Brandt’s Woodwind Quintet List – F

Faber, Roland (1960- )

Blick in Opal, Op. 7 (1988)


Duration: 19:00. See also: http://homepage.univie.ac.at/roland.faber/

Faberman, Harold(1929- )


Duration: 7:20. Premiered by the Dorian Wind Quintet in 1965.

Fagerudd, Markus (1961- )

Six Drawings (2004)

Uusinta Publishing, http://www.uusinta.com/Uusinta_Publishing_Company/Home.html

Duration: 16:00.

Fahrbach, Philipp, Jr. (1815-1885)

Im Kahlenberger Dorfel Polka: Polka Française (arr. Peter Totzauer)

Wien: Doblinger

Fairley, Sylvia

Swing into Christmas and don’t lose your Rag

Suffolk, UK: Deben Music, 1996 www.debenmusic.co.uk

Fairlie-Kennedy, Margaret (1925-2013)

Wind Quintet (1962)

New York: American Composers Alliance

Duration: 11:00. Movements 1 & 2 use 12-tone freely at times, Movement 3 is based on the whole tone interval.

Quintet No. 3


Fairouz, Mohammed (1985- )

Jebel Lebnan (Mount Lebanon) (2011)

New York: Peermusic Classical, 2013 (Distributed by Hal Leonard)

Commissioned by Imani Winds, the music chronicles events from the Lebanese Civil War of 1975-1990 and its effects. Clarinets in A and E-flat. Duration: 19:00. Movements: I. Bashir’s march; Interlude nay; II. Lamentation: Ariel’s song; III. Song and Little Dance; IV. Mar Charbel’s dabkeh. See also: http://mohammedfairouz.com/ .


Furia (2010) for Baritone, Wind Quintet, String Quartet

Commissioned by Musicians For Harmony for Randall Scarlata, the Borromeo String Quartet and the Imani Winds. Duration: 30:00.

Falcone, John (1962- )

Invasion of the Fiufas for narrator and woodwind quintet

Editions Viento

“A fun, light-hearted (contemporary) look at life in Costa Rica with tiny creatures (Fiufas) who live under the legs of furniture.”

Tortuga y la Liebre

TrevCo Music Publishing

Bassoonist of Hamelin (El Fagotista de Hamelin) for woodwind quintet and narrator

Editions Viento

Can use a separate narrator, or use the narration incorporated into the flute part. Available in English and Spanish.

Falik, IUrii (or Yuri) Aleksandrovich (1936-2009)

Kvintet, dlia dukhovykh instrumentov (1964)

Leningrad (now St. Petersburg): Muzyka, 1967 /

Leningrad: Sov. kompozitor, 1984

Published in a volume along with trio for flute, clarinet and bassoon entitled “English Divertissement.” (Also check Interlibrary loan: Sibley Library, U. of Rochester; and U. Cal, Northwestern.)

Falk, Karl-Axel (1958- )

Blas kvintett No 1 (1986)

Oslo: NB noter (Contemporary Norwegian sheet music)

Falk, Mats (1940- )

Blaskvintett Nr. 2 (1977)

Stockholm: Svensk Music

Duration: 16:00.

Falla, Manuel de (1876-1946)

Four Spanish Pieces (Cuatro piezas españolas) (1910) (arr. Wayne Peterson)

Tunbridge, Vt.: Trillenium Music Co., 1991

Movements: Aragonesa; Cubana; Montanesa; Andaluza. Duration: 15:00. Flute doubles on piccolo.

Well-made arrangements of the original piano works. Great Spanish bassoon part.

Falloni, Matteo(1969- )

Dances (2008)

Self published

Movements: 1. Hellenic Wedding Dance; 2. Gibralter; 3. Habanera y Fiesta. Duration: 15:00. Score is available under the Creative Commons license from the International Music Score Library Project, at http://imslp.org/wiki/Dances_(Falloni,_Matteo) .

Un gioco a cinque (1998)

Published by the composer.

Movements: I. Preambolo; II. Scherzo; III. Thema con variazioni; IV. Ritornello; V. Finale. The score is available under a Creative Commons license from the International Music Score Library Project, http://imslp.org/wiki/Un_gioco_a_cinque_(Falloni,_Matteo) .

Farber, Otto (1902- ?)


Farberman, Harold (1929- )

Quintessence (1962)

Hastings-on-Hudson, N.Y.: General Music Pub. Co., 1965

Faria, Angelica (1957- )

Romaria (1985)

Centro de Documentacao de Musica Contemporanea CDMC-Brasil

For Woodwind Quintet and narrator, text by Ferreira Goullar (in Portuguese?). Duration: 6:00.

Farina, Aristides Perez

SEE Perez Farina, Aristides

Farkas, Ferenc (1905-2000)

Bläserquintett (1957)

Budapest: Editio Musica Budapesta, 1967 www.emb.hu

See also the composer’s webpage at: http://www.ferencfarkas.org/

Divertissement (1967)

Budapest: Editio Musica Budapesta

Lovottiana (on Themes of Janos Lavotta – 1764-1820), 1967

Boosey & Hawkes / Budapest: Editio Musica Budapesta, 1990

Movements/durations: Indula’s Pannonia Fele (3:06), Menutt (3:22), Lassu Verbunk es figura (3:32), Nemet Tancnota (2:35); Vugadizas a Kocsmabou (3:51).

Old Hungarian Dances (Régi magyar táncok) of the 17th Century (1953)

Budapest: Editio Musica Budapesta 1959, 1995 /

London: Boosey & Hawkes /

Budapest, Zenemukiado Vallalat, 1959

Duration: 9:00. The Borealis Wind Quintet has a nice recording of the work.

Attractive old Hungarian dances – actually an Intrada and 4 dances: “Lassu” (Slow Dance); “Lapockas tanc” (Shoulder-blade Dance); “Chorea”; and “Ugros” (Leaping Dance). Fairly easy work, although the clarinet flies on “Ugros.” Some of them are good for educational concerts — the last movement was our quintet’s “theme song” for several years until we grew tired of it. [Andrew Brandt]

Serenade (Fuvosotos-szerenad, fuvola) (1951)

London: Boosey & Hawkes /

Budapest: Editio Musica Budapesta, 1956

Dedicated to the Budapest Wind Quintet, this is another attractive work in three movements. Only the finale, marked “Saltarello” is dance based. After one reading, this appears to be only moderately difficult. Duration: 8:50. A recording has been posted on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9_Kv-gdewzc , performed by Jasper Goh, Benjamin Wong, Veda Lin, Emerald Chee and Alan Kartik.


