lively, fast-tongued 16th-note melody with simple, rhythmic accompaniment. Features the flute. See our Cracked Reed Blog post about Quinteto Villa-Lobos for a link to an old recording. [Andrew Brandt]

Neal, Kate

Paper Scissors Dog for woodwind quintet and animation (film or video?) (2011)

Duration: 5:00. See composer’s site: http://www.kateneal.com/

Necke, Hermann (1850-1912)

The Mill of Sans-Souci (a tale) (arr. Laurence Taylor)

New York:Mills Music, 1945 (now Belwin-Mills)

Needham, Clint (1981- )

Five Movements for Wind Quintet (2007)

King of Prussia, PA: Theodore Presser, 2009

Duration: 7:00.

Neidhofer, Christoph (1967- )

Blaserquintett (Wind quintet) (1990/92)

Karlsruhe: Tre Media Musikverlage, 2002

Flute doubles on alto flute, oboe doubles on English horn. Unconventional playing techniques including playing on partly dismantled instruments.

Nejedly, Vit (1912-1945)

2 Stücke für Blaserquintett [2 Compositions for Woodwind Quintet], Op. 8a (1934)

Nelhybel, Vaclav (1919-1996)

Quintet No. 1 (Quintetto gioccoso) (1948)

London, New York: E. Eulenburg, 1954 /

Frankfurt: C. F. Peters, 1955

Woodwind Quintet No. 2 (1958)

New York: General Music Pub. Co., Boston: Boston Music Co., 1969

Duration: 10:00. Brief description in Arthur Cohn, The Literature of Chamber Music, 1997.

Woodwind Quintet No. 3, Theme and 12 Permutations.

New York: General Music Pub., 1970

Unusual for Nelhybel, this is a 12-tone work. Arthur Cohn, The Literature of Chamber Music, 1997, has a brief analysis.


Music for Woodwind Quintet and Orchestra

Great Works Publishing – Ludwig Music

Nemeth, Tibor (1961- )

nóta (2003)


See http://tibor-nemeth.at/

Nening, Wolfgang (1966- )

12 Haikai und Epilog for Soprano and woodwind quintet (2003)

Duration: 14:00. See http://nening-music.at/

missa (1988) for Choir, SATB soloists, 2 flutes, 2 oboes, 2 clarinets, 2 bassoons, and 1 horn


Duration: 27:00.

Nepomuceno, Alberto

Hino do Estado do Ceará (arr. Welligton Sousa)

This is a patriotic, civic work, originally for choir and band or orchestra, for the state of Ceará in northeastern Brazil. A set of parts for either woodwind quintet or brass quintet may be downloaded from the International Music Score Library Project, http://imslp.org/wiki/Hino_do_Estado_do_Cear%C3%A1_(Nepomuceno,_Alberto)

Nero, Paul (aka Kurt Polnarioff, aka Kurt Paul Nero) (1917-1958 )

Monsoon, a Hot Wind

New York: Carl Fischer

Includes alternate bass clarinet part to replace bassoon.

Arthur Cohn states that this work has jazzy, bouncy rhythms.

Neubert, Gunter (1936- )

Musik für Bläserquintett (1969)

Leipzig: Deutscher Verlag fur Musik, 1969

Duration: 10:00.

New Dances in Mutation (2011)

Edition Peters


Kammersinfonie für Nonett (1979) 5 winds, 4 strings

Neumann, Friedrich (1915- )


Do not confuse this composer with Frederick Neumann.

Neumann, Helmut (1938- )

Metamorphosen über ein Thema von Johann Sebastian Bach, Op. 25 (1978)

published by the composer

See http://www.mica.at/composerdb/ for contact info.


Passacaglia für Blasernonett, Op. 15 (1976) for 1 flute, 2 oboes, 2 clarinets, 2 bassoons, 2 horns

Nevin, Ethelbert Woodbridge (1862-1901)

A Day in Venice (Un giorno in Venezia), Op. 25 (arr. Hugh Gordon)

Philadelphia: John Church Co., 1936 /

Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania: Theodore Presser

Based on a suite for the piano.

