Brandt’s Woodwind Quintet List – O

Oatman, Johnson, Jr. (1856-1922)

Count Your Blessings (arr. Dana F. Everson)

Pub. By David E. Smith; See also http://www.sheetmusicplus.com/

Duration: 3:30. A hymn lyricist, Oatman is reported to have written words to 5000 Gospel hymns.

Oberstadt, Carolus D. (1871-1940)


Obrecht, Eldon (1920-2011)


Manuscript: University of Iowa

Obregon, Luis (1974- )

Abalorios de Madera (2005)

New York: American Music Center

Duration: 7:14. See also: http://www.luis-obregon.com/comp/ and http://library.newmusicusa.org/LuisObregon

O’Briant, Jim (1947- )

In Dulci Jubilo (arranged by O’Briant)

Salem, Ct.: Cimarron Music Press cimarronmusic.com

Obrovska, Jana (1930-1987)

Dechovy Kvintet (Woodwind Quintet) (1968)

Duration: 13:00.

Ockenfels, Helmut (1937-1999)

Neun Miniaturen

Koln: UBM Edition, 1985

O’Connor, Jennifer

Notes from a Reedy Pond (2006) for flute, oboe, B-flat clarinet, bassoon and B-flat bass clarinet

Grosvenor Place, N.S.W.: Australian Music Centre

Duration: 8:50. 5 movements. This is the Australian composer/teacher/academic, not to be confused with the U.S. singer/songwriter Jennifer O’Connor.

Odstrcil, Karel (1930-1997)

Pas de cinq (Dance Suite) (1973)

Praha: Cesky Hudebni Fond (Czech Music Foundation) See the Czech MusicBase: https://www.musicbase.cz/compositions/5686-pas-de-cinq-dechovy-kvintet/

Duration: 10:00. 5 movements. See Arthur Cohn, The Literature of Chamber Music, for description. See also: https://www.musicbase.cz/composers/699-odstrcil-karel/

Dance Suite

Hudebni Informacni Stredisko http://www.musicbase.cz/


Silhouettes (1962), Nonet for woodwind quintet, violin, viola, cello, bass

Praha: Cesky Hudebni Fond (Czech Music Foundation)

Oehring, Helmut (1961- )

Gestauchte Winkel (1992) for Five Winds (oboe, bass clarinet, bassoon, horn, trombone)

O’Farrill, Arturo (Chico) (1921-2001)


Cuban-born American jazz composer and performer. See also: http://www.arturoofarrill.com/

Ofenbauer, Christian (1961- )

for martha keller für Holzblaserquintett (2001)

Wien: Doblinger

Contact info: http://www.moz.ac.at/people.php?p=50872&l=en

Offenbach, Jacques (1819-1880)

Can Can (from Orpheus in the Underworld, 1858, rev. 1874) (arr. ?)

Delevan, New York: Kendor Music

Can Can (from Orpheus in the Underworld, 1858, rev. 1874) (arr. Bill Holcombe)

Chesapeake, VA: Bill Holcombe’s Musicians Pub’s (http://billholcombe.com/)

The Can Can (arr. Andrew Lightfoot)

Andrew Lightfoot; see also: http://www.sheetmusicplus.com/

Overture from Orpheus in the Underworld (arr. Patrick Clements) for wind nonet

London: PCMS Sheet Music, http://www.clements16.co.uk/

For a flute, 2 oboes, 2 clarinets, 2 bassoons, 2 horns. Duration: 7:00.

According to the arranger, this version has “[l]ots of well-known tunes including the can-can. Goes down well. (Except, as we discovered, in French monasteries!)”

“Les Oiseaux dans la Charmille” from Tales of Hoffman (1881) (arr. Richard Price)

Available from Richard Price, 75 Loughlin Ave., Cos Cob, CT 06807 USA

Uses English horn instead of oboe. You need to borrow a ratchet from a percussionist, too.

“Olympia’s Aria” from Tales of Hoffman (1881) (trans. Don Stewart)

Tunbridge, Vt.: Trillenium Music, 1997

Oboe solo in woodwind quintet. Duration: 5:00.

Offenbach also wrote an opera, Il Signor Fagotto, which title begs for a quintet arrangement of some sort! [Andrew Brandt]

Ogdon, Will (Wilber Lee) (1921-2013)

Serenade No. 1 (1987)

Montclair, N.J.?: Association for the Promotion of New Music, [1999?]

Recorded on CRI (CD 763 CRI) Duration: 9:20.