Rondo Capriccio (1957) for woodwind quintet and violin

Melville, N.Y.: Belwin-Mills Music Publishing

Duration: 9:00.

Quattro Pezzi for woodwind quintet and double bass, 1966

Duration: 9:00.

Gyümölcskosár (Fruit Basket) song cycle for soprano and wind quintet, 1980

Based on poems by Sándor Weöres. Duration: 17:40.

Farley, Roland (1892-1932)

The Night Wind (arr. ?)


Farnaby, Giles (ca. 1563-1640)

Variations on Elizabethan Song and Dance Airs (arr. Foster)

London: Boosey & Hawkes, 1966

Farquhar, David (1928-2007)

Concerto for Wind Quintet (1966)

Wellington, New Zealand: Wai-te-ata

Arranged as six chorales; four cadenzas and five duets. A single movement work, alternating chorales for the full quintet with solo cadenzas for each instrument and duets for five pairs of instruments. Premiered by New Zealand Wind Quintet and later recorded by the Concertante Ensemble. Recording: Kiwi Pacific LP SLD-61. Duration: 17:00. Also see: http://sounz.org.nz/contributor/composer/1039 .

Bachiana (1994)

Wellington: New Zealand Music Centre (SOUNZ)

Duration: 12:00.

Now is the Hour (1994)

Wellington: New Zealand Music Centre (SOUNZ)

Duration: 3:00.

Farrenc, Louise (1804-1875)

Nonet, Op. 38 (1849) in E-flat Major, for woodwind quintet and string quartet (violin, viola, cello, bass)

Bryn Mawr, Pa.: Hildegard Pub. Co. /

Richmond, Virginia: International Opus

Her full name was Jean-Louise Dumont Farrenc. She was a student of Hummel and Reicha.

According to Adam Lesnick (of International Opus), “[T]he Nonetto in E♭ is similar to the Beethoven Septet and the Schubert Octet, featuring solo lines for all of the instruments. The premiere of the Nonetto featured legendary 19-year-old violinist Josef Joachim and catapulted Farrenc to near celebrity status as a composer….”

Fasch, Johann Friedrich (1688-1758)

Sonata in B-flat (arr. Jennifer Stevens)

Eighth Note Publications; see also http://www.windmusicsales.com/

Originally for recorder, oboe, violin and continuo. 4 movements.

Faulconer, James

Christmas Carol Medley

Integra Music, 23 Music Square East, Nashville, TN 37203

2 Carols: “Hark the Herald Angels Sing” and “Joy to the World.”

Fauré, Gabriel (1845-1924)

Barcarole (arr.)


Berceuse from “Dolly”, Op. 56, No. 1 (arr. by Clifton Williams)

Southern Music Co., 1965 / New York: McGinnis & Marx

Dolly Suite. Op. 56 (arr. by Gordon Davies)

London: Schott, 1986

Originally for piano, 4 hands.

Fugue, No. 3 from 8 Pièces brèves (arr. Pierre Gouin)

Montreal: Les Editions Outremontaise

Originally for piano; arranged for woodwind quintet. Available under the Creative Commons license from the International Music Score Library Projecthttp://imslp.org/wiki/8_Pi%C3%A8ces_br%C3%A8ves,_Op.84_(Faur%C3%A9,_Gabriel) .

Il Est Né Le Divin Enfant (arr. Bill Schuetter)

Imagine Music; see also: http://www.sheetmusicplus.com/


Carp Music (153 Seaman Ave., New York, NY 10034), 1981

Masques et Bergamasques (arr. Kerry Camden) for double woodwind quintet


Paris: Editions Durand

“Pie Jesu” from Requiem (arr. Adam Lesnick?)

Richmond, Virginia: International Opus

Available only in the USA and Canada.

Pavane, Op. 50 (arr. Mark Popkin)

ALRY Publications Etc., Inc. (P. O. Box 36542, Charlotte, NC 28236 USA.

Pavane, Op. 50 (arr. Guy Du Cheyron)

Paris: J. Hamelle: Distribution pour le monde entier, A. Leduc, 2000

Includes clarinet parts in B-flat and A.

Pavane, Op. 50 (arr. Lin Yizhi Ernest)

Published by Lin Yizhi Ernest; see also: http://www.sheetmusicplus.com/

Pavane, Op. 50 (arr. William R. Shannon)

Published by the arranger.

Score and parts released under a Creative Commons license by the International Music Score Library Project, http://imslp.org/wiki/Pavane,_Op.50_(Faur%C3%A9,_Gabriel) .

Pavane, Op. 50 (arr. Ray Thompson)

Published by the arranger.

Unusually for Ray Thompson, the score and parts released under a Creative Commons license by the International Music Score Library Project, http://imslp.org/wiki/Pavane,_Op.50_(Faur%C3%A9,_Gabriel) .

“Scherzo” from Piano Quartet No. 1, Op. 15 (arr. Greg Bartholemew)

Art of Sound Music, http://artofsoundmusic.com/

Duration: 6:00. A computer realization of the work with “Scoreflipper” technology is available on the page for this work. (It would be much more useful if a third of each page wasn’t covered by the website’s logo, presumably as an anti-theft technique.)

Les Presents (arr.)


Nocturne No. 1, Op. 33, No. 1 (arr. Gabriel Grovlez) (1883) for flute, 2 oboes, 2 clarinets, 2 bassoons and 2 horns

Paris: Editions Hamelle

Southern Music

Masters Music Publications (edited McAlister)

Duration: 6:00. Grovlez was a student of Fauré. The original piano Nocturnes are available for download on the International Music Score Library Project.

Faust, Randall E. (1947- )

Winter Landscape (1999)

Macomb, Ill.: Randall E. Faust, 1999 http://www.faustmusic.com/cgi-bin/faustmusic/

Composed for the Camerata Woodwind Quintet of Western Illinois University.

Favre, Didier(1961- )

Vent de folie

Duration: 4:25. Score and parts may be downloaded from http://www.free-scores.com/download-sheet-music.php?pdf=13085 . A nice recording is available on YouTube from the Conoro Quintet, recorded at the Moscow Conservatory, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4VSgIvZ9ah4 . (It appears this is NOT the same Didier Favre, an ex-attorney, who died in a glider crash.)

