Brandt’s Woodwind Quintet List – C

Cabus, Peter (1923-2000)


Brussels: J. Maurer

Cacavas, John (1930-2014)


New York: Sam Fox Pub. Co., 1960

Cage, John (1912-1992)

Music for Wind Instruments: Trio, Duo, Quintet (1937)

New York: Henmar Press, sole selling agents C. F. Peters, 1997, 1961

Duration: 8:00. Work consists of 3 pieces: Trio for flute, clarinet, and bassoon, Duet for oboe and horn, Quintet for flute, oboe, clarinet, horn, and bassoon. Recorded by the Aulos Wind Quintet on Koch Schwann 311532 (1993) and by the Esbjerg Ensemble on Kontrapunkt 32002


4′ 33”, tacet for any instruments (1952)

Cahn, Sammy (1913-1993)

Let it Snow (arr. by James Christensen)

Kendor Music, Inc., Delevan, NY 14042

Fun swing-style arrangement. [Andrew Brandt]

Cai, Shiya


Xianggang: Gong jiao zhen li xue hui, 2000

Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong. Sheng yue wei yuan hui.

Perhaps a musician with Chinese-language fluency could help with this and other Chinese works. Please.

Cailliet, Lucien (1891-1984)

Concertino for woodwind quintet.

Sherman Oaks, Calif., Lucien Cailliet 1956 /

Philadelphia: Henri Elkan, 1958

Duration: 4:30.

Ouverture in B-flat major

Bryn Mawr: Elkan-Vogel

Calabro, Louis (1926-1991)


Bryn Mawr: Elkan-Vogel, 1966

Duration: 7:00.

Calandin, Emilio (1958- )

Sac de Noeuds (1992)

Piles Editorial de Musica

Duration: 11:00. Google Translate says the title means “Can of Worms” or “Sack of Nodes.” See also: http://www.ecalandin.com/ .

Caldwell, Mary L.

Viennese Waltz (arranged), 1937

Cale, Bruce (1939- )

Kookaburra, No. 3, Op. 20 (1978)

Grosvenor Place, N.S.W.: Australian Music Centre 1999

Duration: 5:00. See: http://www.australianmusiccentre.com.au/

Caliendo, Christopher

Chamber Jazz

Los Angeles: Caliendo World Music Publishing, Inc.

Duration: 5:45.

Choose to Love

Los Angeles: Caliendo World Music Publishing, Inc., chamber jazz series

Duration: 6:30.

Despiadado (Desperado) (tango)

Caliendo Word Music Publishing; see also http://www.sheetmusicplus.com/

La Esgrimadora (The Fencer)

Los Angeles: Caliendo World Music Publishing, Inc.; see also http://www.sheetmusicplus.com/

A Tango. See also: http://www.christophercaliendo.com/

La Primavera (Spring)

Los Angeles: Caliendo World Music Publishing, Inc.; see also http://www.sheetmusicplus.com/

A tango. Duration: 4:05.

Gangar (Norwegian Walking Dance)

Duration: 5:40. See http://www.christophercaliendo.com/

New York and All That Jazz

Los Angeles: Caliendo World Music Publishing, Inc.

Duration: 7:30.

Siempre Domingo

Los Angeles: Caliendo World Music Publishing, Inc.

Tango. Duration: 3:25.


Los Angeles: Caliendo World Music Publishing, Inc.

Duration: 4:15. Combines Flamenco and jazz.

Ven a mis Brazos (Come into My Arms)

Los Angeles: Caliendo World Music Publishing, Inc.

Tango Americano Series. Duration: 3:00.

Callhoff, Herbert (1933- )

Bläserquintett No. 1 (1967-69)

Hans Gerig Musikverlag (Breitkopf & Härtel)/

Bad Schwalbach: Edition Gravis, 2006.

Duration: 10:00.

Bläserquintett Nr. 2 (1975/76)

Bad Schwalbach, West Germany: Edition Gravis, 1984 1982 /

Hans Gerig Musikverlag (Breitkopf & Härtel)

Calvin, Jean-Philippe (1974- )

Kleztet (2011)

Emerson Edition

Duration: 9:00. Commissioned by Arte Combo and Cannes International Film Festival for Ennio Morricone’s birthday celebrations. See also: http://www.jeanphilippecalvin.com/

Cambini, Giuseppe Maria (1746-1818 or later)

Three Concert Quintets (“Trois Quintetti Concertans”) (ca. 1802)

Paris: Sieber, 1802

Originals are located in the U.S. Library of Congress.

Score and parts for all three quintets are now also available for download from the International Music Score Library Project, at http://imslp.org/wiki/3_Wind_Quintets_(Cambini,_Giuseppe_Maria).

This composer has also mistakenly been called Giovanni Giuseppe Cambini. He was active in Paris, his death is shrouded in obscurity and may have been as early as 1818, although some sources say 1825. He also wrote at least 28 Symphonies Concertantes, many of them using groups of woodwinds. Although Cambini is not nearly as accomplished a composer as Mozart or Haydn, these 3 works are interesting because they may be the first woodwind quintets ever written for flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon and horn. They remain light, classical works which were later eclipsed by the quintets of Danzi and Reicha. [Andrew Brandt]

Quintetto concertante No. 1 in B-flat Major

Munchen: F.E.C. Leuckart /

New York: McGinnis & Marx, 1965 /

Boca Raton, Fla.: Masters Music Publications, 2006

Movements: Allegro maestoso; Larghetto cantabile; Rondo: Allegretto grazioso.

Light, classical sounding work. Recorded by Soni Ventorum, 1972. [Andrew Brandt]

Quintetto concertante No. 2 in D Minor

New York: McGinnis and Marx, 1978 /

Munchen: F. E. C. Leuckart, 1973

Movements: Allegro espressivo; Larghetto sostenuto ma con moto; Presto ma non tanto.

Quintetto concertante No. 3 in F Major

New York: McGinnis and Marx, 1965 / Munchen: F.E.C. Leuckart

Cammarota, Carlo (1905-1990)

Introduction, Chromatic Fugue

Bologna: Edizioni Bongiovanni, 1960

Campbell, Michael

Baroque Suite (arr. Michael Campbell)

Trevco Music Publishing


Bach, J. S. – Prelude from Cantata #58

Boyce, William – Pastorale from Symphony #4

Durante, Francesco – Air from Concerto Grosso in F minor

Handel, G. F. – Finale from Sonata in B-flat

Campioleti, Virginia M.

Pinocchio, from “Cantate, Bambini” (1913) (arr. Bill Schuetter)

Imagine Music; see also: http://www.sheetmusicplus.com/

Duration: 1:35.

Campo, Frank Philip (1927- )

5 Pieces for Winds, Op. 18 (1959)

Los Angeles: Western International Music, 1976

5 movements.

Images of Childhood, Op. 109

Studio City, CA: Dario Music, 2001


Viaggi for Woodwind Quintet and percussion.

Campo, Regis (1968- )

Cinq Sonates a cinq (wind quintet) (1999)

Paris: Editions Henry Lemoine

Duration: 10:00.

Toy (2006)

Paris: Editions Henry Lemoine

Duration: 11:00. First performed by the Quintette à vent de Marseille. Program notes, in French, available on the IRCAM site: http://brahms.ircam.fr/works/work/26500/

Campos, Juan Morel and Felix Astol

Puerto Rico Suite (arr. William Scribner)

Richmond, Virginia: International Opus

La Borinque-a by Felix Astol

No Me Toques by Juan Morel Campos

Laura y Georgina by Juan Morel Campos

Felices Dias by Juan Morel Campos.

A collection of four dance selections from the two most prominent Puerto Rican composers of the 19th century. The first dance, La Borinque-a has also served as Puerto Rico’s national anthem.

Campos, Roberto

Nocturno Congoleno for woodwind quintet and 5 percussion

Piles Editorial de Musica

Duration: 25:00.


SEE LISTING UNDER Lavallee, Calixa

Canfield, David DeBoor (1950- )

Woodwind Quintet

Cano, César (1960- )

Wind Quintet

Valencia: Institut Valencia de la Musica /

Valencia: Piles, 2007

Duration: 13:00.

Cano, Francisco

Diferencias Agogicas (1969)

? Paris: Enoch & Cie. /

Manuscript: Archivo Sinfonico de la S.G.A.E., Madrid

Cantrell, Byron (1919- ) arranger

Four Elizabethan Pieces for woodwind quintet

Los Angeles, Calif.:G. Scott Music, 1970 /

Los Angeles, Calif.: Western International Music [distributor] 1970

Includes music of Bull, Byrd, and Gibbons.

Cantu, Carlos M.


Riverdale, Md.: Kommissarshevskaya Music, 1996

Caplet, André (1878-1925)

Suite Persane for double wind quintet (1900)

Amsterdam: Edition Compusic, 1988

Bocal Raton, Florida: Masters Music

Also available from Rainer Schottstaedt, Petersbergstr. 9, D-53797 Lohmar, Germany.

3 movements: Scharki (Chant d’amour; Nihavend; Iskia samaisi. Recorded on Dabringhaus & Grimm CD MDG 603 0599 by the Calamus Ensemble. Also recorded by the Joseph Triebensee Ensemble on Asturia.

According to Catherine Gerhart’s Annotated Bibliography of Double Wind Quintet Music, this work was “[w]ritten in 1901 and first performed by the Societe de Musique on March 9, 1901, this piece was most likely inspired by the World’s Fair which was held in Paris in 1900.”

Capodaglio, Leonello (1945- )

Ballo Campestre

Horgen, CH: Pizzicato Verlag Helvetia

Circus (Divertimento for Wind Quintet)

Lancaster, UK: Phylloscopus Publications, 2006, http://www.phylloscopus.co.uk/

Six Timbres

Seattle, WA: Alry Publications

Movements: De Vienne; De l’Arabie; De la Bohême; De la Suisse; De la Grèce; De l’Afrique.

Three Chorales, Op. 86 for double woodwind quintet

Lancaster, UK: Phylloscopus Publications, 2006 (See June Emerson Wind Music)

According to Catherine Gerhart’s Annotated Bibliography of Double Wind Quintet Music, this is a “contemporary look at the choral and instrumental traditions of Italy.”

Carabella, Ezio (1891-1964)


Milano: G. Ricordi, 1935

Carbajo, Victor(1970- )

Bosque de Palomas Disecadas (Forest of Dessicated Pigeons) for double woodwind quintet

Madrid: V. Carbajo, 2004

Duration: 9:00. Commissioned by and dedicated to the Polizeimusikkorps Baden-Württemberg, Germany. (See http://www.landespolizeiorchester-bw.de/)

Carbon, John (1951- )

Woodwind Quintet (2006) (revised 2008?)

New York: American Music Center /

Score and parts sold at Lulu.com.

Duration: 7:54. Composed for the Pennsylvania Academy Woodwind Quintet. http://www.johncarbon.com/; PDF of score available at: http://library.newmusicusa.org/

Cardoso, Lindembergue Rocha (1939-1989)

Bläserquintett (1970)

Carhart, Gary

Inventions (1992)

British Music Information Center, http://www.bmic.co.uk/

Duration: 14:00. 7 movements.