Serenade No. 2 (1990-1994)

Montclair, N.J.?: Association for the Promotion of New Music, [1999?]

Öhlund, Ulf (1948- )

Three Pieces for Woodwind Sextet (for woodwind quintet and saxophone)

Tons (contact Svensk Music)

Duration: 12:00.

Ojala, Juha (1964- )

Woodwind Quintet No. 1 (1992) (Puupuhallinkvintetto No. 1)

Helsinki: Music Finland https://core.musicfinland.fi/composers/juha-ojala

PDF of score is available for download. Movements: Moderato; Tempo giusto; Quasi adagio.

Not knowing Finnish, I do know that woodwind quintet is usually written as “puhallinkvintetto.” “Puupuhallinkvintetto” looks like a typo, but it’s printed that way in the catalog and on the score. Would any Finns like to explain? [Andrew Brandt]

Okeover, John (ca. 1590-1663 OR ca. 1595-1649 depending on which composer)

Fantasia (arranged)

Performed by the Eastman Woodwind Quintet. There appear to be two John Okeovers from the same era.

Okunev, German Grigor’evich (1931-1973)

Leningradskie Graviury

Leningrad (now St. Petersberg): Muzyka, 1977.

Movements: Noktiurn; IUmoreska; Ballada; Final.

Olaya-Munoz, Jorge (1916-1995)


See also: http://jorgeolayamunoz.blogspot.com/

Oldfield, Alan


M. M. Cole Pub., Co., 1975

Olds, Gerry (1933- )

Woodwind Quintet (1958)

O’Leary, Martin (1963- )

Variants (1985)

Manuscript. Try Dublin: Contemporary Music Centre

Duration: 7:00.


Concertante 11 (1990) for flute/alto flute, oboe/English horn, clarinet/bass clarinet, bassoon, horn, 2 violins, viola, cello, bass

Manuscript. Try Dublin: Contemporary Music Centre

Duration: 10:00.

Oliveira, Jamary (1944- )

Nonetto for Woodwind Quintet and percussion

Centro de Documentacao de Musica Contemporanea CDMC-Brasil

Nonet (1969) for woodwind quintet and string quintet

Oliveira, Willy Correa de (1938- )

Phantasiestuck II (1974)

Brasilian composer. Principal publisher is Ricordi (Sao Paulo).

Oliver (Pina), Angel (1937-2005)

Dos Piezas (Two Pieces) (1966)

Manuscript: Archivo Sinfonico de la S.G.A.E., Madrid

See also: http://digital.march.es/clamor/es/fedora/repository/atm%3A750

Interpolaciones (1970)

Madrid: Editorial Alpuerto

Oliver, Harold (1942- )

Woodwind Quintet No. 1 (1967)

New York: Carl Fischer, 1972

Flute doubles piccolo. See also: http://users.rowan.edu/~oliver/

Arthur Cohn, The Literature of Chamber Music, describes this as a 12-tone work “totally devoid of repetition and using in its place exciting fantasy.” The work includes free sections, “senza misura” and also uses “bent pitches, microtonality, and with the pitches given, controlled improvisation.”

Woodwind Quintet No. 2 (1994)

APNM (?)

Duration: 10:00.

Oliverio, James

Winds of the Magic Wood (1989)

See http://jamesoliverio.com/

Duration: 12:00. Designed for children’s concerts, the score comes with taped narration. Commissioned and premiered by the Pandean Players.

The Fall of Babylon (1974) for mezzo soprano and wind quintet

Oliveros, Pauline (1932-2016)

Portrait of the Quintet of the Americas (1988) for flute, oboe + English horn, clarinet + bass clarinet

Recorded by the Quintet of the Americas on CRI, 1996. Duration: 7:26. Although the bassoon and horn are not included in the catalog listing, it appears this work is for normal woodwind quintet with the doublings indicated. The work may be largely improvisational. Much of her music was published by Bowdoin College Press. (There’s obviously much to learn about this piece.) See also: http://www.paulineoliveros.us/ . The recording can be purchased on the Quintet of the Americas web site. (Although Ms. Oliveros’s website doesn’t list this title, it does list a work, Portraits, which includes a unique, computer generated score with improvisation for each player. It’s conceivable that the Portrait of the Quintet of the Americas is a personalized version of Portraits)

Olmeda, Angel Luis

Ritual Nocturno (1991)

New York: American Music Center

Duration: 12:00. See also: http://library.newmusicusa.org/AngelLuisOlmeda

Olsen, Carl Gustav Sparre (1903-1984)

Quintet for Winds, Op. 35

Drammen, Norway: H. Lyche, 1950 (C. F. Peters, agents)

Clarinet in A. Duration: 11:00. 3 movements. Originally entitled “Divertimento.”