Favre, Georges (1905-1993)


Paris: Editions Durand 1970

Duration: 7:00.

Fedele, Ivan (1953- )

Flamen (1994)

Milano: Edizioni Suvini Zerboni, 2007

See also: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ivan_Fedele . “Flamen” is Latin for “breath.” The composer directs the performers to arrange themselves in a semi-circle in a particular order, giving the music spatial elements as it switches from player to player, singly or in groups.

Fegus, Maksimiljan (1948- )

Stiri miniature (Four Miniatures) (1972)

Ljubljana: Edicije Drustva slovenskih skladateljev – Society of Slovene Composers, www.dss.si

Fehrenbach, Paul

Five pieces (1976)

Document (M.M.)—Peabody Conservatory of Music (Baltimore, Maryland, USA)

Feigenbaum, Stephen (1989- )

Teal (2007)

New York: American Music Center

Duration: 7:50. See also: http://www.stephenfeigenbaum.com/

Felciano, Richard (1930- )

Contractions, Mobile for Woodwind Quintet (1965)

Boston: E. C. Schirmer, 1974

Duration 4:30. See also: http://www.richardfelciano.com/

Feld, Jindrich (1925-2007)

Quintet No. 1 (1949)

Prague: Cesky Hudebni Fond (Czech Music Foundation)

Duration: 15:00. See also Hudebni Informacni Stredisko http://www.musicbase.cz/

Wind Quintet No. 2 (1968)

Praha: Editio Supraphon, 1972 / Prague: Cesky Hudebni Fond (Czech Music Foundation)

Duration: 12:00. Curiously, first performed not in Prague but in Adelaide in 1969.


Capriccio (1964) for flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon and guitar.

As opposed to Haydn’s Farewell Symphony, this work begins with the guitarist alone, gradually joined by the other instrumentalists, with some improvised sections.

Feldbusch, Eric (1922-2007)

Aquarelle, Op. 7 (1947)

Bruxelles: Centre Belge de Documentation Musicale

Feldhofer, Herbert (1938- )

Kleine Suite für Bläserquintett (1969 and 1979)

Published by the composer

Duration: 10:00. First performance by the ORF Bläserquintett. (Austrian Broadcasting Corp. Composer lives in Austra, probably around Vienna.

Drei Satze für Bläserquintett (1992)

Published by the composer.

Duration: 8:00.


Miniaturen au seiner Komponistenwerkstatt (1990) for double woodwind quintet and jazz drums.

Published by the composer

Duration: 14:00. Instrumentation: 2 flutes (second doubles piccolo), 2 oboes, 2 clarinets (one doubles bass clarinet), 2 bassoons, 2 horns, drumset.

Feldman, Herbert (1931- )

Wind Quintet No. 1

New York: McGinnis & Marx

Feldman, Joann E. (1941- )

Woodwind Quintet (1966)

Wrightsville, Pennsylvania: Manuscript Publications

Feldman, Ludovic (1893-1987)


Rumanian composer, mostly performed in Bucharest.

Feldmann, Walter (1965- )

figurations de mémoire (2005-2006) (une géométrie; 1. Synchroniestudie nr. 2 pour quintette à vents grave)

Stuttgart: Carus Verlag

For alto flute, English horn, clarinet & bass clarinet, bassoon and horn. This appears to be the first part of a larger work for septet and 2 voices based on the text “Une géométrie” by Anne-Marie Alblach.

Feldmayr, Georg (a.k.a. George Feldmayer) (1756-1834)

Partita for double woodwind quintet plus 3rd horn and double bass.

Leipzig: Robert Ostermeyer

There are at least 7 manuscripts by Feldmayer for this combination available in the Oettingen-Wallerstein’sche Hofbibliothek. It’s unclear which one is published.

Felice, Frank (1961- )

Playground of the Winds (1993)

Composer is on the faculty of Butler University. Duration: 14:00. First performed by the North Woods Wind Quintet.

Felix, Vaclav (1928-2008)

Quintetto, Op. 35 (1972)

Praha: Panton, 1976

Feltre, Alphonse Clarke, Comte de (1806-1850)


Feltre was a student of Anton Reicha.

Fennelly, Brian (1937- )

Empirical Rag, version 4 for wind quintet (1979, revised 2006)

New York: American Composers Alliance, 1969

Duration: 5:30. “Sophisticated Ragtime” arranged for the Sylvan Wind Quintet.

Wind Quintet (1967, revised 1972)

New York: American Composers Alliance, 1974 1969

Flute doubles on piccolo. Duration: 18:30. Written for Gunther Schuller, first performed at the Tanglewood Festival of Contemporary Music. Recorded by the Dorian Quintet on CRI.

Characterized by Arthur Cohn in “The Literature of Chamber Music” as 12-tone organization with interjections of reminicences or nostalgia.

Fenner, Burt L. (1929-2013)

Wind Quintet (1960)

New York, N.Y.: Seesaw Music Corp., 1977

Fenoulhet, Paul (1906-1979)

Quintet for Winds

Reynard Music/

Deben Music

Reynard Music Publications, http://reynard.dpwww.co.uk/

Fernandes, Maria Helena Rosas (or Rosas-Fernandes) (1933- )

Nakutnak (1987)

Centro de Documentacao de Musica Contemporanea CDMC-Brasil

Duration: 10:00.

Fernandez, Carlos (1892- )

Dixieland Rag

Fernandez, Charles (born ca.1962)

Air on a G String

Mar Vista, CA: Solar Winds http://www.charlesfernandez.com/

Basin Street Blues (by Spencer Williams, arr. Charles Fernandez)

TrevCo Music Publishing

Blues for Woodwind Quintet

Mar Vista, CA: Solar Winds http://www.charlesfernandez.com/

Trevco Music Publishing

Christmas Collage

Trone Music, through TrevCo Music Publishing

Oboe doubles English horn; flute doubles piccolo. Includes:
Away in the Manger; Deck the Halls; Ding, Dong Merrily on High; Hark the Herald Angels Sing.

Dixieland Rag

Margun Music

Fernando’s Hidaway

Mar Vista, CA: Solar Winds http://www.charlesfernandez.com/

Based on part of “Hernando’s Hideaway” (from the musical, The Pajama Game) and part of “Never on Sunday.”