Carion, Fernand (1908-1960)

Fantaisie Concertante

Brussels: Editions Musicales Brogneaux

Carl, Robert (1954- )

A Fork in the Road (1987)

New York, N.Y.: American Composers Alliance, 1987

Duration: 9:00. Flute doubles on piccolo.

Carlson, Mark (1952- )

Nightwings (for woodwind quintet and tape)

Recorded by the Westwood Wind Quintet for Crystal Records (CD).
Duration: 20:18.

Carlstedt, Jan (1926- )

Pentastomos, Op. 27 (1972-73)

Stockholm: STIMS Informationscentral for Svensk Musik /

Stockholm: Statens Musikbibliotek, 1997

Duration: 15:30.

Kvintett, Op. 19 (1962)

Stockholm: STIMS Informationscentral for Svensk Musik /

Stockholm: Sveriges Radio/Musikbiblioteket /

Stockholm: Musikaliska konstforeningen, 1997

Uses A clarinet. Duration: 10:00.

Sinfonietta for blasinstrument (1959)

Stockholm: STIMS Informationscentral for Svensk Musik

Duration: 19:00.

Carmichael, Hoagy (1899-1981)

Stardust (arr. Klickman) for woodwind quintet and 2nd clarinet

Melville, N.Y.: Belwin-Mills Music Publishing

Carp, David M. arranger

Jacobean Music for Wind Quintet (1984)

Carp Music, Inc., USA

1 work by John Dowland and 3 by Alfonso Ferrabosco II

(Other works arranged by David Carp are scattered throughout
this catalog under the original composers.)

Carpenter, Gary (1951- )

Antiques and Curios for woodwind quintet (1994)

London: Camden Music, available in the USA through Theodore Presser

You may also check the composer’s web page at:

Dances for Mutilated Toys (1969)

British Music Information Center, http://www.bmic.co.uk/

Carr, Benjamin (1768-1831)

The Federal Overture (1794) (arr. John Gibson)

JB Linear; See also http://www.sheetmusicplus.com/

A pastiche of popular works, published in 1794, familiar to early American listeners and a few from the French revolution. Includes: Marseilles March (La Marseillaise); “Ça ira”; “Oh Dear, What can the Matter Be?”; The Irish Washerwoman; The Rose Tree; La Carmagnole; President’s March (composed for the inauguration of George Washington in 1789); and Yankee Doodle. For a unique, très Français, and rousing interpretation of “Ça ira” see Edith Piaf’s version on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1pZHXr4FE44

Carr, Gordon

Sinfonietta for double woodwind quintet

Reynard Music Publications

Movements: Andante; Scherzando; Lento – Allegretto.

According to Catherine Gerhart’s Annotated Bibliography of Double Wind Quintet Music, this work was ”Written at the request of Lawrence Leonard of the Morley Wind Group, this piece is a tribute to Ruth Gipps, 1921-1999. This piece is serious, melodic with modern harmonies.”

Carr, Paul (1961- )

Diverting Sundays

Lancaster, UK: Phylloscopus Publications, 2004 http://www.phylloscopus.co.uk/

Occasional Postcards


Carr-Boyd, Ann (1938- )

Two Themes with Variations for double woodwind quintet (1964)

Australian Music Center

Carrapatoso, Eurico(1962- )

Cinco Elegias, Op. 11 (1997)

Contact the composer, http://eurico-carrapatoso.weebly.com/

Duration: 7:00. A live performance recording by Quinteto Klaue is available on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1lNtJ1Jsdds .

From listening, each of the short movements appears to be modeled after the music of a different composer. Nicely done and worth a look. The composer’s email address is available on his website. [Andrew Brandt]

Cinco Miniaturas, Op. 25

Contact the composer, http://eurico-carrapatoso.weebly.com/

Duration: 6:00. Recorded by the British Galliard Ensemble.

Carreño, Inocente (1919- )


Washington: General Secretariat, Organization of American States,

New York: sole selling agent Peer International, 1970.

Carrouge, Régis

Le Rêve de Cassandre (Cassandra’s Dream)

Editions Delatour France

Duration: 8:00.

This work refers, musically, to the 1983 German novel, Cassandra by Christa Wolf. The story is based on the Aeneid tale of the fall of Troy. This work is not related to the Woody Allen movie of 2007 of the same name. [Andrew Brandt]

Carter, Chandler

Symphony for Winds (1988-9) for double woodwind quintet

New York: Kremer Music Publishing, 1989

For 2 flutes (2nd doubling on piccolo), oboe, English horn, 2 clarinets, 2 horns and 2 bassoons. Movements: Variations; Passacaglia; Toccata and Fugue. Duration: 18:00. See also: http://www.chandlercarter.com/ .

According to Catherine Gerhart of the Annotated Bibliography of Double Wind Quintet Music, this work was “Originally wrriten for Dana Paul Perma and the Holzblazer double wind quintet. … This three movement piece is difficult, requiring good college players or excellent amateurs. It is easier to perform with a conductor.”

Carter, Earl L.

Woodwind Quintet No. 2 (1974)

Carter, Elliott Cook (1908-2012)

Woodwind Quintet (1948)

Associated Music Publishers, 1955, 1992

Two movements. Duration: 8:00. (Recorded by the Sierra Wind Quintet on Cambria.)

Very good, entertaining, difficult work in 2 movements for the ambitious woodwind quintet. The second movement takes lots of adrenaline. (See the Imani Winds’ video of the second movement before attempting this for the first time.) Mention should also be made of Carter’s notable Eight Etudes and a Fantasy (1950) for woodwind quartet. Also published by AMP. [Andrew Brandt]

Nine by Five: Woodwind Quintet No. 2 (2009)

New York: Hendon Music

Boosey Hawkes, 2010

Hal Leonard (distributor)

Flute/piccolo, oboe/English horn, Clarinets in B-flat and E-flat, bassoon/contrabassoon, horn. “Commissioned by The Juilliard School in honor of Joseph Polisi on his 25th anniversary as president of Juilliard.”

Carwithen, Doreen (1922-2000)

Five Diversions (1953)

Bradfield, Berkshire, England: Rosewood Publications, 2000

Cary, Tristram (1925-2008)

The Songs Inside (1977)

Grosvenor Place, N.S.W.: Australian Music Centre, 1999

Written for the University of Adelaide Wind Quintet. Duration: 17:00. Also see British Music Information Center, http://www.bmic.co.uk/. Also: http://www.australianmusiccentre.com.au/

Casadesus, Francis (1870-1954)

London Sketches: Petite Suite Humoristique for double woodwind quintet

Paris: Deiss Editeur (out of print)/

Cincinnati: Albert J. Andraud Woodwind Music, 1932 (out of print)

Paris: Editions Salabert (rental only)

3 movements: The Policeman in the Zoo; Trafalgar Square Idyll; Hyde Park (children at play). See also his biography and a 5-generation Casadesus musical family tree at: http://www.casadesus.com/

Casadesus, Henri Gustave (1879-1947)

La ronde des saisons for woodwind quintet (published 1987)

See Niedernhausen, Germany: Noten Roehr

Casadesus, Robert(1899-1972)

Trois intermezzi, Op. 24 (1936)

Paris?: Hexacorde

Movements: Lento; Scorrevole; Presto. Duration: 12:00.

Casanova, André (1919-2009)

4 Bagatelles, Op. 11 (1955)

Published by the composer.

Casanova is reportedly the first French composer to write with 12-tone techniques. I don’t know, though, if that style pertains to this work. [Andrew Brandt]

Casas, Pere (a.k.a. Pere Casas Torres) (1957- )

Serenata – quintet de vent (1994)

Sabadell: Edicions La Mae de Guido, 1999

Duration: 17:00. Casas is from Catalonia, northern Spain. See also: http://www.perecasas.cat/

Casey, Jerry H.

Gli intrighi d’amore (The Intrigues of Love) (1995) for narrator and woodwind quintet

See http://www.jerrycaseymusic.com/

Duration: 14:00. See composer’s website for parts and CD recording by the Moyzes Quintet,

The work is an homage, of sorts, to the Italian commedia dell’arte, with each instrument taking a thematic part of one of the standard players,
with each movement being a scene. The romantic nature of the plot is emphasized with quotes from wedding music. [Andrew Brandt] See http://www.jerrycaseymusic.com/chamber.shtml for her full notes.

Cashian, Philip (1963- )

Silent Steps (1995) Five pieces for wind quintet

British Music Information Centre – New Voices Project: See: http://www.bmic.co.uk/ E-mail: newvoices[at]bmic.co.uk

Duration: 14:00. First performed by the Haffner Wind Quintet.

among the bleached stars and suns (2000)

Contemporary Voices, British Music Information Center,http://www.bmic.co.uk/

First performed by Quintessence. Duration: 10:00. Uses bass flute instead of flute.

Cashman, Glenn Louis

American Dream

Castaldo, Joseph (1927-2000)


Castelló, Antonio Cuenca (or Cuenca Castelló, Antonio)

Tres Peces Breus

Tevernes de la Valldigna, Valeència Musicvall, Edicions Musicals C.B. 2013

Castells Valero, Andres

Triptico, A.V. 21

Valencia: Piles, 2000.

Castérède, Jacques (1926-2014)


Paris: Alphonse Leduc, 1955

Castiglioni, Niccolò(1932-1996)

Cassazione (1991) (Cassation)

Milano: Ricordi, 1992

Flute doubles on piccolo and alto flute; oboe doubles on English horn; clarinet doubles on E-flat clarinet and bass clarinet. Duration: 10:00.

Filastrocca, per quintetto a fiati

Milano: Ricordi, 1989

Oboe doubles on English horn. Duration: 6:00.

Doppio Coro (1977) for double woodwind quintet

Milano: Ricordi, 2002

For two groups of instruments, each with flute doubling piccolo, oboe doubling English horn, clarinet doubling E♭ clarinet and bass clarinet, bassoon and horn. Duration: 6:00.

Mottetto per 10 strumenti a fiato (1978) for double woodwind quintet

Milano: Ricordi, 1978

Duration: 7:30.

Castilla, Alberto (1883-1937)

Bunde Tolimense

Castle, Patrick (1945- )

Rondo (1966)

Woodwind Quintet (1973)

Composer is a member of ASCAP.

Castro, D. de

Pente (1970)

Madrid: Editorial de musica espanola contemporanea

Castro, Eduardo Charpentier de (1927- )

Marcha (1950)

Duration: 2:05. Composer is Panamanian.

Castro, Washington (1909-2004)

Musica para quinteto de vientos (4 Stücke) (1969)

Musica de Primavera (1952)


Movements: Despertar; Paseo; Intermezzo Pastorale; Cancion y danza. Duration: 16:00.

Tango para Cinco (1979)


Composer is also an Argentine conductor. Check Editorial Argentina de Musica in Buenos Aires or Ricordi Americana in Buenos Aires.