Arthur Cohn, The Literature of Chamber Music, describes this as “Twentieth-century classical tonalism….”

Three pieces for Wind Quintet (Tre stykker for blåsekvintett), Op. 59 (1971)

Oslo: NB noter (Contemporary Norwegian sheet music)

See also: Norwegian Music Information Centre http://www.notam.uio.no/nmi/index.html

Olsen, James (1982- )

Imbroglio (1998)

British Music Information Center, http://www.bmic.co.uk/

Duration: 10:00. First performed by the Galliard Ensemble.

Olsson, Sture (1919-1987)

Kvintett (1975)

Stockholm: Svensk Musik

Description of an Impression for woodwinds and percussion (1979)

Svensk Music (SMIC)

For flute doubling on piccolo and alto flute; oboe doubling English horn; clarinet doubling bass clarinet; bassoon doubling contrabassoon, horn and percussion. Percussion includes: snare drum, xylophone, marimba, ibraphone, 5 toms, cymbals, wood block plus a “sanza“ (?) in the horn part, a strung rattle in the oboe part, a sizzle cymbal in the clarinet part, and a frame drum in the flute part.Duration: 12:00. A PDF of the score may be downloaded from http://www.mic.se/avd/mic/prod/micpdf.nsf/dl/19415f1.pdf/$file/19415f1.pdf

Oltra (i Ferrer), Manuel (1922- )

Doble 5. Suite for string quintet and woodwind quintet (1962)

O’Meagher, Hugh

Woodwind Quintet (1963)

Library of Congress

Omer, Shlomo (1943- )

Memories 76 (1996)

Tel Aviv: Israel Music Center

Duration: 16:00.

O’Neill, John

Cops and Robbers, A Merry Chase

Imagine Music; see also: Boston, MA.: Ione Press

Duration: 2:20. Inspired by the Keystone Kops.

Onslow, Georg (1784-1853)

Quintett, Op. 81, No. 1 (1852)

Leipzig: Chez Fr. Kistner (with Paris: Chez Brandus & Cie.), 1852

Possibly published by: New York: McGinnis & Marx Music Pub.

Movements: Allegro non troppo; Scherzo. Energico; Andante sostenuto (A minor); Finale. Allegro spirituoso. Duration: 23:10. Parts available for free download from the International Music Score Library Project:
http://imslp.org/wiki/Wind_Quintet,_Op.81_(Onslow,_George) (These parts are for Quintet in F Major, which is presumably Op. 81, No. 1, although it is just marked Op. 81 with no number.)

Onslow was a student of Anton Reicha. The IMSLP site allows you listen to a live performance of the work by Soni Ventorum, which illustrates Reicha’s influence (especially in its classical formal structure and the contrapuntal flow between instruments). To my ear, it sounds like a nice transitional work between Reicha and Taffanel, style-wise. (Right where it should be chronologically.) Sounds like it would be fun to perform for the professional or advanced student quintet! [Andrew Brandt]

Quintett, Op. 81, No. 2 (1852)

Leipzig: Fr. Kistner & C.F.W. Siegel (ca. 1852) /

Kassel: Kammermusik Verlag, 2006

Copy in Indiana University Music Library, Bloomington.

Blaserquintett F-dur, Op. 81, No. 3 (1852)

Munchen: F.E.C. Leuckart 1956 /

Leipzig: F. Kistner, 1851 /

New York: McGinnis & Marx


Nonet in A Major, Op. 77 for woodwind quintet, violin, viola, cello, bass

Paris: Brandus et Cie. (ca. 1848)

Movements: 1. Allegro spiritoso; 2. Scherzo: Agitato; 3. Tema con variazioni: Andeantino con moto; 4. Finale: Largo – Allegretto quasi Allegro. The complete parts may now be downloaded from the International Music Score Library Project at http://imslp.org/wiki/Nonet,_Op.77_(Onslow,_George) . Although the original score is for Clarinet in C, the clarinet part has been transposed for Clarinet in B♭ by Stefan Dickmann, also available at the same link. Onslow also arranged this for sextet with piano (see the following link).