Newell, John

Sequoia Quintet (2006)

New York: American Music Center

Duration: 16:00. Flute doubles on piccolo. Movements: I. Toybox Symphony; II. From Away; III. I was a serious young man. The score can be downloaded from www.amc.net/composers/. See also http://www.johnnewellmusic.com/Composer.html .
Not to be confused with Jonathan Newell.

Newman, Harry and Roy Baron

American Rag (1909) (arr. Harry Stanton)

Salem, Ct.: Cimarron Music Press, 2006 cimarronmusic.com

Arrangements of “Dixie”; “The Girl I Left Behind Me”; “Rally ’Round the Flag”; “Maryland, my Maryland”; “Yankee Doodle”; “Star-Spangled Banner”; “Marching Through Georgia”; “Red, White and Blue”; “America.”

Newmaster, Kyle (1975- )

Thoughts on Jazz

Published by the composer. See: http://www.kylenewmaster.com/

Newton, Bret

Quintet for Winds (2007)

Published by the composer

Duration: 7:00. See the composer’s website, Bandestration for a synthesized realization of the score.

As much as I dislike synthesized realizations of quintet scores, this appears to be a nice, pensive, quasi-Coplandish work. Unfortunately, I see no way to send a private message to the composer on his website. (Neither does he have an “About Me” page.) Go to https://bandestration.com/2016/06/10/compositions-for-sale/ and leave a message with some sort of contact info, or look him up on Facebook to contact. [Andrew Brandt]

Nicholson, Gordon

Impression III

Premiered by the Dorian Wind Quintet. It’s not clear if this is Canadian composer, G. Gordon Nicholson or a different Gordon Nicholson.

Nickel, Hartmut


Not to be confused with Hartmut Nickel the ice hockey player.

Nicodé, Jean Louis (1853-1919)

Moorish Dance (arr. Robert Broemel)

Trevco Music Publishing

Nicolaou, Vassos (1971- )

Wind Quintet (1998)

Duration: 10:00.

Nicolau, Teodor (1947- )

Two Fugitive Images, Op. 20 b

Helsinki: Music Finland http://musicfinland.fi/en/

Duration: 13:00. PDF of score available for download.

Nicotra, Alfredo (1934-2004)

Episodios, Op. 20, No. 3 (1997)

Oslo: NB noter (Contemporary Norwegian sheet music)

Movements: Andina; la humilde; Paisano con bandoneon; Alegria Espanola. Duration: 7:00.

Niculescu, Stefan (1927-2008)

Eterofonii pentru Montreux (Heterophonies pour Montreux) (1986)

Bucuresti: Editura Muzicala, 1989 /

Paris: Salabert

Includes performance instructions in Romanian and French. Oboe doubles on English horn. Duration: 20:00.

Sincronie V (1982) for wind quintet

Not certain of exact instrumentation.

Niehaus, Lennie (1929- )

Angels We Have Heard On High

Kendor Music, Inc.

Wayne Gaver (music[at]toad.net) says it is “In Swing style. It took a while for some of us squares to get the hang of it, but once we got it, it became one of our favorites.”

Nielsen, Carl August (1865-1931)

Quintet, Op. 43 (1922)

Copenhagen: Welhelm Hansen, 1923 /

Oslo: Norsk Musikforlag, 1923 /

London: J. & W. Chester, Ltd. /

Tunbridge, Vt.: Trillenium Music, 2001

Movements: 1. Allegro ben moderato; 2. Menuet; 3. Praeludium – Tema con variazioni. Oboe doubles on English horn (required in the last movement); Clarinet in A. The International Music Score Library Project has the downloadable score and parts available for those countries in which this is now in the public domain (Canada and most of Europe, but not in the U.S.) at: http://imslp.org/wiki/Wind_Quintet,_Op.43_(Nielsen,_Carl)

A notable recording of this work is available on YouTube by the Carion Quintet which performs it by memory (and some choreography) and joie de vivre, at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ow0sYQH-8HQ .

I’ve written an entire blog post specifically for this work, as part of our series of woodwind quintets of the Roaring Twenties. See The Ineffable Quality of Being Danish – Carl Nielsen’s Quintet.