Mar Vista, CA: Solar Winds http://www.charlesfernandez.com/

Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring

Mar Vista, CA: Solar Winds http://www.charlesfernandez.com/

“Musical Confrontations for Woodwind Quintet vs. Brass Quintet”

Newton Centre, MA: Margun Music

Obviously, for woodwind quintet and brass quintet.

Star Spangled Banner

Mar Vista, CA: Solar Winds http://www.charlesfernandez.com/

Just a Closer Walk with Thee

Fernandez, Oscar Lorenzo (1897-1948)

Suite para quintetto de instrumentos de sopro, or Suite in F Major, Op. 37 (1926, Rio de Janeiro)

New York: Associated Music Publishers, 1966 /

Rio de Janeiro: Escola nacional de musica, 1937

Recorded by the Quinteto Villa-Lobos. See also description in Arthur Cohn in “The Literature of Chamber Music.”

A brilliant, unjustly neglected work by a contemporary of Villa-Lobos. Movements: Pastoral (Twilight in the jungle); Fugue (Sacy-perere); Chanson (Song of the dawn); Scherzo (Morning gaiety). (Sacy-Perere, according to Brazilian folk legend, is a supernatural being who appears in the jungle at evening.) [Andrew Brandt]

Ferneyhough, Brian (1943- )

Prometheus (1967) for woodwind quintet and English horn

Edition Peters

Flute doubles on piccolo, clarinet doubles on E-flat Clarinet. Duration: 23:00. http://www.geocities.com/davidellis_uk/ Features several cadenzas for different instruments. CD recordings on Accord ACC205772 and CRI 562.

Fernstrom, John (1897-1961)

Kvintett, Op. 59 (1943)

London: Universal /

Stockholm: STIMS Informationscentral for Svensk Musik

Duration: 18:00.

Ferrabosco, Alfonso (1543-1588)

Two Sixteeth Century Madrigals: “Rubies and Pearls” and “Thiris and Cloris” (arr. K. David Van Hoesen)

Available Sibley Music Library, Eastman School of Music, U. of Rochester

Selections from Il primo libro de madrigali a cinque (Venice, 1587) also known as: “Perle, rubini at ostro” and “Godea Tirsi gli amori.”

Ferrante, Andrea(1968- )

Innovative Quintet

Available for download from Free-Scores.com, http://www.free-scores.com/download-sheet-music.php?pdf=23307 . See also: http://andreaferrante.weebly.com/scores.html .

Ferrari, Domenico (1722-1780)

Pastorale (arr. Guglielmo Sabatini)

Detroit, Camara Music, 1960 /

Massapequa, New York: Cor Publishing /

New York: McGinnis & Marx

Ferrari, Giorgio (1925- )

Musica a cinque

Padua: G. Zanibon, 1974

Duration: 11:00.

Ferraro, Frank

Church Album for Woodwind Quintet (arrangements)

Richmond, Virginia: International Opus


J. S. Bach’s “Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring” from Cantata 147

“Bist du bei mir” (If thou art with me)

“Wachet auf!” (Sleepers awake!) from Cantata 140

Handel’s “Pastoral Symphony” from The Messiah.

Ferrero, Lorenzo(1951- )

My Blues (1982) for double woodwind quintet

At least five other orchestrations of this work also exist. Duration: 6:00. See also: http://composers21.com/compdocs/ferrerol.htm

Discanto sulla musica sull’acqua di Haendel (1990) for flute, oboe, clarinet, bass clarinet, French horn, and percussion

Ferritto, John E. (1937-2010)

Woodwind Quintet, Op. 38 (2001)

New York: American Composers Alliance

Duration: 11:45. First performed by the Kent State Woodwind Quintet.

Festinger, Richard

Windsongs (1996)

New York: C. F. Peters

Duration: 8:00. 3 movements. See also: http://www.rafestinger.com/

Fheodoroff, Nikolaus (1931-2011)

Vier Variation und ein Thema (Karntner Heimatlied) (1982)


Duration: 7:20. Address: Weidenweg 6, 9020 Klagenfurt. Additional Information: Doblinger Musikverlag

Karntner Heimatlied “Dort wo Tirol…” (1980)


Duration: 1:00.

Sieben Miniaturen für Bläserquintett (1980)


Duration: 12:30.


Divertimento für Bläserquintett, Cembalo und Streichorchester (woodwind quintet, harpsichord, strings) (1975)


Duration: 15:10.

Fiala, George Joseph (1922- )

Musique de Chambre (1948) also titled “Woodwind Quintet”

Toronto: Canadian Music Centre

Duration: 13:00. Movements: Allegretto con grazia; Chant; Fugetta; Intermezzo; Finale. First performed by the National Woodwind Quintet of Belgium.

Fiala, Jiri Julius (1892-1974)

Suite of Czech Dances (1915)

Miniaturen (1950)

Fiala, Petr (1943- )

Dechovy kvintet (1977)

Fibich, Zdenek (1850-1900)

Idylische Suite (arr.)

Prague: Cesky Hudebni Fond (Czech Music Foundation)

Poeme: aus der Idylle Am Abend, Op. 39 (edited Joachim Linckelmann (and?) Wolfgang Birtel)


It’s possible that these are two different listings for the same work.

Ficarelli, Mario (1937- )

Novelo, tres movimentos para sopros (3 movements for winds) (1971)

Sao Paulo, Brasil: Editora Novas Metas Ltda., 1980 /

Lopez, WA: Brazilian Music Enterprises, 1994

Includes performance instructions in Portuguese with translations
in English. See also: http://www.marioficarelli.com/

Ficher, Jacobo (1896-1978)

Bläserquintett, Op. 108 (1967)

Suite en estilo antiguo for woodwind quintet (1930)

Duration: 15:00. Movements:
Preludio; Gavota; Sarabanda; Rondo.

Filas, Juraj (1955- )

Wind Quintet (Omaggio a Verdi) (2003)

Vuarmarens: Editions Bim; website: http://www.editions-bim.com

Duration: 26:00. See: http://www.musica.cz/filas/index.htm#Juraj_Filas . First performed in 2004. 3 movements.

“No Comment” for wind quintet (1995)

Editions Bim; website: http://www.editions-bim.com

Duration: 15:00.