Cavadini, Claudio (1935-2014)

Suite II (1962)

Manuscript: Swiss Music Archive, Zurich /

Basel: Pizzicato Verlag Helvetia, 1996

Quintetto “auletico”

Basel: Pizzicato Verlag Helvetia, 1996

Cavazzoni, Girolamo(ca. 1525-1577)


Duration: 1:30. Recorded by the Dorian Wind Quintet.

Cave, Michael (1944-1991)

Woodwind Quintet, Op. 14

Published by the composer. See whmc.umsystem.edu/invent/desc-cult.html

Duration: 16:00.

Caviani, Ron (1931- )

The French Quintet

San Antonio: Southern Music Co., 1996

Prelude, Fugue and Scherzo

Eau Claire Wisconsin: Really Good Music, LLC

Five Vignettes for Woodwind Quintet

available from the composer, email: rcaviani[at]upnorthcable.com

Cazden, Norman (1914-1980)

Wind Quintet, Op. 96 (1966)

New England Music Center /

Bangor, Me.: Andrews Music House, 1967

One source lists the duration as 6:00, another as 23:45, which is a much wider discrepancy than normal.

Three Constructions, Op. 38 (1941)

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida: Spratt Music Publishers / Kalmus

Duration: 6:00. This piece is listed in a catalog as “Works for Study” rather than with the rest of his chamber music, suggesting it was written with student groups in mind. First performance was a broadcast on WNYC on Feb. 19, 1943.

Arthur Cohn in “The Literature of Chamber Music” describes this as “easy to perform and just as easy to listen to.”


Concerto for Ten Instruments (1937) for flute, oboe, clarinet,bassoon, 2 horns, trumpet, piano, viola, cello


Duration: 15:00.

Cece, Antonio (1907-1971)

Quintetto per fiati

Niedernhausen, Germany: Noten Roehr

Čekovská, Ľubica(1975- )

Evenodd (2013)

Music Center Slovakia, http://hc.sk/en/

Movements: Vivace; Cantabile, Bibrante; Sostenuto Morendo; Giocoso con umore. See also: http://hc.sk/en/hudba/osobnost-detail/228-lubica-cekovska and http://cekovskalubica.com/web/en/news/


Arctic Descent, Op. 8 for wind septet

Music Center Slovakia, http://hc.sk/en/

For flute (doubling alto flute and piccolo), 2 oboes (one double English horn), 2 clarinets (one doubles bass clarinet), 2 bassoons (one doubles contrabassoon).

Celis, Fritz (1929- )

Divertimento, Op. 32 (1990)

Bruxelles: Le Centre Belge de Documentation Musicale (CeBeDeM), 1991

Duration: 16:00.

Introduzione e Scherzo, Op. 30 (1990) for double woodwind quintet (decet)

Bruxelles: Le Centre Belge de Documentation Musicale (CeBeDeM)

Medfield, Massachusetts: Dorn Music Publications

Duration: 17:00.

Cellier, Alexandre (1883-1968)

Images médiévales

Paris: Editions musicales transatlantiques, 1960 /

Bryn Mawr, PA: Theodore Presser Co.

Six movements.

Cinq danses anciennes

Cerchia, Richard

Woodwind Quintet No. 1

See http://www.cerchiamusic.com/

3 movements: Panic Polka: Quirky and humorous; Delicate Dolce: Lyrical and peaceful; Rondo/Giocoso: Spikey and “Stravinskian.”

Three Hymns of the Cross (arr. Richard Cerchia)

Devid E Smith Publications; see http://www.sheetmusicplus.com/

Includes: At the Cross; When I Survey the Wondrous Cross; The Old Rugged Cross. One listing lists the name William Moore as the composer, but none of the hymns was written by him.

Ceremuga, Josef (1930-2005)

Rozmarná Suita (Whimsical Suite)

Prague: Cesky Hudebni Fond (Czech Music Foundation)

Wind Quintet No.1 (1964)

Prague: Cesky Hudebni Fond (Czech Music Foundation)

Duration: 15:00.

Woodwind Quintet No. 2 (1967)

Prague: Cesky Hudebni Fond (Czech Music Foundation)

Duration: 10:00.

Wind Quintet No. 3 (1986)

Hudebni Informacni Stredisko http://www.musicbase.cz/


Concerto da Camera (1971) for woodwind quintet and string orchestra

Praha: Panton, 1978.

Cervantes, Ignacio (1847-1905)

Six Cuban Dances (arr. Adam Lesnick)

Richmond, Virginia: International Opus,

Duration: 8:00. Originally for piano.

Two Cuban Dances: “Gran Señora” and “¿Porque, eh?” (arr. Simeon Loring)

Published by Simeon Loring; See also http://www.sheetmusicplus.com/

Two of Cervantes’ 41 Danzas Cubanas, originally for piano.

Cervello, Jordi

Capriccio per Quinteto (1971)

Madrid: Editorial de Musica Espanola Contemporanea, 1976

Cesarini, Franco(1961- )

Divertimento, Op. 4 Folk Song Suite for 10 Wind Instruments (for double woodwind quintet)

Manuscript, Available from the composer?

Movements: 1. Poco sostenuto – Allegretto; 2. Lentamente; 3. Presto. Duration: 8:30. A recording of the work conducted by the composer is available on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=isOE4ffqFeQ

Ceulemans, Ivo

Boertig Fugato (1943)

Bruxelles: Le Centre Belge de Documentation Musicale (CeBeDeM)

Duration: 5:00.

Serenata (1964)

Bruxelles: Le Centre Belge de Documentation Musicale (CeBeDeM)

Duration: 8:35.

Chabrier, Emmanuel (1841-1894)

Danse Villageoise (arr. David Carp)

Bryn Mawr, PA: Carp Music, sole selling agent T. Presser, 1984

Originally no. 7 from Chabrier’s Pièces pittoresques for piano solo; also arr. by the composer in his Suite pastorale for orchestra, in turn arranged by David M. Carp for flute, oboe, clarinet, horn and bassoon.

“Village Dance” from Suite Pastorale (arr. John Gibson)

JB Linear Press; see also: Boston, MA.: Ione Press

Danse Villageoise (arr. Walton)

Sound the Trumpets, http://www.soundthetrumpets.com/

Uses clarinet in A.

Joyeuse Marche (arr. John Jay Hilfiger)

Salem, Ct.: Cimarron Music Press, 2007. cimarronmusic.com

Joyeuse Marche (Joyful March) (arr. John Gibson)

JB Linear Press; see also: Boston, MA.: Ione Press

España Rhapsody (arr. Bill Holcombe, Jr.)

Chesapeake, VA: Bill Holcombe’s Musicians Pub’s (http://billholcombe.com/)

Mauresque (Moorish) (arr. Mike Walton)

Sound the Trumpets, http://www.soundthetrumpets.com/

For student quintets.

8 Pieces from Pièces pittoresques (arr. Jean Françaix, 1984) pour dix instruments à vent

Mainz: B. Schott’s Sohne, 1985. Rental.

Originally for piano. Orchestrated for 2 flutes, oboe, English horn, clarinet, bass clarinet, bassoon, contrabassoon and 2 horns. Movements: Mélancolie; Menuet pompeux (Pompous minuet); Sous bois (Under the Tree); Tourbillon (Whirlwind); Mauresque (Moorish); Danse villageoise (Village Dance); Idylle; Scherzo-valse. Duration: 26:00. Several movements were scored for orchestra by Chabrier under the title, Suite pastorale.

Scherzo-Valse (arr. Denwood)

Sound the Trumpets, http://www.soundthetrumpets.com/

For student quintets, but uses Clarinet in A.

Tourbillon (Whirlwind) (arr. Denwood)

Sound the Trumpets, http://www.soundthetrumpets.com/

Chadabe, Joel (1938- )

For Woodwinds (1974)

Written for the Dorian Wind Quintet and premiered by them, Sept. 26, 1972 in Albany, NY.

Chadwick, David B.

Three Sea Sketches

Lancaster, UK: Phylloscopus Publications, http://www.phylloscopus.co.uk/

3 simple arrangements of traditional shanties: Haul Away Joe; Tom’s Gone to Hilo; Sailors Hornpipe.

Air from County Derry

Lancaster, UK: Phylloscopus Publications, http://www.phylloscopus.co.uk/

Variations on an American Shaker Tune

Lancaster, UK: Phylloscopus Publications, 2004

Chadzijev, Paraskev (1912- )

3 Stücke for Bläserquintett (1942)

Chaffin, Lon W.

To the middle and back

Louisville, KY: Potenza Music Publishing, 2013.

Chagnon, Roland

Le Fantôme de l’étrange opéra

Editions Delatour

Duration: 8:30. The work is based on themes from Bizet’s Carmen (no, NOT The Phantom of the Opera), and may be performed with various, undescribed stage interpretations.

Chagrin, Francis (1905-1972)


London: Augener, 1954 /

New York: Galaxy Music Publishers /

Stainer & Bell, Ltd.

Duration: 8:30.

Arthur Cohn in “The Literature of Chamber Music” describes this work as “Tuneful and light-hearted music, tonal, and with the lightest edge of contemporary fizz.”

Renaissance Suite (1962)

Originally written for chamber orchestra.


Sept Petite Pieces (1966) for wind nonet


For 2 flutes, 1 oboe, 2 clarinets, 2 bassoons and 1 horn. Several movements appear to be available on YouTube.

Chailley, Jacques (1910-1999)

Suite Enfantine (1976)

Paris: Editions Salabert, 1976

Duration: 10:00. Movements: Sur trois notes; Calinette; Pagaie pas gaie; Valse sous la grand-halle; Postlude a la soiree d’une faunesse; Meditation; Quand trois poules vont aux champs. Originally written for brass ensemble.


Paris: A. Leduc, 1948

Duration: 3:30.

Suite du XV siecle (1945)

Paris: A Leduc, 1967


Suite sans pretention pour Monsieur de Molière (1955) for woodwind quintet and 3 ondes martinot

Chaitkin, David (1938- )

Quintet (1985)

Holograph (photocopy). Commissioned by the Da Capo Chamber Players.
Premiered by the Players at Carnegie Hall, New York, N.Y., Jan. 31, 1986. Duration: 10:00.

Nocturne (1990)

New York: McGinnis & Marx Music Pub., 1991 (Alternate listing says publisher is J. Marx.)

Duration: 12:00.

Challinger, Andrew(1950- )

Wind Chimes


Montem Music

See http://www.montemmusic.com/biography.shtml . Appears to be written for an advanced student ensemble.

Chaloupka, Frantisek (1981- )

Orestes by Euripides, for wind quintet (2006)

Check Prague: Ceska Hudebna Fond?

Duration: 17:00. Movements: 1. Starovĕké Řecko; 2. Renesance; 3. Klasicismus. See Hudebni Informacni Stredisko http://www.musicbase.cz/.

