Brandt’s Woodwind Quintet List – Y

Yang, Jin-fong

Aliecolour (2002)

Taiwanese composer.

Yannatos, James (1929-2011)


Cambridge, Mass. (9 Stearns Street, Cambridge, Mass. 02138): Sonory Publications, 1983

Movements: Prelude; Aria; Dance; Arioso; Finale.

Yarwood, Ronald


Piper Publications: Dochroyle Farm, Barrhill, Girvan, Ayrshire, Scotland, UK http://www.piperpublications.co.uk/

Yasinitsky, Gregory W. (1953- )

Wooden Miniatures

Advance Music

3 Movements: Made of Mahogany; Teak Elephants; Fashioned from Boxwood. Sound files available on the Kendor Music: https://www.kendormusic.com/store/index.php?_a=viewProd&productId=3622

Yee, Adam (1974- )

sefirot (1995)

See Australian Music Centre: http://www.australianmusiccentre.com.au/

Score specifies using open-holed flute. Duration: 2:00.

Yerkanyan, Yervand (1951- )

Wind Quintet (1976)

See also: http://home.worldonline.nl/~ovar/yerka.html

Yi, Chen

SEE Chen Yi

Yiu, Raymond (1973- )

Calendar of Tolerable Inventions from Around the World (2003)

New Voices, British Music Information Center, http://www.bmic.co.uk/

Flute triples on piccolo and alto flute, oboe doubles on English horn, clarinet doubles on bass clarinet, bassoon doubles on contrabassoon. Duration: 24:00. See: www.bmic.co.uk/Composers/nv_details.asp?ComposerID=2745

con un poco de tango (2002)

New Voices, British Music Information Center, http://www.bmic.co.uk/

Duration: 1:00.

Yoder, Paul (1908-1990)

Dry Bones

Park Ridge, Ill.: Neil A. Kjos, 1957

Includes optional percussion part.


San Diego, California: Neil A. Kjos Music

York, Walter Wynn (1914- ?)

Neo Gothics

Rochester music Publishers, Inc. /

Fairport, New York: Pyraminx Publications

Youk, David

May 9, 1999

available from the composer: 4717 147th PL SW, Lynnwood, WA 98037 USA

Young, Charles Rochester (1965- )

Three Summer Evenings

San Antonio, Tex.: Southern Music Co., 2003

Duration: 10:00. Recorded by the Baylor Woodwind Quintet.

Young, La Monte (1935- )

Wind Quintet (1954)

Material Press (Ludwig-Landmann-Str. 86D,60488 Frankfurt-am-Main, GERMANY)

See also: http://minimalism.jaloes.com/2012/09/la-monte-young-first-minimalist-composer.html

Youtz, Gregory (1956- )

Soundtracks: seven themes in search of a plot (2002)

Portland, Or.: Editions Viento, 2006

See also: https://sites.google.com/a/plu.edu/gregory-youtz-composer/home

Yu, Julian Jing Jun (1957- )

Four Pieces for Wind Quintet (1981)

Grosvenor Place, N.S.W.: Reproduced and distributed by Australian Music Centre, [1999] http://www.amcoz.com.au/

Movements: 1. Augury; 2. Dread; 3. Footpath to the tombs; 4. Exorcism.

Yun, Isang (1917-1996)

Woodwind Quintet I/II (1991)

Berlin: Bote & Bock 1992 /

London: Boosey & Hawkes

Duration: 16:00.

Festlicher Tanz (1988)

Berlin: Bote & Bock, 1992 /

London: Boosey & Hawkes

Duration: 8:00.


Distanzen (1988) for woodwind quintet and string quintet

Berlin: Bote & Bock

Musik für 7 Instrumente in drei Satzen (1959) for 5 winds, violin, cello

Berlin: Bote & Bock

Yradier, Sebastian (Sebastian Iradier Salaverri) (1809-1865)

La Paloma, Habanera (arr. Thomas H. Graf)

Thomas Graf – the-hit-factory.com

The score excerpt on sheetmusicplus misspells the composer’s name.

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