Fillmore, Henry (1881-1956)

The Circus Bee (arr. Bill Holcombe)

W. Trenton, NJ: Musicians Publications /

Chesapeake, VA: Bill Holcombe’s Musicians Pub’s (http://billholcombe.com/)

“The Circus Bee” march was named after a fictional circus newspaper. Henry Fillmore was a noted composer of circus and marching band music, including many marches. He also wrote under the pseudonyms Gus Beans, Harold Bennett, Ray Hall, Harry Hartley, Al Hayes, Henrietta Moore and Will Huff (the last to the consternation of the real Will Huff who also wrote circus marches). Quintet arrangers might look at more of his works for inspiration. His various biographies online make great reading, even as they differ.

Fine, Elaine (1959- )

Woodwind Quintet (2002)

New York, NY: Seesaw Music Corp., 2003

Three movements. Duration: 9:00. See also http://www.dwightwinenger.net/fine.htm . Sound files available on http://library.newmusicusa.org/

Three Enigmas for Five Winds (2002)

New York, NY: Seesaw Music Corp., 2003

Duration: 9:00. See http://dwightwinenger.net/fine.htm#top . Sound files available at http://library.newmusicusa.org/

Fine, Irving (Gifford) (1914-1962)

Partita for Woodwind Quintet (1948)

London: Boosey & Hawkes

New York: Boosey & Hawkes, Milwaukee, Wis.: Distr. by Hal Leonard, [2004] 1951

Very fine concert piece (no pun intended) with an American character. Five movements. Duration: 14:00. Barbera Secrist-Schmedes, in Wind Chamber Music, calls it one of the best works written for wind quintet.

Romanza (1958)

Boosey & Hawkes / New York: Mills Music, 1963 /

New York: G. Schirmer, 1963

Duration: 8:00. Both of these works are discussed in Arthur Cohn’s “The Literature of Chamber Music”.

Fine, Vivian (1913-2000)

Dancing Winds (1987)

New York: American Music Center, see www.amc.net/composers/

Commissioned and recorded by the Catskill Woodwind Quintet. Movements: 1. Andante molto; 2. Allegro; 3. Andante molto; 4. Energico.

Her manuscripts now reside at the Library of Congress. Copies of scores and demo CDs and selected scores can be obtained from them. See also: http://library.newmusicusa.org/ . This score and parts (and a recording by the Catskill Woodwind Quintet), are available to download from the International Music Score Library Project, http://imslp.org/wiki/Dancing_Winds_(Fine,_Vivian)

Reviewed by the New York Times: “Slightly acerbic, but with touches of humor and a lively sense of dialogue, this wind quintet’s contrasting sections cover a great deal of ground with wit and concision.”

Finke, Fidelio Friedrich (1891-1968)

Quintett (1955)

Leipzig: Breitkopf & Haertel, 1957

Finn, Kieran

Quintet No. 1 (2008)

Published by the composer

Score and parts available for download from Free-Scores.com, at

Finney, Ross Lee (1906-1997)

Divertimento (1963)

Duration: 15:00. Movements: Moderately fast; Very fast.

Finnissy, Michael (1946- )

East London Heys “Version 3: 4 pieces: 1, 2, 5, & 8” (1986)

London: United Music Publishers, 1987 /

Berlin: Verlad Neue Musik, 2015

One of several collections of “Heys” with different instrumentations. These pieces were originally for strings.


Mars and Venus for woodwind quintet, trumpet, trombones, vibraphone, piano and strings

London: Oxford University Press

Parts available for rental only.

Fiorillo, Dante (1905-1970)

Jig and Reele


Composer is a member of ASCAP.

Firšt, Nenad (1964- )

Pihalni Kvintet (Woodwind Quintet) (1999)

Adliswill, CH: Pizzicato Verlag Helvetia

See also: http://nenadfirst.com/ Duration: 10:00.

Ogledalo Sanj (Mirror Of Dreams) (2008)

Mss. See http://nenadfirst.com/

Duration: 10:00.

Fischer, Eduard (1930-1993)

Vanocni variace (Christmas Variations) (1989)

Possibly: Prague: Cesky Hudebni Fond (Czech Music Foundation)

Fischer, Jan Frank (1921-2006)

Wind Quintet (1971)

Prague: Artia / Supraphon

Duration: 13:00. See http://www.musica.cz/comp/fischerj.htm


Sextet for harp and wind quintet (1993)

Duration: 18:00

Suite for Wind Sextet (1944)

Fischer, Johann Caspar (ca, 1670-1746)

Banquet Music (arr. Albert J. Andraud)

San Antonio: Southern Music Co.

Fischer-Münster, Gerhard (1952- )

Drei Prosaische Inventionen (1996) for woodwind quintet

From the composer, see http://www.xn--fischer-mnster-osb.de/

Duration: 8:00. Written for the Bläserensemble des Peter-Cornelius-Konservatoriums Mainz.

Neun Variationen über “Es tanzt ein BiBaButzemann” (1976) version for woodwind quintet

There appear to be two versions of this work, one for woodwind quintet and another for piano and woodwind quintet. See the listing: http://www.xn--fischer-mnster-osb.de/?mode=detail&id=148

Quattro àbiti su misura (1999) sextet for woodwind quintet and 2nd horn

Loosmann Ettenheim

Duration: 8:00.

Allegretto (2003) for flute, oboe, 2 clarinets, bassoon


Written for the Bläserensemble des Mainzer Konservatoriums.

Larghetto Amoroso (2003) for flute, oboe, 2 clarinets, bassoon

Manuscript, see http://www.xn--fischer-mnster-osb.de/

Duration: 3:00.

Drei Charakterstücke (1986) sextet for woodwind quintet plus second horn


Written for the Bläserensemble des Peter-Cornelius-Konservatoriums Mainz. Duration: 6:00. See also: http://www.xn--fischer-mnster-osb.de/

Drei Karikaturen über eine Querflöte (1975) for double woodwind quintet

Loosmann Ettenheim verlag

2nd bassoon doubles on contrabassoon. My German ist nicht so gut, but it appears either that there is a solo flute part as part of the ensemble or it was based on a solo flute composition. Duration: 9:00. See http://www.xn--fischer-mnster-osb.de/ .