Chaminade, Cécile Louise Stephanie (1857-1944)

Scarf Dance (arr. Hicks)

Scarf Dance (arr. Henry Aaron)

SEE Aaron, Henry: Encore Pieces for Woodwind Quintet.

Chan, Ka Nin (1949- )

Nature / Nurture for woodwind quintet and marimba (2002)

Toronto: Canadian Music Centre

Commissioned by the Estria Woodwind Quintet.

Treasured Pasture Leisure Pleasure (1989) for woodwind quintet and string orchestra.

Toronto: Canadian Music Centre Commissioned by the CBC for the Manitoba Chamber Orchestra.

Duration: 18:00.

Chan, Richard

Library Talk

Delaware Water Gap, PA: Shawnee Press

Duration: 7:00. Movements: Conversation; Catalog carnavaal; Fourth floor; Term paper.

According to the composer: “Library Talk was written during my graduate days at the University of California, Irvine. My composition professor, Dr Peter S Odegaard, had gotten some grant money and decided to hire a woodwind quintet. So his students were assigned the task of creating them music. To save time, I dug out various pieces and thematic ideas from my undergraduate days and tied them together as a tribute to all the hours I’d spent in the library doing research….” He describes the work as of moderate difficulty (mostly rhythmic) with some high horn parts.

Chance, Nancy Laird (1931- )

Woodwind Quintet (1983, revised 1990)

Saint Louis, MO: MMB Music, 1996

Duration: 15:00.

Chandler, Gus and Bert White and Henry Cohen

Canadian Capers (arr. Judith Kane)

Salem, Ct.: Cimarron Music Press cimarronmusic.com

Chandler, Mary(1911-1996)

Valse Emilie

London: Boosey, Hawkes, Belwin, inc., 1941.


Lancaster, UK: Phylloscopus Publications, http://www.phylloscopus.co.uk/


Badinages (1975) for double woodwind quintet

Lancaster, UK: Phylloscopus Publications

Medfield, Massachusetts: Dorn Publications

Depicting life at a music center, the movements are Les Gammes; Les eaux; Le déménagement. For a description, see: http://faculty.washington.edu/gerhart/dwqbibliography/#C

Chang, Deborah (1952- )


Chang, Hui-Yen T.

Woodwind Quintet (1987)

Thesis (D.M.A.)–University of Maryland at College Park, 1988.

Chapman, Basil


Needham, Mass.: Dorn Publications, 1981

Charbonnier, Ignacio Miró

SEE Miró Charbonnier, Ignacio

Charles, Agusti Soler (1960- )

La Fira

Trito Edicione; see http://www.sheetmusicplus.com/

Charpentier, Raymond (1880-1960)

Quintette (1922)

Chasalow, Eric (1955- )

Narwal Song

Hollywood, Calif.: Alpheus Music Corp., 1975

Chattelun, Maurice (1912-2002)

Suite Inchoative

Joseph Boonin, Inc. (see European American Music-EAM) /

Paris: Editions musicales transatlantiques, 1971 /

Bryn Mawr, PA: Theodore Presser Co.

Uses English horn instead of oboe. Movements: Rondo; Caprice; Cavatine; Eglogue.

Chaun, Frantisek (1921-1981)


Praha: Cesky Hudebni Fond (Czech Music Foundation)


Divertimento pro devet dechovych nastroju (Divertimento for nine wind instruments) (1961) for 1 flute, 2 oboes, 2 clarinets, 2 horns, 2 bassoons.

Praha: Cesky Hudebni Fond (Czech Music Foundation)

Chavez, Carlos (1899-1978)

Soli No. 2 (1961)

New York: Mills Music, 1963 (now Belwin-Mills)

Recorded by the Quintetto de Alientos de la Ciudad de Mexico on
Spartacus 21018 (A Mexican label), on “Nueva Musica Mexicana,” The composer’s full name is Carlos Antonio de Padua Chavez y Ramirez. Duration: 19:00.

Chaynes, Charles (1925- )

Serenade (1954)

Paris: Alphonse Leduc 1958


Valeurs transposees (1981) for Woodwind Quintet, string quartet, piano, harp, guitar & percussion.

Cheetham, John (1939- )

Quintet for Woodwinds

Delaware Water Gap, Pa: Shawnee Press, 1979

Performed by the Missouri Arts Woodwind Quintet. Duration: 10:00.

Cheknavarian, Loris

SEE Tjeknavorian, Loris

Chemin-Petit, Hans Helmuth (1902-1981)

Quintett (1948)

Berlin: R. Lienau, 1949

Duration: 22:00. Neo-classic style.

Suite “Dr. Johannes Faust”

Berlin: R. Lienau

Duration: 20:00.

Chen, Yao


Chen Yi (1953- )

Woodwind Quintet (1987)

Bryn Mawr, Pa.: T. Presser, 1994

Duration: 9:00. See also: http://www.presser.com/composers/info.cfm?Name=CHENYI or see: http://library.newmusicusa.org/ChenYi

According to the composer: “The creative inspiration came from the booming tide of the Chaoyin Cave in the Putuo Mountain located in southeastern China: the dull chanting from the Buddhist nunnery; the reciting tunes played by Xiao, a Chinese traditional woodwind instrument; and the rude, primitive roaring by Changjian, a Tibetan low-range wind instrument.”

Feng for Woodwind Quintet (1998)

Bryn Mawr, Pa.: T. Presser, 1999

See http://www.presser.com/composers/info.cfm?Name=CHENYI for ordering info.

Duration: 12:00. Movements: Introduction; Rondo. Commissioned by the San Francisco Citywinds with a Chamber Music America award.

Woodwind Quintet No. 3 Suite from China West (2008)

Bryn Mawr, PA: Theodore Presser

Commissioned by Commissioned by the Upper New York State’s Humanities Corridor; first performed by Antara Winds. Duration: 13:00.Movements: Introduction; Zang Songs; Miao Dances.

Chenaux, Antoine (1899-1991)

Quintett (1939)

Manuscript: Swiss Music Archive, Zurich

Duration: 12:00.

Cheng, Anthony Yu-sum

Sketches for Wind Quintet

Chenette, Jonathan (1954- )

Spillville Variations (2003)

New York: American Music Center

Duration: 10:00. Based on themes composed by Dvořák in Spillville, Iowa. Theme and four variations. See www.amc.net/composers for more info.

Cheong, Simplicius (1942- )

Wind Quintet

Grosvenor Place, N.S.W.: Reproduced and distributed by Australian Music Centre, [1999] see: http://www.australianmusiccentre.com.au/

Cherney, Brian (1942- )

Woodwind Quintet (1965)

London, Ontario, Canada: Jaymar Music / Represented in the U.S.A. by Oxford University Press, 1990 /

Toronto: Canadian Music Centre

Movements: I. Andante; II. Adagio; III. Allegro scherzando. Duration: 9:15. CMC citation notes an error in printing: First page of horn part is printed on bassoon part. First page of bassoon part is printed on horn part. (Don’t know if subsequent editions corrected this.)

Group Portrait–with Piano (1978)

Toronto: Canadian Music Center

Commissioned by the York Winds through the Canada Council. Duration: 13:00. In spite of the title, reference sources are split on whether this work actually includes a piano. Several usually reliable resources say it is scored for normal woodwind quintet. The flute does double on piccolo.

Interlude and Variations (1965)

Toronto: Canadian Music Centre /

London, Ontario, Canada: Jaymar Music / Represented in the U.S.A. by Oxford University Press, 1990

Recorded by the Ayorama Woodwind Quintet.
Duration: 8:00.

Chiroşcǎ, Bogdan (Chirosca)(1975- )

Woodwind Quintet (Cvintet de Suflatori) (2007)

Available on the International Music Score Library Project, http://imslp.org/ .

Score and parts available on IMSLP.

Cherubini, Luigi(1760-1842)

Bläserquintett in Es-Dur (arr. Hermann Dechant)

Vienna: Apollon Musikoffizin, 2002

This may be an arrangement of one of Cherubini’s string quartets, possibly No. 1 in E-flat major. I have found no evidence Cherubini wrote an actual quintet of any type.

Chevreuille, Raymond (1901-1976)

Divertissement, Op. 21 (1942)

Bruxelles: Le Centre Belge de Documentation Musicale (CeBeDeM), 1962

Duration: 16:00.

Serenade pour quintette à vent, Op. 65 (1956)

Bruxelles: Le Centre Belge de Documentation Musicale (CeBeDeM), 1958

Duration: 14:00.

Chiang, Tschen Kang


Performed by the Tonkunstlerquintett

Chihara, Paul (1938- )

Suite for harp and wind quintet

Child, Peter (1953- )

Wind Quintet, 1983

Childs, Barney (1926- )

First Wind Quintet (1951)

New York: American Composers Alliance, 1964

Duration: 15:00.

Second Wind Quintet (1962)

New York: American Composers Alliance, 1962

Duration: 16:00.

Third Wind Quintet (1964)

New York: American Composer’s Alliance, 1964

Dedication: “For Joe Byrd and the members of the New Music
Workshop at UCLA.” Aleatoric music. Duration: 6:00.

Fourth Wind Quintet (1967)

New York: American Composers Alliance, 1967

Duration: 11:00.

Fifth Wind Quintet (1969)

Champaign, Ill.: Media Press, 1970

The piece has eleven movements. At least some are chance music.


Four Pieces for Six Winds (1977) for woodwind quintet and saxophone

Take Five (1962) for any 5 instruments.

Any Five (1965) Use any 5 of 8 parts provided.

Interbalances V (for woodwind quintet and saxophone)

New York: American Composers Alliance

Childs, Billy(1957- )

Fugue in Perpetual Motion in B♭ Major (1999)

Commissioned by the Dorian Wind Quintet

Anniversary Variation

A variation based on a theme of Anton Reicha, written for the Dorian Quintet’s 40th anniversary. Part of a collaborative series by various composers, including Richard Rodney Bennett, Lee Hoiby, Billy Childs, George Perle and Bruce Adolphe.

Chisholm, Erik (1904-1965)

Sarabande for woodwind quintet and trumpet

Unpublished, Scottish Music Centre


Chitchyan, Geghuni (Chetecheyan) (1929- )

Two Woodwind Quintets for Young Players (1977)

Vuarmarens, Switzerland: Editions Bim, Armenian Composers Series, 2002

Duration: 6:00. Movements: Meditations; Joyeuse Disposition.

Chivers, Derek (1958- )

Wind Quintet (1983)

British Music Information Center, http://www.bmic.co.uk/

Alto flute replaces flute. Duration: 9:00.

Chlubna, Osvald (1893-1971)

Bläserquintett, Op. 45 (1936)

Serenade, Op. 63 (1945)

Choi, Sujong

Portfolio of compositions ?

Chopin, Frederic (1810-1849)

Prelude, Op. 28, #6 (arr. Henry Aaron)

Photocopy available in the Indiana University Music Library, Bloomington.

Minute Waltz (arr. Bill Schuetter)

Imagine Music; see also http://www.sheetmusicplus.com/

Duration: 1:50.