Opdal, Per Snorre (1941- )

Fanfare (2012)

Oslo: Norsk Musikkinformasion, 2013

Sentiment (1983)

Oslo: NB noter (Contemporary Norwegian sheet music)

Opitz, Erich (1912-2001)

Blaserquintett (1956)

Manuscript: Steirischer Tonkunstlerbund, Graz, Austria

Sonatina a Cinque (1969)

Manuscript: Steirischer Tonkunstlerbund, Graz, Austria

Epigramme (1970)

Manuscript: Steirischer Tonkunstlerbund, Graz, Austria

Oralogio, Alessandro (1550-1633)

Intradae quinque et sex vocibus (Five Intradas and Six Voices)

Adliswil, Switzerland: Pizzicato Verlag Helvetia

Apparently arranged to be performed by ensemble with children’s voices. Exact performance requirements are not clear in the online catalog but it appears that it can be performed by a woodwind quintet, a woodwind sextet, or a brass sextet.

Orbán, Gyorgy (1947- )

Fuvosotos (Quintet) (1985)

London: Boosey & Hawkes /

Budapest: Editio Musica Budapest

Duration: 12:00. 3 movements.

Barbera Secrist-Schmedes, in Wind Chamber Music, contends “This work shows the strong influence of Stravinsky and Bartok as well as of Jazz and circus music.”

Ore, Cecilie (1954- )

Helices (1984)

Oslo: Norsk musikforlag, 1988

Duration: 8:15.

Orff, Carl (1895-1982)

Carmina Burana, Canciones profane for double woodwind quintet (arr. Friedrich Wanek)

Mainz: B. Schott Sohne

Movements: 1. Fortune plango vulnera; 2. In trutina; 3. Dance; 4. Amor volat undique; 5. In taberna. Recorded by the Bläser-Ensemble Mainz (in 1990). Duration: 15:00.

Selections from Carmina Burana for woodwind quintet and doublebass(arr. Waneck)

Movements: Fortune plango vulnera; In trutina; Tanz; Amor volat undique; In taberna Performed by Windscape.

Orgad, Ben-Zion (1926-2006)

Nofim, le-hamishit kele neshifah me’etz (Landscapes) (1969)

Tel-Aviv, Israel: Israel Music Institute, 1975

Duration: 9:00.

Orlando, Michele (1887-after 1950)

Interludio Sinfonico


Quintet (1932)

Orlando was a Finnish flutist of Italian birth performing with the Helsinki Philharmonic from 1915-1951. Yes, even with the name Michele, he appears to have been male.

Orlinski, Heinz Bernhard

Sonata (1967) for double woodwind quintet

Svensk Music (was SMIC)

Ørskov, Rasmus (1984- )

Wind Quintet (2009)

Score and parts available under the Creative Commons license from: http://imslp.org/wiki/Wind_Quintet_(%C3%98rskov,_Rasmus) . Uses Clarinet in A.

Orr, Buxton(1924-1997)

Sonata per Dieci (1967) for double woodwind quintet

Gamber Press

2nd flute doubles on piccolo; 2nd doubles English horn; 2nd clarinet doubles bass clarinet. Movements: Intrada; Sonata; Intermezzo; Antifon; Rondo finale. For program notes, see Catherine Gerhart’s Annotated Bibliography of Double Wind Quintet Music

Ortega-Miranda, Chañarai (1973- )

L’extraordinaire aventure arrivée à Vladimir Maïakovski en été, à la campagne (1998) for woodwind quintet and baritone (voice)

Duration: 15:00.

Ortis, Luciano

Entfaltungszeiten (1974)

Herrenberg: Gotthard von Doring

Duration: 8:00.

Ortiz (Alvarado), William (1947- )

Obra Publica (1992)

New York: American Music Center

Duration: 8:00. See also: http://www.williamortiz.com/

Osborn, Sean (1966- )

The Machine

Octogram Press, 2002

The composer describes this as “4 min. of heavy metal for winds.”

Deck the Halls Carol


Variations on the Twelve Days of Christmas


Come All Ye Shepherds / Carol of the Bells


See also Osborn’s various arrangements (for Ravel, Mozart, Grieg, J.S. Bach, Byrd)

Osborne, Nigel(1948- )

Albanian Nights (1991) for double woodwind quintet

Vienna: Universal Edition

Duration: 12:00.

Osjetrova-Jakoleva, Nina Alexandrovna (also spelled Osetrova-Yakovlieva) (1923- )

Blaserquintett (1947)

Osmon, Leroy

Music for Five Winds

San Antonio, Tex.: RBC Publications

Osokin, Michal (1903- ?)