Fisher, Zeal I. (1930- )

Wind Quintet (1972)

Premiered by the South Bend Chamber Music Society, South Bend Public Library, Indiana, Jan. 9, 1974.

Fishman-Johnson, Ellen (1961- )


Philadelphia, PA: E. Fishman-Johnson, 2002

See also: http://www.efjcomposer.com/

Fitelberg, Jerzy (1903-1951)

Wind Quintet (1929)


Revised as Capriccio in 1947 for flute, clarinet, oboe, bass clarinet, and trombone or bassoon.


Capriccio for flute, oboe, clarinet, bass clarinet, bassoon

Sam Fox.

Fitzwater, Brian

Woodwind Quintet No. 1 (2009)


Duration: 8:00. (Site actually says 8 hours, 20 seconds, probably a typo.)

Flament, Édouard (1880-1958)

Suite en quintettes, Op. 126


Fantasia con fuga, Septuor pour instuments à vent (1910), Op. 28, for flute, oboe, English horn, clarinet in A, horn and 2 bassoons

Manhattan, KS: Prairie Dawg Press, 2009

Paris: Evette & Schaeffer, ca. 1910

Parts available for download from UR Research at the University of Rochester.

There appears to be a dectet for double woodwind quintet as well. Flament was a noted bassoonist and composer in his time. Bassoonists would do well to look into Flament’s Paraphrase à Schéhérazade and other concert works and etudes for bassoon.

Flammer, Ernst Helmuth

Mephisto klopft an (1984)

See Niedernhausen, Germany: Noten Roehr

Flegl, Josef (1881-1962)

Zwischen den Huhnern


Performed by the Bläserquintett of the Czech Philharmonic

Fleming, Robert (1921-1976)


Toronto: Canadian Music Center

Flemming, Martha (1872- ?)

Wind Quintet (1954)

Flender, Reinhard David (1953- )

Aurora for woodwind quintet, piano, harp and string quartet

New York: Peer International Rental

Duration: 20:00.

Flosman, Oldrich (1925-1998)

Bläserquintett Nr. 1 (1948)

II. dechovy kvintet (2nd Woodwind Quintet) (1962)

Praha: Panton, 1975; Cesky Hudebna Fond


Second Nonet (1967) for woodwind quintet and violin, viola, cello, and double bass.

Prague: Cesky Hudebna Fond

Concertant Music for Wind Quintet and Chamber Orchestra (1964)

Praha: Cesky hudebni fond

Duration: 20:00.

Flothuis, Marius(1914-2001)

Quintet, Op. 13 (1941-42)

McGinnis and Marx / Donemus Foundation

Uses bass clarinet instead of horn. See Arthur Cohn in “The Literature of Chamber Music” for a lengthy description.

Canti i Giouchi (Songs and Games), Op. 66 (1964) for woodwind quintet and orchestra.

Flotow, Friedrich von (1812-1883)

Overture to Martha (arr. Patrick Clements) for double woodwind quintet

London: PCMS Sheet Music, http://www.clements16.co.uk/

Second flute doubles on piccolo. The arranger has also created a nonet version of this overture which has the same orchestration minus the second flute. Duration: 6:30.

Second flute doubles on piccolo. The arranger has also created a nonet version of this overture which has the same orchestration minus the second flute. Duration: 6:30.

“Finale” of Act IV of Martha (arr. Patrick Clements) for double woodwind quintet

London: PCMS Sheet Music, http://www.clements16.co.uk/

Second flute doubles on piccolo. There is an optional double bass part.

According to the arranger, “ Originally arranged with singers, this has been adapted for DWQ [double woodwind quintet]. It is basically a pot-pourri of tunes, including the famous ‘Last Rose of Summer’.”

Flury, Urs Joseph (1941- )

Bläserquintett (1970)

Amadeus Verlag

Fodi, John (1944- )

Variations II, Op. 42 (1975)

Toronto: Canadian Music Centre

Flute doubles piccolo, oboe doubles English horn, clarinet triples on E♭ clarinet and bass clarinet. Duration: 13:00.

Sonata for Double Wind Quintet, Op. 67 (1982-3)

Toronto: Canadian Music Centre, 1983

Duration: 14:30.

Foerster, Josef Bohuslav (1859-1951)

Kvintet, pro dechove nastroje, Op. 95 in D Major (1909) (Quintet for Wind Instruments)

Praha (Prague): Hudebni Matice Umelecke Besedy, 1925 /

Prague: Cesky Hudebni Fond (Czech Music Foundation)/

Tallevast, FL: TrevCo Music, 2004

4 Movements: 1. Allegro moderato – Un poco meno mosso – Meno mosso (quasi Andante); 2. Andante sostenuto (E♭ major); 3. Allegro scherzando (due batutte) (C minor); 4. Moderato e tranquillo – Allegro moderato. A nice video of this work is available on Youtube, performed by an ensemble at the University of Maryland.

Barbera Secrist-Schmedes, in Wind Chamber Music, recommends this work, “While clearly based in the Romantic period, there are many interesting glimpses into the 20th century. The third movement is a real show stopper…”


Nonet for five winds, violin, viola, cello, bass

Fojtík, Bohumil (1925- )


Hudebni Informacni Stredisko http://www.musicbase.cz/

Folio, Cynthia (1954- )

Seven Aphorisms

Ardmore, Pa.?]: Portfolio Publications, 2001

Follas, Ronald W. (1946- )

Christmas Greetings

Charlotte, NC: Alry, 2002

Folprecht, Zdenek (1900-1961)

Wind Quintet, Op. 17 (1938)

Prague: Cesky Hudebni Fond (Czech Music Foundation)

Although he doesn’t discuss this work specifically, Arthur Cohn in “The Literature of Chamber Music” recommends this composer as unjustly neglected, mostly writing in romantic style with classical forms.

Fongaard, Bjørn (1919-1980)

Nine Wind Quintets, Op. 127 (1974)

Oslo: NB noter (Contemporary Norwegian sheet music)

See Norwegian Music Information Centre http://www.notam.uio.no/nmi/index.html

Fontyn, Jacqueline (1930- )

Quintet, Op. 9 (1954) (withdrawn by the composer)

See also: http://www.jacquelinefontyn.be/

Nonetto for woodwind quintet and string quartet (1969)

New York: Peer International Rental [for the Western Hemisphere and U.K. only]

Duration: 13:00. Composer is Belgian.