Ecossaises, Op. 72, No. 3 (arr. Jean Françaix, 1989) for double woodwind quintet

Mainz: B. Schott Sohne, 1989

Chopin, Kate (1850-1904)

Lilia Polka (arr. Barbara Harbach)

St. Louis: Vivace Press

Chou Wen-chung (1923- )

Suite for Harp and Wind Quintet (1951)

New York, C. F. Peters Corp., 1962 /

Richmond, Virginia: International Opus

Duration: 7:00. First performed by the
Metropolitan Wind Quintet with Marietta Bitter, harpist, in New York City, Feb. 22, 1952.

Excerpt from a New York Herald review: “The most striking new
presentation was the Suite for Harp and Wind Quintet by Chou Wen-Chung…. Harmonically, the suite is as Western as its delicate modalism will allow. Texturally, it is more exotic, the five traditional Chinese melodies…. acquire a wealth of harmonic and instrumental color without losing their essential monodic character. That the suite is a thorough expressive success…is immediately apparent.”


Seven Poems of T’ang Dynasty for High Voice and Instrumental Ensemble

Theodore Presser

Solo high voice, woodwind quintet, trumpet, trombone, 2 percussion, piano

Chretién, Hedwige (1859-1944)

Quintett in B-Major en deux mouvements

San Antonio: Southern Music.

2 movements. Duration: 7:35. Recorded by Quintette Allegria on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zgnRLfVizH8 and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PJoais0ssGw .

Christ, William


Christensen, James

Clearly Classical

Kendor Music, Inc.

Five for the Fun of It (mixed woodwind quintet)

Deleven, N.Y.: Kendor Music Inc.,1962

For flute, oboe, (or B-flat clarinet substitute part), B-flat clarinet, F horn (or tenor saxophone sub.), bassoon (or B-flat clarinet sub.). Playing time: 1:20.

Folk Fling

United States?: National Music Pub., 1981

Duration: 5:00.

Greensleeves (arr. James Christensen)

Delevan, NY: Kendor Music

A traditional English tune, probably from the 16th century; the tune is also used for the Christmas Carol “What Child is This.”

Romance in B-flat Major

Deleven, N.Y.: Kendor Music Inc.

Songs of America (arranged)

Delevan, N.Y.: Almitra Music Co., sole selling agent,

Kendor Music, 1975

Flute doubles on piccolo.

Christensen, Otto Martin

Four Disorders

Forton Music; see also http://www.sheetmusicplus.com/

Duration: 10:00.

“…the composer has tried to depict musically four medical conditions – Tics, Insomnia, OCD and ADHD. Full of nervous jumps and shakes, heavy ostinati, pulsating melodies and dense chromatic harmonies….”

Christopher, Keith

Windscapes, Vol. 1

Kansas City, Mo.: Pilot Point Music, Allegis Publications, 2001

May also be published by Lillenas Publishing Co.

Windscapes, Vol. 2

Lillenas Publishing Co.

Chuang, Se-Lien (1965- )

holz-blech, Bläserquintett für Flöte, Oboe, Klarinette, Horn & Fagott (1997)


Duration: 4:07. See also: http://avant.mur.at/chuang/ . Born in Taiwan, residing in Austria, she has composed a variety of works for Chinese instruments, traditional orchestra instruments, and recorders.

Chuliá, Salvador


Valencia (Espana): Piles, 1993

Chung yang yueeh t’uan. Mu kuan wu ch’ung tso tsu.

Tou yu i k’o hung liang ti hsin: mu kuan wu ch’ung tsou

Pei-ching (Beijing?): Jen min yin yueeh ch’u pan she, 1977

Arrangement of excerpt from opera Hung teng chi.

My knowledge of Chinese is execrable, so I may have details of this all wrong, but it appears to be listed under some governmental organization. Perhaps a Chinese-speaking musician can sort this out for me. [Andrew Brandt]

Cibulka, Franz (1946- )

Bläserquintett 1 (1976)

See also: http://www.artofcibulka.com

Bläserquintett 2 (1982)

Bläserquintett 3


Basseto (2011) for basset horn and woodwind quintet

See the composer’s website to order and listen to a recording: http://www.artofcibulka.com. There are several versions of this work, including those with basset horn and clarinet choir or wind orchestra or with orchestra. Duration: 12:00.

Cicchese, David

Toccata No. 5 (1969)

Cieslik, Kurt


Manuscript: Library of Congress

Cikker, Jan (1911-1989)

Scherzino für Bläserquintett, Op. 12, No. 3 (1934)

See also: http://hc.sk/en/hudba/osobnost-detail/974-jan-cikker


Spomienky (Memories) for 5 winds and string orchestra

Slovensky hudobny fond; Opus, Hudobny fond

It’s unclear if this is a work featuring the quintet, or if the winds are incorporated into the total ensemble.

Cilensek, Johann (1913- )

Quintett (1975)

Leipzig: Peters, 1978

Duration: 13:00.

Cimarosa, Domenico (1749-1801)

Concerto en Sol (arr. Ted Plambeck)

Salem, Ct.: Cimarron Music Press cimarronmusic.com

Movements: Allegro; Andante-Allegretto; Allegro. There is no indication which concerto this is an arrangement of. The score also misspells the composer as “Cimerosa.” One would think a publisher with the name, Cimarron Music, would be sensitive to that!

Concerto for Oboe and double woodwind quintet (arr. Marc Fink)

TrevCo Music

Cioffari, Richard

Variations on a Theme of Grieg

Tallevast, Florida: Trevco Music Publishing

Flute doubles piccolo with an optional alto flute part. Parts for clarinet in B-flat and A. The theme is from Norwegian Dance, Op. 35, No. 2.

Cionek, Edmund (1950- )

Fifteen Fake Folk Songs (2004)

New York: American Music Center

Flute doubles on piccolo; oboe doubles on English horn. Duration: 10:40.

The composer states, “Fifteen Fake Folk Song was written for the Quintet Of The Americas and was premiered by them in 2004 in New York. Each short song reflects an urban sensibility such as ‘The Dryer is Broken’ or ‘I Just Got $50 from Meet The Composer’. Performers are called upon to play and act. Humor is an important element.

Cipci, Kruno (1930- )

Miniatures (1965)

Ljubljana: Edicije Drustva Slovenskih Skladateljev 1973

Duration: 8:00.

Cipra, Milo (1906-1985)

Quintett (1964)

Svitanje (Aubade) (1965)

Cipra is a Croatian composer.


Musica sine nomine (1963) for 5 winds, piano, and voice

Civil, Alan (1929-1989)

Five Minatures

London: Broadbent & Dunn, 1990

Čivilis, Marius

Karman Vortex (2010) for woodwind quintet and live electronics

Duration: 15:00.

Civilotti, Alejandro

Fantasia para Quinteto de Viento (1987)

Joventus Musicals de Barcelona, Pau Claris 139 4rt, 08009 Barcelona

This work won First Prize at the Concurs de Joves Compositors de JJMM Barcelona 1987.

Clapp, Philip Greeley (1888-1954)

Prelude and Finale (1938)

London: Boosey & Hawkes, 1941

Prelude, Variations & Finale for woodwind quintet

Iowa City [Iowa]: Eble Music Co., 1975

Complete, corrected edition. Originally published: Prelude and finale. London: Boosey & Hawkes, c1941.

All his manuscripts are in the Music Library of the University of Iowa.

Clarahan, Erwyn

The Lamb

Pub. by Erwin Clarahan; see also: http://www.sheetmusicplus.com/

Clark, John

I Will

A soft, gentle jazz ballad for woodwind quintet, it is included in a recorded concert by the Imani Winds, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JOqT51Ll1Zk, at about the 13:58 minute mark. Duration: 5:15.

Clark, Larry (1963- )

Quintet No. 1 for Winds

New York, NY: Carl Fischer, 2009

Clarke, Henry Leland (1907-1992)

Saraband for the Golden Goose (1957)

New York, American Composers Alliance 1957, Composers Facsimile Edition

Duration: 4:00. There is, apparently, also a version for orchestra.

Concatenata, Quodlibet for woodwind quintet (1969)

New York: American Composers Alliance, 1969

Duration: 8:00.

Solo Suite (1969)

Clarke, Mitchell

Solo Suite

Delevan, N.Y.: Kendor Music, 1975

Duration: 5:00.

Clauberg, Claus


Copy in International Musikbibliothek, Berlin?

Clay, Paul

Line, interrupted (2001)

British Music Information Center ??

Flute doubles on alto flute. Duration: 13:00.

Cleary, David (1954- )

Woodwind Quintet (1976)

American Music Center, 1976

Duration: 12:00.

Woodwind Quintet No. 2 (“Berkshire Pilgrimage”) (1991)

Movements: Moderately slow [2:54]; Fast [4:32]; Slow [5:12]; Moderately slow – Extremely fast – Moderately [6:32].

Cleemput, W. van

5 Bagatellen

Brussels: J. Maurer

Clementi, Muzio (1752-1832)

Sonatina, Op. 36, No. 4, First movement (arr. Jennifer Stevens)

Eighth Note Publications; see also http://www.windmusicsales.com/

Originally for piano. Duration: 2:05.

Clemson, Gareth (a.k.a. CHEZZ)(1933- )

Wind Quintet (1983)

unpublished, Scottish Music Centre

Duration: 17:00.

Coates, Gloria (1934 or 1938- )

Five Poems (1977)

Manuscript. Performed by the Bläserquintett des SWF.

Coatman, Graham

Mozart More (or less), Bicentenary Tribute for double woodwind quintet

Only available from the composer, see http://www.grahamcoatman.org/

A one-movement pastiche of themes by Mozart, written for the Bicentennial of the death of Mozart; composed for the Bradford University Mozart Bicentenary Concert in 1991. Duration: 5:00.

Coban, Vincentiu-Cristian (1955- )

Ethos I

American Music Center

Duration: 9:00.

Cobb, George Linus (1886-1942)

Russian Rag (1918) based on Rachmaninoff’s Prelude in C-sharp Minor (arr. Jim O’Briant)

Salem, Ct.: Cimarron Music Press, 2007 cimarronmusic.com

A unique, classic, recording of this on accordion is available on the Library of Congress website: http://www.loc.gov/jukebox/recordings/detail/id/7368 .

Cochrane, Donald Alexander(?1928- )

Woodwind Quintet

Available from the composer: 5 Dianne Rd., Erin, Ontario N0B1T0 CANADA.

Coenen, Johannes Meinardus (1824-1899)

Quintet in A Minor

Amsterdam: Edition Compusic, 1992

Composer was a Dutch bassoonist and conductor.

Coenen, Paul

Praludium und Doppelfuge, Op. 87 (1976)

Berlin: Astoria Verlag

Duration: 7:00.

Cohan, George M. (1878-1942)

George M. Cohan Medley (arr. by Paul A. Nagle)

W. Trenton, NJ: Musicians Publications, 1984 /

Chesapeake, VA: Bill Holcombe’s Musicians Pub’s (http://billholcombe.com/)

George M. Cohan Favorites (arr. Judith Katz)

Pub. by Judith Katz; See also http://www.sheetmusicplus.com/

Unfortunately, the listing I saw only showed the first tune in the favorites: ‘You’re a Grand Old Flag.”