What is fascinating is that this work was composed at about the same time as Schoenberg’s Quintet, Hindemith’s Kleine Kammermusik, Theodore Blumer’s Romantic-sounding Quintet, Op, 52, and just before Heitor Villa-Lobos started his quintet, and a few years before Ibert wrote his Trois Pièces Brèves. In those few years in the 1920s, the woodwind quintet matured into an ensemble suited for new music of all kinds and styles. See my blog post The Roaring Twenties Woodwind Quintet for much more info. [Andrew Brandt]

Humorous Bagatelles, Op. 11 (arr. Clark McAlister)

Boca Raton, FL: Masters Music Publications

Duration: 10:00. Arrangement of a set of piano pieces written between 1894 and 1897.

Barbera Secrist-Schmides says “this is a wonderful arrangement that really works well….”

[Excerpts from the opera] Maskarade (arr. Tony Turrill) for woodwind quintet plus 2nd oboe, clarinet and bassoon

Norvik Sheet Music, http://www.norviksheetmusic.co.uk/

Scored for 1 flute, 2 oboes, 2 clarinets, 2 bassoons and 1 horn. Movements: 1. Overture; 2. A set of dances from Act I; 3. Prelude to Act II; 4. The love duet between Leander and Leonora; 5. The orchestral opening of Act III; 6. Venus and Mars dance; 7. A brief ballet, Dance of the Cockerels. See the program notes: http://www.norviksheetmusic.co.uk/html/nielsen_mask.html .

See also a work by RAHBEE, DAVID based on themes of Nielsen.

Nielsen, John (1927-1988)


Nieminen, Kai (1953- )


Fennica Gehrman

Hommage a Poulenc (1976)

Fennica Gehrman

Sonaatti viidelle (1979)

Helsinki: Music Finland http://musicfinland.fi/en/

Nikiprowetzky, Tolia (1916-1997)

Symphonie concertante (1956) for woodwind quintet and orchestra

Bryn Mawr, PA: Elkan-Vogel

Nikolskaya, Lyubov (1909-1984)

Two Pieces for Wind Quintet

Nilovic, Janko (1941- )

Symphonie des Fleurs (Floral Symphony)

Paris: Symphony Land, 1980

Duration: 19:45. Movements:
Awakening; Metamorphosis; Wind-flower; Petals in the sky; Poppy’s dance; Wild rose; Water-colours; Underwood; Ballad; Bell-flower’s song; Village festival.

Nilsson, Bo (1937- )

Deja connu (1973)

Danderyd, Sweden: Warner/Chappell Music Scandinavia AB

Flute doubles on piccolo and alto flute, oboe doubles on English horn. Duration: 13:00.

Deja connu, deja entendu, hommage à mon père (1976)

Stockholm: W. Hansen, 1977 /

Stockholm: Nordiska Musikforlaget

For flute (+alto flute in G), oboe (+oboe d’amore and cor anglais),
clarinet in A, horn, and bassoon. Duration: 17:30. Movements: Introduction; Berceuse; Intermede; Slow motion waltz; Kontakia.

“Carte postale a St. Frykberg” Blaserquintett (1986)

Nilsson, Bo(1937- )

Zwanzig Gruppen (1958)

Performed by the Dorian Wind Quintet.

Zeitpunkte (arr. Gunnar Valkare) for ten winds

Svensk Music (SMIC)

For pairs of flutes, oboes, clarinets, bassoons and saxophones.

Nilsson, Leo (1939- )

Sonata grafica Y (1978)

Stockholm: Svensk Music

For quintet and live electronics. Duration: 15:00.