Faisons Le Jacques (2009) for woodwind quintet and string quartet

Förare, Erik (1955- )

Blaskvintett nr 1 ‘Hommage a Stravinsky’ (1983-1985)

Stockholm: Svensk Music

Duration: 15:00.

Ford, Clifford (1947- )

Alliances for Winds (1975, revised 2007)

Toronto: Canadian Music Centre /

Clifford Ford Publications, http://cliffordfordpublications.ca/

Oboe doubles on English horn, clarinet doubles on E♭ clarinet; bassoon doubles on contrabassoon.

Fordell, Erik (1917-1981)

Blåskvintett, Op. 5 (1975)

Helsinki: Music Finland http://musicfinland.fi/en/

No, I don’t know why Op. 17 was composed in 1947 and Op. 5 in 1975. I suspect that either this should be his Blaskvintett Nr. 5 (not Op. 5) or the opus number is just plain wrong. [Andrew Brandt]

Svit foer Blasare, Op. 17 No. 1 (1947)

Helsinki: Suomalaisen musiikin tiedotuskeskus

Blåskvintett Nr. 2, Op. 119 (1970)

Helsinki: Music Finland http://musicfinland.fi/en/

Blåskvintett Nr. 3, Op. 120 (1970)

Helsinki: Music Finland http://musicfinland.fi/en/

Blåskvintett Nr. 4, Op. 121 (1970)

Foret, F. (probably Felicien Foret – 1890-1978)



Forlivesi, Carlo (1971- )

Lettera sopra il candore della luna (1997, revised 1999) for double woodwind quintet

Duration: 11:00. See also: http://www.alya.it/forlivesi/forlives.htm

Fornuto, Donato D. (1931- )

Woodwind Quintet (1964)

New York: American Music Center

Duration: 13:00. Member of ASCAP.

Forró, Daniel (1958- )

Experiment for 5, for amplified woodwind quintet (1977)

See Hudebni Informacni Stredisko http://www.musicbase.cz/

DFA – Delta Phi Alpha for double woodwind quintet (1998)

Homage à J. S. Bach, 4th version, for double woodwind quintet (1997)

Forsberg, Roland (1939- )

Variationer over ett eget Tema I folkton (1965)

Stockholm: STIMS Informationscentral for Svensk Musik

Duration: 4:00.

Forsblad, Leland (1920-2004)


Winona, MN: Hal Leonard, 1979

Includes bass clarinet part as optional substitute for bassoon.


Winona, MN: Hal Leonard Pub. Corp., 1979

Includes alternate part for bass clarinet instead of bassoon.

Forshaw, David

Aspects of Pegasus

Swedish Music Information Centre

Manchester: Da Capo Music, 1997

Forsman, Kristina (1970- )

Pieces of Patchwork (1998)

See also: www.kristinaforsman.se

Förster, Emanuel Aloys (1748-1823)

Quintet (arr. Reynolds)

San Antonio, Tex.: Southern Music Co., 1974

Duration: 8:00. Standard classical 4-movement form.

Forster, Walter von (1915-2002)

Divertimento ballabile

Forsyth, Malcolm (1936-2011)

Quintette for winds, or, Everythynge ye ever wanted to knowe about Essex, consystynge of four symphonick etudes (1986)

Rome, Italy: BMG Ariola /

Markham, ON: Counterpoint Musical Services, 2004.

Flute doubles on piccolo; clarinet in A, B-flat and E-flat. Duration: 14:00. Commissioned by the Windsor Symphony Society and The Canada Council for the Essex Winds. Movements: I. Energetic, impetuos (3:00); II. Hauntingly, free (4:00); III. Subdued, strict rhythm (3:20); IV. Light & flittingly (3:40). Composer is a South African-born Canadian composer.

Fanfare and Three Masquerades for solo horn and wind nonet (1979)

Ricordi, 1979

Toronto: E. C. Kerby, 1983; Rental parts available from Counterpoint Music Library Services, http://counterpointmusic.ca/

Written for double woodwind quintet, including the solo horn. Movements: Fanfare; “J.B.” (Allegro con brio); “N.M.” (Andante con moto); “R.S.” (Leggero). Duration: 12:00. See http://www.musiccentre.ca/node/947 . Catherine Gerhart offers program notes on http://faculty.washington.edu/gerhart/dwqbibliography/#F

Forte, Aldo Rafael (1953- )

Tableaux for Double Quintet, for woodwind quintet and brass quintet

Recorded by members of the USAF Heritage of America Band.

Forte, Nana (1981- )

O Smrti Sonet (On Death a Sonnet) for woodwind quintet and percussion (2008)

See also : http://www.nanaforte.com/ . Alternate translation of title: “The death of the sonnet.”

Fortig, Peter (1935- )

Quintett (1963)

Amsterdam: Stichting Donemus

Fortin, Viktor (1936- )

Vier Sketches für fünf Bläser, für HolzBläserquintett unter gelegentlicher Verwendung von Schlaginstrumenten (2004) (Four Sketches for five wind instruments, for Woodwind Quintet, with occasional use of percussion instruments)

Self published

Duration: 12:00. See also: http://www.fortin.at/

Fortner, Wolfgang (1907-1987)

Five Bagatelles (Fünf Bagatellen) (1960)

Mainz: B. Schott’s Sohne / New York: Associated Music Publishers, 1960

Flute doubles piccolo.

According to Arthur Cohn in “The Literature of Chamber Music,” the music consists of “Serial processes, impeccably organized….” “One can expect to be musically scraped, scrunched, and even vexed. But not bored.”

Foss, Lukas (1922-2009)

Wind Quintet, The Cave of the Winds (La grotte des vents) (1972)

Paris: Editions Salabert, 1973

Duration: 15:00.

Foss describes at least part of this work as “strident, pauseless, merciless….” Arthur Cohn in “The Literature of Chamber Music” says the work emphasizes multiphonics and aleatory.

Foster, Arnold W. A. (1896 or 1898-1963)

Variations by Giles Farnaby on Elizabethan song and dance airs freely adapted and transcribed for wind quintet

London: Oxford University Press, 1957

Viola and cello may be substituted for horn and bassoon. Duration: 8:00 (1:30, 1:30, 2:00, 3:00)

Foster, Stephen (1826-1864)

Stephen Foster Medley (arr. Michael Kibbe)

Delaware Water Gap, PA: Shawnee Press, 1984

Duration: 4:45.