“Over There” (arr. Judith Katz)

Pub. by Judith Katz; See also http://www.sheetmusicplus.com/

“You’re a Grand Old Flag” (arr. Judith Katz)

Pub. by Judith Katz; See also http://www.sheetmusicplus.com/

Cohen, Allen

Picnic (2003)

New York: American Music Center

Duration: 18:00. See also:

Cohen, David (1927- )

Wind Quintet

New York: Circle Blue Print Co.

Cohen, Denis (1952- )

Hamilton Multiphonic Quintett (1980) for alto flute and piccolo; oboe and English horn; clarinet and bass clarinet; bassoon and contrabassoon; and horn.

Paris: Nodus

Program notes can be found at the IRCAM catalog, http://brahms.ircam.fr/works/work/7472/ . The composition is named after the astronomer and mathematician William Rowan Hamilton.

Cohen, Marcos

Quinteto Miniatura No. 1

Duration: 0:45. Recorded by the Quinteto Brasília.

Cohen, Nadav (1983- )

Labyrinths, Seven Pieces for Woodwind Quintet (2005)

Tel Aviv: Israel Music Center

Duration: 12:00. MP3 and Score sample available on http://www.israelcomposers.org/

Cohen, Sol B. (pen name for Andre Vaneuf) (1891-1988)


New York, Boston: C. Fischer, 1938

Movements: Forest lullaby; Minuet-fantasy; March-miniature. Duration: 8:20. The March-miniature movement may have been published separately.

Quintet No. 2

Melville: Belwin-Mills /

New York: Pro-Art Publications, 1940

Cohen, Steve (1954- )

Wind Quintet (1983, revised 1992)

Available from the composer through Amazon.com (see his website)

American Music Center

Duration: 10:00. 3 movements.

Extensive program notes of this work are available on the NewMusicUSA website. Recorded by the Pennsylvania Quintet on Centaur Records.

With a plethora of Steven Cohens, I was finally able to narrow down these works to the only, living Steve Cohen I could contact on the web. Nevertheless, this NYC-based composer should not be confused with Steve Cohn who is clearly a separate, Los Angeles based composer (see below). There is also an additional Steven Cohen who is a guitarist and unrelated to our Steve Cohen. There may be a separate composing Steven Cohen, but I no longer can find online references to him. If any readers know of any other quintet-writing Steven Cohens, please contact me! [Andrew Brandt]

Champagne Rag (by J. Lamb, arranged by Steve Cohen)

See Steve Cohen’s website (link above)

Ragtime Nightingale by J. Lamb (arr. Steve Cohen)

See Steve Cohen’s website.

Capriccio by Johannes Brahms, Op. 76, No. 2(arr. Steve Cohen)

See Steve Cohen’s website.

Danse “Tarantelle Styrienne” by Claude Debussy (arr. Steve Cohen)

See Steve Cohen’s website.

Deux Arabesques by Claude Debussy (arr. Steve Cohen)

See Steve Cohen’s website.

Cohn, James (Myron) (1928- )

Quintet No. 2 for Winds, Op. 10/70 (1947/1992)

Recorded by The Quintet of the Americas. See also: http://www.jamescohnmusic.com/

Quintet No. 1 for Winds, Op. 36b (1981)

Piece is a reworking of his Third String Quartet.

Arkansas Reel (1994)

Little Overture, Op. 59 (1982)

Cohn, Stephen

Metaphors and Contrasts

Burbank, CA: Friendly Hippo Music, 2013

Coiteux, Francis

Touenou Sans Peur

Notissimo Editeur

Cojocaru, Dora (1963- )

Cinci moment efemere (1997)

Copy of the original at Montreal: Canadian Music Centre

Movements: I. Animato; II. Scorrevole; III. Concitato; IV. Addolorato; V. Ardente. First performed at the Académie de musique, Cluj, Roumanie; Ensemble Ars Nova.

Dati-mi lampa lui Aladin (2001) for woodwind quintet, mezzo-soprano and percussion

Montreal: Canadian Music Centre

Texts in German, Hungarian and Romanian, by Emil Botta, Dan Botta, Georg Trakl, Rainer-maria Rilke, Ady Endre.

Coker, Wilson (1928- )

Woodwind Quintet in Three Movements (1955)

Bryn Mawr, Pa.: T. Presser Co., 1964

Dedication to: Society for the Publication of American Music, 43rd season, 1962-1963. Duration: 26:00.

Colaço Osorio-Swaab, Reine (1881-1971)

Suite voor blazers (1948)

Amsterdam: Stichting Donemus, 1948

Duration: 10:00. See her biography in Wikipedia.

Cole, Hugo (1917-1995)

Serenade for nine wind instruments

London: Novello, 1966

For flute, 2 oboes, 2 clarinets, 2 bassoons, 2 horns.

Coleman, Randolph (1937- )

Light Blue, April (1975)

Baltimore, MD: Smith Publications, 1988

Projection No. 4

Coleman, Valerie (1970- )

Umoja, The First Day of Kwanzaa (2001)

Richmond, Va.: International Opus, 2003

Umoja is Swahili for “unity.” Valerie Coleman is also flutist with the Imani Winds. Duration: 2:35. The Imana Winds perform by memory in this video.

Afro-Cuban Concerto, for woodwind quintet (2001)

Richmond, Va.: International Opus, 2006

3 movements: Afro (based on the Afro-Cuban clave rhythm), Vocalise (prayer evolving into a hot Havana day) and Danza (quick rhumba with variations). Duration: 15:00.

Red Clay and Mississippi Delta (2009)

Subtitled, “Scherzo for wind quintet”. Duration: 5:25. See the Imani Winds’ video of a live performance with the composer on flute.

For those not familiar with U.S. geography, the title is a reference to the Southern Mississippi River region (parts of Tennessee, Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi), the deepest of the Deep South and the heart of the Blues tradition. The work features impressive solos for clarinet and bassoon and will have several players snapping their fingers (it’s in the score). [Andrew Brandt]

“speech, and canzone” (2002) for woodwind quintet and mp4

Duration: 12:00. .

Concerto for Wind Quintet

Although titled a concerto, it’s for woodwind quintet alone, but features each of the instruments virtuosically. Duration: 15:35. Recorded by the Imani Winds, listen on YouTube: Afro: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CkqD2YLpjtY . Danza https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V4gMX9lja68 . Vocalise https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TffcNbq_FgI . Contact the composer on her site or the Imani Winds website, to see if the parts are available for sale.

Listening to the online versions on YouTube (and not on the Imani Winds album, the classical underground, it’s unclear of the exact order of the movements. But Afro and Danza definitely should be the high energy outer movements and the Vocalise the inner, more contemplative movement. And when I say “high energy”, I’m talkin’ launching a rocket into deep space explosive energy. Listen and decide for yourself. Recommended for the hip, professional quintet. [Andrew Brandt]

Suite: Portraits of Josephine (2006)

4 movements. Based on jazz vocals of Josephine Baker. Recorded by the Imani Winds in “Life of le jazz hot!”

Suite: Portraits of Josephine (2006) ballet

The full 45-minute work is a “Ballet in 8 Movements” for flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon/soprano sax, horn, kit and percussion.

Tzigane (2011)

Duration: 9:00. A recording of a live performance by the Imani Winds (at the Mannes College of Music) begins with this work, although it is not announced until the work is completed. See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JOqT51Ll1Zk .

Arrangements by Valerie Coleman:

See also her arrangement of Nkosi Sikelel’ iAfrika by Enoch Mankayi Sontonga

Afro Blue, by Mongo Santamaria

VColeman Music Store: http://www.vcolemanmusic.com/store/c1/Featured_Products.html

Spirituals, Vol. 1 (arr. by Valerie Coleman)

Richmond, Va.: International Opus, 2001

3 movements: Little David Play on Your Harp!; Steal Away; Ev’ry Time I Feel the Spirit. Duration: 10:00.

Lift Ev’ry Voice and Sing, by James Weldon Johnson & J. Rosamund Johnson

VColeman Music Store: http://www.vcolemanmusic.com/store/c1/Featured_Products.html

Various Holiday Songs from the Album: “This Christmas with Imani Winds”

VColeman Music Store: http://www.vcolemanmusic.com/store/c1/Featured_Products.html

Includes: Go Tell It On The Mountain; The Holly and The Ivy; Jingle Bells; Let It Snow; Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas; Silent Night; God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen (New). See the composer’s website for links to the recording via Amazon and iTunes.

Coleridge-Taylor, Samuel (1875-1912)

A ba boleki nwana! (They Will Not Lend Me a Child!) (arr. Adam Lesnick)

Richmond, VA: International Opus

An adaption of an East African folk-song.

Colgrass, Michael (1932- )

Woodwind Quintet (1962)

New York: MCA Music, 1970

4 movements in a freely atonal style. See critique in Arthur Cohn in “The Literature of Chamber Music.” Premiered by the Dorian Quintet.

Colomer, B. M. (Blai Maria Colomer i Pérez or Blas María…)(1840-1917)


Paris: Evette & Schaeffer, ca. 1870 /

New York: Carl Fischer, 1970 (not listed in current catalog) /

Parts also included in the Andraud “Yellow books”. SEE listing under Andraud. Parts may also be freely downloaded from the IMSLP Petrucci Music Library at http://imslp.org/wiki/Menuet_for_Wind_Quintet_(Colomer,_Blas_Mar%C3%ADa_de).

Collins, Amanda (1970- )

Toon Cat (1995) for woodwind quintet and bass clarinet

unpublished, Scottish Music Centre

Flute doubles on piccolo.

Coman, Nicola (1936- )

Divertissement (1964)

Comes, Liviu (1918-2004)

Divertisment pentru cvintet de suflatori (1970)

Bucuresti: Editura Muzicala, 1970

See also the composer’s article the Romanian version of Wikipedia.

Comitas, Alexander(1957- )

Eris, Op. 10 (1982) for double woodwind quintet, cello and double bass

Amsterdam: MuziekGroep Nederland

Alexander Comitas is a pseudonym for Eduard de Boer (according to the Dutch-language version of Wikipedia). Duration: 10:00. Commissioned by the Fonds voor de Scheppende Toonkunst. Parts may be rental.

Comman, Robert

Variations with Flourishes & Final Excursion (1979)

Premiered by the Dorian Wind Quintet, 1979 in Geneva, Switzerland.

Con, Karel (1951- )

Obrazy (Paintings) for woodwind quintet (1975)

Condon, Fernando (1955- )

Cuatro piezas pequeñas (1981-83)

Duration: 7:00. Composer is Uruguayan.

Cone, Edward T. (1917-2004)

Funeral Stanzas (1965)

New York: E.B. Marks Music Company, 2013?

Flute doubles on piccolo, oboe doubles on English horn. 12-tone serial style.