Nobis, Herbert (1941- )

Fünf Bagatellen (1972)

Wiesbaden: Breitkopf & Härtel, 1975

Noack, Kurt (1893-1945)

Heinzelmännchens Wachtparade, Op. 5


Nobre, Marlos (1939- )

Quinteto de sopros, Op. 29 (1968)

Darmstadt, W. Germany: Tonos, 1977 /

Rio de Janeiro: Servico de Documentacao Musical da Ordem dos Musicos do Brasil

Movements: Lento-Animato; Lento; Vivo. Although written in 1968, the work’s first performance wasn’t until 1977, performed by the Quinteto de Sopros de Porto-Alegre, with Arno Armindo Matte, flute; Orpheu Tommasini, oboe; Hermes de Andrade, clarinet; Gunter Kramm, bassson and Juan Correa Barbieri, horn). Recorded by the Quinteto Villa-Lobos. (See http://marlosnobre.com.br/index.php/pt_br/home-2/7-catalogo/60-works-for-chamber-music-musica-de-camera )

Marlos Nobre works are serious, modern works (as opposed to arrangements of popular Brazilian tunes and styles). The first movement reflects 1970s Cold-War-era angst, but only with gentle dissonances and some flutter-tonguing. The pensive second movement pays some homage, perhaps, to the Brazilian Choro in its sad, singing beginning, but then transforms to something more sinister in the middle section. The third movement is brisk and mechanistic, with more pointed dissonances with a slow, sad soliloquy in the center that works back to the opening activity. In short, the work is an individual statement and not a proclamation of Brazilian nationalism or folk or popular music. The Quinteto Villa-Lobos recording of Marlos Nobre’s Quinteto de sôpros is available on Youtube in three files: first movement (Lento-Animato); second movement (Lento); and the third movement (Vivo). [Andrew Brandt]

Desafio XXVI, Op. 31 / No. 26 (1968/1984)

Duration: 8:00. See http://marlosnobre.com.br/index.php/pt_br/home-2/7-catalogo/60-works-for-chamber-music-musica-de-camera .

Nocentini, Domenico (1849-1924)

Sinfonia “Labor Omnia Vincit” for flute, 2 oboes, 2 clarinets, 2 bassoons, 2 horns

Amsterdam: Edition Compusic

There is possibly also a contrabassoon part. Curiously, just like the Scarlattis, some people get confused between Domenico Nocentini and Alessandro Nocentini (an artist). Also, at least one publication spells his first name “Dominico,”.

Nodaira, Ichiro (1953- )

Le Temps Distordu (1993)

See also: http://ichironodaira.com/ .

Nodari, Marco(1969- )

Come fiati di vento

Ancona, Italy: Bèrben Edizioni Musicali, http://www.berben.it/

Nogradi, Peter (1952- )

Elegia (also listed as Elegy) (1987)

Manuscript, Hungarian Music Information Service /

Budapest: Akkord, 2007, akkord@mail.datanet.hu

Duration: 10:00. Flute doubles o piccolo; oboe doubles on English horn.

Nohr, Friedrich (1800-1875)

Potpourri, Op. 3 (for woodwind quintet and orchestra)

Breitkopf & Härtel

Concertante, Op. 10 (for woodwind quintet and orchestra)

Munchen: M. Falter

Nordensten, Frank Tveor (1955- )

Sutnyribal for Wind Quintet (1978)

Oslo: NB noter (Contemporary Norwegian sheet music)

See also: http://www.nordensten.com/

Nemesis (WoodWind Quintet No. 2)

Nordenstrom, Gladys (1924- )

Wind Quintet (1976)

Kassel: Baerenreiter, 1977

Flute doubles on piccolo. Described as a revision of the Palm Springs Sextet (see below). Ms. Nordenstrom was also married to composer Ernst Krenek (who also wrote woodwind quintets).


Palm Springs Sextet, for woodwind quintet and bass clarinet

Barenreiter & Neuwerk

Flute doubles on piccolo.

Nordgren, Erik (1913-1992)

Six Movements for Woodwinds and Percussion, Op. 64

Svensk Music (SMIC)

For flute doubling alto flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, horn, percussion and taped electronics. A sample score of just three movements can be downloaded from: http://www.mic.se/avd/mic/prod/micpdf.nsf/dl/14853f1a.pdf/$file/14853f1a.pdf . (The tape, in the 5th movement, needs to be able to add an echo.) Percussion includes tam-tam, woodblock, 3 cymbals in those 3 movements; there’s no indication whether other percussion is required.