Poetische Bilder “Aus vergangener Zeit”

Moscow: Soviet Central Publisher

Ossinsky, Louis (1931-2011)

Suite (1955)

Library of Congress

Ostendorf, Jens-Peter (1944-2006)

1. Blaserquintett (First Wind Quintet) (1967)

Hamburg: H. Sikorski, 1970

Duration: 9:20.

Osterc, Slavko (1895-1941)

Kvintet za pihala (Quintet for wind instruments) (1932)

Ljubljana: Edicije Drustva slovenskih skladateljev, 1973

Society of Slovene Composers, www.dss.si

Hans Gerig Musikverlag (see Breitkopf & Härtel)

Duration: 11:00.

Oswald, John (1953- ) editor?

Early 20th Century Woodwind Quintet (1994)

Toronto: Canadian Music Center

Citation gives no explanation of the title. Nor does it explain, for sure, whether it’s a composition, a collection, or a treatise. (I’m leaning toward the treatise.)

Oswald, Rebecca

Aesop’s Fables for woodwind quintet with narration (1999)

Eugene, OR: Rebecca Oswald, 2014

Duration: 12:00. “Five of Aesop’s Fables are told in this work. Each movement has two main characters, highlighted by a different pairing of instruments. Audiences of all ages enjoy this work. It is an excellent vehicle for demonstrating the unique voice and personality of the different instruments of the woodwind quintet. Movements: I. The Ant and the Grasshopper; II. The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse; III. The Hare and the Tortoise; IV. The Wind and the Sun; V. The Lion and the Mouse.” See also: http://www.rebeccaoswald.com/

Oteri, Frank J. (1964- )

circles mostly in wood (2002)

New York: American Music Center

Duration: 20:00. See program notes and scores at www.amc.net/composers.

Ots, Kharp (Ch. A.)

Plesy (Pieces for Wind Quintet)

Moscow: Sovetskii kompozitor, 1960

Otsa, Harri (1926-2001)

Suite (Süit) (1958)

Manuscript. See the Estonian Music Information Centre: http://www.emic.ee/

Movements: 1. Quasi marcia; 2. Elegy; 3. Intermezzo; 4. Humoresque.

Wind Quintet (Puhkpillikvintett) (1971)

Manuscript: University of Wisconsin ?

Copy of the manuscript in the Estonian Theatre and Music Museum, see also http://www.emic.ee

Three Pieces

Editions Viento, see TrevCo Music Publishing

5 Musical Fuilletons (5 muusikalist följetoni) (1972)

Manuscript only?, see http://www.emic.ee/

Duration: 11:00. Movements: 1. Andantino; 2. Allegretto; 3. Allegro; 4. Moderato; 5. Moderato.

Ott, David (1947- )

Sabado for Woodwind Quintet (1985)

Ott, Joseph (1929-1990)

Cybernetic Structure No. 1

Emporia, Kansas: Claude Benny Press


Emporia, Kansas: Claude Benny Press

Otten, Ludwig (1924- )

Blaasquintet No. 2 (1954)

Amsterdam: Donemus, New York, C.F. Peters, 1955

Duration: 10:00.

Movements for Wind Quintet (3rd Wind Quintet) (1966)

Amsterdam, Donemus, 1967

Duration: 13:00. See Arthur Cohn, The Literature of Chamber Music, for a brief description.

Ottoson, David (1892-1970)


Stockholm: STIMS Informationscentral for Svensk Musik

Movements: Alla marcia; Idyll; Intermezzo; Finale. Duration: 15:00.

Oubradous, Fernand (1903-1986)

Fantaisie Dialoguée

Monaco: Editions de l’Oiseau-lyre, 1949 /

TrevCo Music Publishing

Uses A Clarinet. The composer, a bassoonist, has also done several arrangements included in this list.

Symphonies et Danses d’apres J. Ph. Rameau

Paris: A. Leduc, 1954

Overoy, Odd


Not published. Check the Norwegian Music Information center
at http://www.notam.uio.no/nmi/ . Overoy teaches composing in Trondheim, Norway.

Owen, Blythe (1898-2000)

Two Inventions for Woodwind Quintet, Op. 35, No. 1 (1964)

Hall-Orion Music, 1972

See also: http://www.andrews.edu/library/music/bowencomps.html

Owens, William (1963- )

Caprice (2012)

RBC Publications; see also http://www.williamowens.net/

Premiered by the Keller High School Woodwind Ensemble of Texas.

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