Conley, Lloyd (1924- )

Diversion No. 2

South Lebanon, Indiana: Studio Publications

Connolly, Justin (1933- )

Sestina A, Op. 25a (1972) for piano and woodwind quintet (now lost)

British Music Information Center, http://www.bmic.co.uk/

Duration: 20:00. See also: eis.bris.ac.uk/~munbh/justinconnolly

Canaries, Op. 44 (2004)

First performed by the Harlequin Wind Quintet.

Conord, Charles

Dans les Vallées profondes

Notissimo Editeur

For solo horn with flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon accompaniment.

Conrad, Con

The Continental (arr. Keith Gemmell)

Pub. by Keith Gemmell

Converse, Frederick Shepherd (F.S.)(1871-1940)

Adagio, Op. 30 (1897) for double woodwind quintet(edited by Bruce Gbur)

Manhattan, KS: Prairie Dawg Press, 2011

Manuscript is at the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston.

The work was composed while Converse was studying with Joseph Rheinberger in Munich. The 2011 edition appears to be the first publication of the dectet.

Conway, Michael (1937- )

Woodwind Quintet, Op.7 (1965)

2440 TreeTop Lane, No. Vancouver, BC CANADA V7H 2K5

Duration: 11:00.

Constant, Franz

Musique à Cinq, Op. 83 (1977)

Bruxelles: Le Centre Belge de Documentation Musicale (CeBeDeM)

Constantinides, Dinos (1929- )

Dedications for W.W. quintet: five atonal and 12-tone studies (1970-77)

New York: Seesaw Music (ASCAP)

Constantinides, Sylvia (1962- )

Scenes, Op. 32 for woodwind quintet (2004)

See also: http://www.sylviaconstantinidis.com/ . 4 movements; Duration: 7:00.

Macondo Poems, Op. 41 (2005) for piccolo, flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon

See http://library.newmusicusa.org/. Duration: 8:30.

Contreras, Salvador (1912-1982)

Dos Piezas Dodecafonicas (Two 12-tone Pieces) (1966)

Juarez, Mexico: Centro Nacional de Investigacion, Documentacion e Informacion Musical Carlos Chavez

There seems to be some difference of opinion on whether Contreras was born in 1910 or 1912, with most of the scholarly publications using 1912.

Allan Kozinn, in his Jan. 13, 1991 review in The New York Times, wrote, “Salvador Contreras’s ‘Dos Piezas Dodecafonicas’ (1966), a wind quintet, was a pleasant reminder that 12-tone writing can be lyrical – in this case, Copland-like – when composers wish.”

Conyngham, Barry (1944- )

Five (1970-71)

Possibly published by Universal.

Cooke, Arnold (1906-2005)

Quintet (1961)

Melville: Belwin-Mills / EMI Music, Inc.

3 movements. Duration: 13:00. See also: http://www.musicweb.uk.net/cooke/index.htm .


Sinfonietta (1954) for woodwind quintet, string quartet, trumpet, and doublebass

Cooke, Michael (1970- )

Medieval Suite

Salem, Ct.: Cimarron Music Press, 2008. cimarronmusic.com

Movements: In the Royal Court; The Young Maidens Dance (“jeu de Robins et de Marion” by Adam de la Halle); The Peasants’ Dance (Istampita Palamento). A version is also available for brass quintet. See also: http://www.michaelkcooke.com/index.html .

The Atlantis Quintet (1989-91, revised 1993)

Cooney, Cheryl L. (1953- )

Age and Fortune (1992) for baritone and woodwind quintet

Toronto: Canadian Music Centre

It’s not completely clear, but this appears to be for the brass baritone, not the voice.

Cooney, John (1967- )

Undertow (1995-1997) for woodwind quintet, string quartet, double bass, piano, harp, percussion

music available from: British Music Information Centre – New Voices Project
See http://www.bmic.co.uk/ or email: newvoices[at]bmic.co.uk.

Duration: 10:00.

Cooper, Paul (1926- )

Concert for 5 – Canonic Variations (1965)

London: J. & W. Chester

Copland, Aaron (1900-1992)

“The Little Horses” from Old American Songs (arr. Richard Price)

Available from Richard Price, 75 Loughlin Ave., Cos Cob, CT 06807 USA, 203/629-2498

“Ching-a-ring-chaw” from Old American Songs (arr. Quincey C. Hilliard)

London: Boosey & Hawkes, 2000

“I Bought Me a Cat” from Old American Songs, set 1 (arr. Quincey C. Hilliard)

London: Boosey & Hawkes, 2000

New England Countryside, from Music for Movies (arr. Erik Morales)

New York: Boosey & Hawkes, 1999

Originally for chamber orchestra. Duration: 5:00. From the documentary film, “The City” of 1939.

“Zion’s Wall” from Old American Songs, Vol. II (arr. Quincy Charles Hilliard)

New York: Boosey & Hawkes 2000

Down a Country Lane (arr. Richard Maynes) for double woodwind quintet

Originally a piano work, later arranged for orchestra and band. A short, slow work, under four minutes.

Coppens, Claude(1936- )

The Taming of the Shrewd, compulsory works filled with Satiesm (1985)

Bruxelles: Le Centre Belge de Documentation Musicale (CeBeDeM)

Woodwind Quintet with optional piano. Duration: 30:00. Half of resources give his name as Claude-A. Coppens. See also: http://www.cebedem.be/en/composers/c/57-coppens-claude-a

Coppola, Carmine (1910-1991)


Coral, Giampaolo (1944- )

Dialoghi per 5 fiati (1968)

Milano: Edizioni Suvini Zerboni

Duration: 6:00. Uses trumpet instead of bassoon.

Corcoran, Frank (1944- )

Wind Quintet No. 1 (1978)

Manuscript. Try Dublin: Contemporary Music Centre or the British Music Information Center, http://www.bmic.co.uk/

Duration: 9:00.

Wind Quintet No. 2 (1978)

Manuscript. Try Dublin: Contemporary Music Centre

Duration: 16:00.

Dektet (1971) for flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, horn, 2 violins, viola, cello, double bass

Manuscript. Try Dublin: Contemporary Music Centre

Duration: 15:00.

Cordell, Frank (1918-1980)


Ampleforth, Yorkshire: Emerson Edition, 1978

Duration: 10:00. Presents each of the instruments of the quintet in a solo role. Flute doubles on piccolo, oboe doubles on English horn.

Cordero, Roque (1917-2008)

Variations and Theme for 5 (1975)

San Antonio: Southern Music Publishing /

New York: Peer International, 1976

Duration: 15:00.

Barbera Secrist-Schmedes, in Wind Chamber Music, says, “The influence of African-American syncopations and the rhythmic peculiarities of native Panamanian dances give Cordero’s music a strong rhythmic thrust and energetic personality. This work is tonal and serial.”

Corelli, Arcangelo (1653-1713)

Sarabande [and courante] (arr. George J. Trinkaus)

New York: Kay and Kay Music Publ. Corp., 1933

Courante (arr. ?)

New York: McGinnis & Marx

Gavotte & Sarabande (arr. Xavier Eeckeloot)

Wiltshire Music / Cor Publishing Co.

Petite Suite from the 18th Century (arr. Taylor)

Melville: Belwin-Mills

Corghi, Azio(1937- )

Actus I for double woodwind quintet

Milano: Edizioni Suvini Zerboni, 1975 (rental only)

Duration: 15:00.

Coricelli, Silvia

Argentine Encores (arr. Silvia Coricelli)

Edition Viento

4 pieces:

Mores – Cuartito azul, Tango

Mores – El firulete, Milonga

Piana – Caseron de Tejas, Vals porteno

Maderna – Lluvia de Estrellas, Tango

Her website, Fagotera: www.fagotera.com, includes lots of info on Ms. Coricelli’s career.

Spanish Encores

Portland, Ore.: Edition Viento, 2004.


Albeniz, Isaac – “Sevilla” from Suite Espanola

Granados, Enrique – Oriental

Toldra, Eduard – Camperola

Casals, Pau – San Marti del Caigo

Works also available individually.


Trevco Music Publishing

Three Orchestra Excerpts

Edition Viento: in USA TrevCo Music Publishing

Borodin – Polovetsian Dances, from Prince Igor

Mahler – Of Youth, from Das Lied von der Erde

Tchaikovsky – Valse from Symphony No. 5

All three also available individually.

Corina, John (1928- )

Partita for woodwind quintet (1976)

Published by the composer.

Dedicated to the Georgia (U.S.A.) Woodwind Quintet / MENC 1976 / Atlantic City

Woodwind Quintet

Available from the composer, 1968 / Manuscript: Univ. of Georgia

Cornelius, Peter (1824-1874)

Ein Ton (The Monotone) (1859) (arr. Bill Schuetter)

Imagine Music; see also: http://www.sheetmusicplus.com/

Oboist plays only the note A, in various rhythms, throughout.

Cornwell, Lewis

Decimations (1983, revised 1995) for double woodwind quintet

Grosvenor Place, NSW: Australian Music Centre

Composed for the Northern Chamber Orchestra. Duration: 6:20.

Correa, Sergio Oliveira de Vasconcellos

Cantos Populares Infantis

Songs: Seu sabiá Terezinah de Jesus; A moda da carranquinha; Sapo cururú O castelo pegou fogo; O barqueiro; A ponte do avião; Cachorrinho; Você gosta de mim?; Eu sou mineiro de Minas.
Recorded by the Quinteto Villa-Lobos.

Cortazzo, Jeff

The Piedmont Sonata, Op. 11

Ithaca, NY: Eccentric Music, 2012; see also BRS Music: http://www.brsmusic.net/The-Piedmont-Sonata_p_2876.html

Duration: 15:30.

Cortés, Ramiro (1933-1984)

Three Movements for Five Winds (1967)

Bryn Mawr, Pa.: Elkan-Vogel 1975 /

Bryn Mawr, PA: Theodore Presser Co.

Duration: 10:00.Commissioned by the Dorian Wind Quintet.

Wind Quintet (1967-68)

Possibly the same as the above work.

Coryn, Roland

Vijf Bewegingen, Op. 49 (1993)

Bruxelles: Le Centre Belge de Documentation Musicale (CeBeDeM)

Cosacchi, Stephen (1903-1986)

Bläsersextett, Op. 35b for woodwind quintet plus 2nd clarinet


Cossart, Leland Albert (1877-1956)

Suite für Zehn Blas-Instrumente und Harfe (Suite for 10 Winds and Harp), Op. 19 (1906)

Magdeburg: heinrichshofen’s Verlag, 1908

For double woodwind quintet plus harp. (Second oboe doubles English horn, in the 2nd and final movements.) The work is in two parts. Movements: Teil I: 1. Intrada; 2. Elegie; 3. Intermezzo; Teil II: 4. Canzonetta Napolitana; 5. Alla Polacca; 6. Thema mit Variatioinen (Capriccio Finale). Duration: 45:00.The Suite is described as Romantic. The score and parts may be downloaded from the International Music Score Library Project, http://imslp.org/wiki/Suite_for_10_Winds_and_Harp_(Cossart,_Leland_Albert)

Cotek, Pavel (1922-2005)

Tanz-Suite (1955)

Praha: Cesky Hudebni Fond (Czech Music Foundation)

Bluety (1982)

Cotteli, Honorát(1941-2014)

Musica per Ottoni (1997)

Music Center Slovakia, http://hc.sk/en/

See also: http://hc.sk/en/hudba/osobnost-detail/1542-honorat-cotteli

Coulombe Saint-Marcoux, Micheline (1938- )

See SAINT-MARCOUX, Micheline Coulombe

Couperin, François (1668-1733)

Les Baricades Mistérieuses (Arr. William Scribner)

Richmond, VA: International Opus

Duration: 4:00.