Nordgren, Pehr Henrik (1944-2008)

Kolme maanitusta (Three Enticements), Wind Quintet No. 1, Op. 11 (1970)

Helsinki: Finnish Music Information Centre

Duration: 14:00. Commissioned by the Finnish Broadcasting Company.

Wind Quintet No. 2, Op. 22 (1975)

Helsinki: Finnish Music Information Centre

Flute doubles on alto flute, clarinet doubles on bass clarinet.
Duration: 15:00. First performed by the Scalakvintetten (Christina Hagström, Stig Lindborg, Lars Ehrlingsson, Arne Andersson, Allan Gustavsson).

The Good Samaritan, Op. 141

Fennica Gehrman


Programme Music, Op. 76 (1990) for woodwind quintet, string quartet, percussion, and double bass.

Duration: 15:00. Commissioned by the Swedish Consert Institute and NOMUS.

Nørgård, Per (1932- )

Whirl’s World (Hvirvel-verden) (1970)

Copenhagen: W. Hansen, 1991

Duration: 15:00. Recording(s): Philips LP 65 78007 & dacapo 8.224001 (CD). Written for The Danish Wind Quintet.

Nørholm, Ib (1931- )

Preludes for a Wind Quintet, Op. 53 (1971)

Copenhagen: Wilhelm Hansen

Duration: 12:00.

Normand, Albert

Quintet in E, Op. 45

San Antonio: Southern Music

Two movements: Adagio and Scherzo.

North, Alex (1910-1991)

Quintet (1942)

Novácek, Rudolf (1860-1929)

Sinfonietta, Op. 48 (ca. 1888) for flute, oboe, 2 clarinets, 2 bassoons, 2 horns

Edition Compusic

Novak, Jan (1921-1984)

Concertino (1957)

Prague: Cesky Hudebni Fond (Czech Music Foundation), 1959

Duration: 12:00. Recorded Supraphon. http://www.musica.cz/novakj/index.html

Vier Verse, Op. 15 (1938) for woodwind quintet and soprano


Balletti a 9 for woodwind quintet and string quartet (violin, viola, cello, bass) (1955)

Novak, Jiri Frantisek (1913-1993)


Novák, Milan(1927- )

Aquarelles (1986)

Music Centre Slovakia, http://hc.sk/en/

Duration: 13:00. See also: http://hc.sk/en/hudba/osobnost-detail/552-milan-novak

Novak, Richard (1931- )

Variationen uber ein eigenes Thema (1954)

Nowak, Jerry

Portrait of the American West

Glenmore, PA : Roncorp, 2012

Arrangements of the songs Bury Me Not On The Lone Prairie, Skip To My Lou, Wait For The Wagon, The Streets of Laredo, The Yellow Rose Of Texas.

American Spirituals Medley

Chesapeake, VA: Bill Holcombe’s Musicians Pub’s (http://billholcombe.com/)

Black is the Color of My True Love’s Hair

Chesapeake, VA: Bill Holcombe’s Musicians Pub’s (http://billholcombe.com/)

Suite for Woodwind Quintet and Band (1974)

Big Bells

See also: http://www.jerrynowak.net/ .

Nowka, Dieter (1924-1998)

Quintetto, per fiati, Op. 35 (1955)

Berlin: Verlag Neue Musik Berlin, 1971 /

Tel Aviv: Israel Music Institute /

Kassel: Barenreiter Verlag

Duration: 8:15.

Quinteto per fiati (1968)

Kassel: Barenreiter Verlag

Novosad, Lubomir (1922-1991)

Bläserquintett (1948)

Núñez, Federico


Cayambis Music Press, 2016 (www.cayambismusicpress.com/)

Duration: 23:00. The work is designed as a spatial performance piece with the players scattered around the audience. Performers are encouraged to move around the audience.

Nussbichler, Ludwig (1963- )

Quintett für Bläser (1993)


Duration: 13:00. Flute doubles on alto flute. Contact composer: http://www.ludwignussbichler.com/

Nyberg, Gary (1945- )

Wind Quintet No. 1

Manuscript: University of Wisconsin

Nye, Harland

March for Two Left Feet

Nyman, Uno (1879-1959)

Arctic Suite (1934)

Duration: 20:00. Composer was also a dentist.

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