Coursey, Ralph de

Fugue a la Rumba (1958)

Toronto: Berandol Music Limited / New York: Associated Music Publishers

Cowell, Henry (1897-1965)

Suite for Woodwind Quintet (1930)

Mercury / New York: Theodore Presser /

New York: Merrymount Music Press, 1949 /

Duration: 5:00.

Davyd Breeskin says this suite is adapted from four of the six movements Cowell earlier wrote for clarinet and piano, also scored for clarinet and small orchestra.

Ballad (1956)

New York, Associated Music Publishers, 1962.

Very nice, short work. Cowell arranged it from a slow movement of his Violin Sonata written in 1945.

Cowlin, Philip (1920-2005)

Quintet (1994)

Ampleforth, Yorkshire: Emerson Edition

Cox, Harry (1923-2009)

Quintette du Printemps

Brussels: J. Maurer

Cox, Thomas (1948- )

Woodwind Quintet (1969)

Terminal project in composition, School of Music, Indiana University. Copy in the Indiana University Music Library, Bloomington.

Coyner, Lou (Louis) (1931- )

Ricorso (Reflux) (1972)

Needham, Mass.: Dorn Publications, 1972, 1981 /

New York: American Composers Alliance

Written for “five simultaneous solos.” Arthur Cohn in “The Literature of Chamber Music” states the work is constructed on “controlled chance. There is neither tempo nor meter, but there are exact pitches, dynamics, phrasings and proportional notation….”

Craens, Alain

Mystery (1995) for woodwind quintet alone or for woodwind quintet with string quintet

Bruxelles: Le Centre Belge de Documentation Musicale (CeBeDeM)

Duration: 13:00.

Cramer, Trevor

Six Riotous Rhymes, for woodwind quintet with narration

Tallevast, FL: TrevCo Music, 2004

Carole Scutt, Midge Roberts, poets? Mr. Cramer owns Trevco Music and has done many, many arrangements for quintet. See the individual composers for his other work.

Canzona per due dei Cinque

Tallevast, FL: TrevCo Music

Kol Nidrei (unlisted, possibly arranged by Trevor Cramer)

TrevCo Music Publishing

For woodwind quintet with optional vocal part.

Crawford, Ruth

SEE Seeger, Ruth Crawford

Crawley, Clifford (1929- )

Airs and Graces: Ten short pieces for wind quintet (1995)

Toronto: Canadian Music Center

Cresswell, Lyell (1944- )

The Silver Pipes of Ur (1981)

unpublished, Scottish Music Information Centre.

See also: http://www.scottishmusiccentre.com/ and: British Music Information Center, http://www.bmic.co.uk/ Duration: 16:00.

Cretella, Chris (1977- )

She Tried to Wash the Socks but They Never Came Clean (2000)

New York: American Music Center; published by the composer

Duration: 10:00. See also: http://library.newmusicusa.org/.

Creteur, Joos

Happy Ending Story

Golden River Music

Croley, Randell (1946- )

Microespressioni I (1969).

New York: Autograph Editions, 1970, sole selling agent: J. Boonin

Quintet in One Movement, Op. 27

Hattiesburg, Mississippi: Tritone Press, 1963

Cronin, Robert (1964- )

Variations on a Theme by Gounod

Available from the composer: 9217 Dunbarton, Knoxville, TN 37923 USA

Cronin, Stephen (1960- )

Diversions for wind quintet (1982)

New South Wales, Australia: Australian Music Centre, 1995

Movements: Raga; Waltz; Song; Pensive; Habanera. Duration: 13:00. See also: http://www.australianmusiccentre.com.au/

Crosley, Lawrence E. (1932-1998)

Quintet (1958)

Toronto: Canadian Music Center

Duration: 12:00. Movements: I. Maestoso; andante; allegro con brio; II. Andante; III. Allegretto; IV. Allegro.

Crosse, Gordon (1937- )

Canto, Op. 4 (1961, revised 1963) for woodwind quintet and trombone

New York, Oxford: Oxford University Press

Duration: 5:00. Parts are available for rental only.

Villanelles for woodwind quintet, violin and cello

New York, Oxford: Oxford University Press

Parts are available for rental only.

Crouse, E.

A Grecian Ballet


Cruft, Adrian (1921-1987)

Stratford Music Op. 57 (1968)

London: Joad Press, 1976, Elkan-Vogel /

London: Chappell & Co.

Duration: 8:00.

Two English Keyboard Pieces (arranged)

London: Joseph Williams 1957 /

New York: Galaxy Music Publishers /

London: Joad Press

Duration: 4:30. The two works are:

“Worster Browls” by T. Tomkins

“Les buffons” by J. Bull.

Cruger, Johann (1598-1662)

Now Thank We All Our God (1647) (arr. Gordon Schuster)

Majestic Music Corp., now owned by David E. Smith Publications

Variations on a Hymn of Gladness (arr. Jeanie Murrow)

Salem, CT: Cimarron Music Press cimarronmusic.com

Cruz, Ivo (1901-1985)


New York: Peer International Corp.

Cruz de Castro, Carlos


Madrid: Editorial de Musica Espanola Contemporanea, 1972

Csemiczky, Miklos (1954- )

Capriccio, Epitaphs and Choral in memoriam Igor Stravinsky

Wind Quintet No. 2

London: Boosey & Hawkes / Budapest: Editio Musica Budapesta, 1984, www.emb.hu

Flute doubles on piccolo, oboe doubles on English horn. Movements: Capriccio no. 1; Epitaph no. 1; Capriccio no. 2; Epitaph no. 2; Capriccio no. 3; Capriccio no. 4; Epitaph no. 3; Choral.


Antifonae No. 2 (1984 for flute/piccolo, oboe, clarinet, bassoon and horn, 2 trumpets, trombone and tuba)

Editio Musica Budapesta

Duration: 14:00.

Csicsko, Nicholas (1984- )

Woodwind Quintet (2011)

Printed as thesis/dissertation (at Juilliard?)

Csonka, Paul (1905-1995)

French Suite for Woodwind Quintet

New York: Peer Music, 1976

For flute, 2 clarinets, oboe, bassoon (no horn) or 4 recorders.

Cucinotta, Robert (1949- )

Some Evidence of Dreamwork (1974)

Uses multiphonics and bends.

Cui, César Antonowich (1835-1918)

Orientale (arr. Angel del Busto)

New York: Carl Fischer, 1932

Pleasant, peaceful, short modal piece. We’ve used it for educational concerts and background music. [Andrew Brandt]

Scherzetto (arr. Geoffrey Emerson)

Yorkshire: The Red Hedgehog (45 Falsgrave Rd., Scarborough, Yorkshire, England) or gwemerson[at]argonet.co.uk

Mr. Emerson describes this as “A most appealing little salon piece.”

Culpo, Christopher (1960- )

Woodwind Quintet (1986)

Duration: 17:00. Commissioned by Boston Wind Quintet. Recorded by the Quintet of the Americas on CRI, 1996.

Cummings, Robert

Outdoor Music for Children

Available from: Tom Williams, Great Notes, 3711 Cedar Ave., Long Beach, CA 90807.

Described as: “Four movements, very rural U.S. feeling with exciting parts for all. It’s been a consistent crowd-pleaser.” See also: http://www.robertcummingscomposer.com/ .

Cunningham, Michael Gerald (1937- )

A Linear Ceremony, Op. 29

New York: Seesaw Music, 1976

Curitiba, Henrique de

Suite Dansante

Portland, Or.: Editions Viento, 2006?

Curtis, Marvin V. (1951- )

Three Traditional Spirituals

Richmond, Virginia: International Opus

Includes: Roll Jordan, Roll; By An’ By; and Great Day. Duration: 9:00.

Curtis, Michael “Mike” (1952- )

A Klezmer Wedding (1998)

Rottenburg, Germany: Advance Music, 1998

Duration: 8:00. Also uses percussion (trap set). There are also versions for woodwind quartet and double reed quartet.

A very pleasant collection of Klezmer tunes that appears to work well for the quintet. The percussion may be optional but adds a lot to the overall affect. [Andrew Brandt]

Peter & the Wolf (with narrator) (1998)

Ft. Collins: MSS Pub.

Duration: 12:00.

Wind players who are used to performing this work in its
orchestra version will likely find this arrangement disappointing. Many of the solo sections are truncated, string parts are not necessarily filled in by other members of the quintet, and much of the narration is unaccompanied in places where the orchestra version has music underneath. However, after listening to a recording, this arrangement appears to be a simple and easy arrangement of this classic for young audiences and the less experienced quintet. [Andrew Brandt] (See the entry under Prokofiev for other options.)

Souvenir of Guanajuato

MSS Publishing; see also http://www.sheetmusicplus.com/

Six movements; apparently each of the six is published separately, but
I only could find listings for the first three. (All 6 are published for strings.) Movements: Plaza del Baratillo; El Burro Viejo; La Banda del Estado. See also: http://mikecurtismusic.com/

Curtis-Smith, Curtis (Otto Bismarck) (1941-2014)

Sardonic Sketches (1986)

Publisher not listed, but his principal publishers are Salabert, Elkan-Vogel and Mel Bay. And, yes, the name really is Curtis Curtis-Smith. Alternate name forms are C. Curtis-Smith; C. C. Smith, and his full name, Curtis Otto Bismarck Curtis-Smith. In any case, don’t confuse him with the other composer, Curtis Smith.

Custer, Arthur (1923-1998)

Two Movements for Woodwind Quintet (1964)

New York: General Music Pub. Co.;Boston: Boston Music Co. 1968

Movements: Largo; Allegro.

Cutler, Joe (1968- )

Verses and Choruses (1998)

music available from: British Music Information Centre – New Voices Project, See: http://www.bmic.co.uk/ or newvoices[at]bmic.co.uk

Duration: 9:00.


Epitaph For Nebula (1989) for woodwind quintet, trumpet, trombone, percussion, violin, viola, cello, and double bass

see above ordering info.

Duration: 10:00.

Cvjetajev, Michail A. (1907- ?)

Suite for fünf Blasinstrumente (1950)

Possibly pub. by Moscow: Musyka

Czyzewski, H.


Warsaw: Polski Wydawnictwo Muzyczne

Doesn’t appear to be available on the online catalog.

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