Four Songs for voice and woodwind quintet (arr. Marc Vallon)

TrevCo Music Publishing

Includes: Hard Times Come Again No More; Ah! May the Red Rose Live Always; If You’ve Only Got a Moustache; Some Folks. All four available individually, as well.

Fougstedt, Nils-Eric (1910-1961)

Divertimento in D Major, Op. 35b (1946)

Helsinki: Suomalaisen musilikin tiedotuskeskus – Finnish Music Information Centre

Fowler, Jennifer (1939- )

…Between Silence and the Word (1987)

Grosvenor Place, N.S.W.: Australian Music Centre 1999 /

British Music Information Center, http://www.bmic.co.uk/

First performed in 1988 in London, composer is Australian. Duration: 13:00.


The Arrows of Saint Sebastian I (1981) for woodwind quintet, string quartet, brass trio (trumpet, trombone, tuba) and piano

Fox, Christopher (1955- )

Heliotrope 3 (1990)

British Music Information Center, http://www.bmic.co.uk/

Flute doubles on piccolo, clarinet doubles on bass clarinet.

Fox, Erika (1936- )

In Memoriam Igor Stravinsky (1971) for woodwind quintet, piano, percussion

Frackenpohl, Arthur Roland (1924- )

Amazing Grace / Precious Lord Medley

Portland, Oregon USA: Editions VIENTO

A “set of free variations on these two beautiful hymns where the melodic content is passed around from instrument to instrument over freshly composed counterpoint and harmony. The result is a beautiful, slowish, reflective composition. Very lovely.” – Reviewer Ron Klimko (The Double Reed, Vol. 24, No. 4)

Various Frackenpohl arrangements of works by other composers are scattered throughout this list under the composer’s names.

Aria with Fughetta (1969)

Delaware Water Gap, PA: Shawnee Press

Angels We Have Heard on High

Nashville: Integra Music (23 Music Square East, Nashville, TN 37205 USA)

A Christmas Jazz Suite (1981)

Delevan, NY: Kendor Music

Jazz arrangements of “Jolly Old Saint Nick,” “Jingle Bells,” and “We Wish You a Merry Christmas.”

Colonial Sketches (1980) (for woodwind quintet)

Kendor Music

Includes: Chester, Yankee Doodle; We Gather Together; Free America (British Grenadiers.) Also a version for brass quintet.

French Suite (1971)

Delaware Water Gap, Pa.: Shawnee Press

Originally for piano. Reproduced from holograph. Duration: 9:10. 1. Allemande, 2. Courante, 3. Sarabande, 4. Gavotte, 5. Minuet, 6. Gigue.

In Dulci Jubilo (version by J.S. Bach, arr. Frackenpohl)

Editions Viento

Medley of French Carols (arr.)

Integra Music, 23 Music Square East, Nashville, TN 37203

A medley of “Born is He,” “Bring a Torch,” “Pat-a-Pan,” “Let All Mortal Flesh,” “Masters in this Hall.”

Passacaglia and Fugue on a Well-Known Theme (1952)

Portland, Oregon, 1999

The “Well-Known Theme” is “Happy Birthday.”

Ron Klimko says the “whole work is a humorous romp. The tune enters in as the ground bass / passacaglia theme in the bassoon in a slow, pseudo-somber set of variations. The tune is passed around from instrument to instrument in the following variations, finally appearing with short sections of it passed in “Klangfarbenmelodietechnik” à la Anton Webern from one instrument to another in the final variations. The following fugue theme is also ‘Happy Birthday,’ but with distorted rhythm. This is again given vigorous contrapuntal treatment and builds to a loud climactic-albeit humorous conclusion.” (The Double Reed, Vol. 24, No. 4)


Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania: Elkan-Vogel (now Theodore Presser)/

Editions Viento

“What Child is This?” (Greensleeves) (arr. ?)

Integra Music, 23 Music Square East, Nashville, TN 37203

Nice arrangement, especially for the bassoonist.

When the Saints Go Marching In

Portland, Oregon USA: Editions Viento (8711 SW 42nd Ave., Portland, OR 97219)

Ron Klimko says this work “is more a freely composed work based on the familiar tune, rather than a mere arrangement or transcription of it. It is very rousing and again would probably make a fine encore piece for a recital program….” (The Double Reed, Vol. 24, No. 4)

Fragale, Frank D. (1894-1955)

Woodwind Quintet

New York: Associated Music Publishers, 1948

Angora Lake (1957)

Manuscript, Library of Congress

Fraley, Christopher Lee

Woodwind Quintet No. 1 (F. 115)

Woodinville, WA: Fraley, 1999

Flute doubles on piccolo. Duration: 12:00.
A MIDI recording is available at http://fraleymusic.com/Music/Catalog/WWQ1

Françaix, Jean (1912-1997)

Wind Quintet (1948)

Mainz, Germany: B. Schotts’ Sohne

Movements: I. Andante; tranquillo – Allegro assai; II. Presto – Trio; III. Tema con variazoni; IV. Tempo di marcia Francese. Duration: 19:20. A very good recording of this work is available from the Farkas Quintet Amsterdam at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qz0IuxHxOD8 .

This quintet is a musical whirlwind. Especially busy clarinet and flute parts, but everybody gets to show off. Light, entertaining, brilliant, challenging and virtuosic. Also try his reed trio (oboe, clarinet, & bassoon), quartet, and sextet (with bass clarinet). [Andrew Brandt]

Quintette No. 2 pour instruments à vent (1987)

Mainz: B. Schott’s Sohne / New York: Schott Music Corp., 1987

Oboe doubles on English horn. Duration: 18:00.I. Prelude; II. Toccata;; III. Scherzando; IV. Andante; V. Allegrissimo. Written for the Aulos Quintet. YouTube has a good recording with a slideshow of the score as it is being played, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H6y3HBZIH3U . Unfortunately, the poster did not give any details on who the performers were, which is shameful.

Divertissement (arr.)

Bryn Mawr: Elkan-Vogel


Sept Dances d’apres le ballet “Les malheurs de Sophie” for double woodwind quintet

Mainz: B. Schott’s Sohne

Movements: I. Le jeu de la poupée; II. Funérailles de la poupée; III. La présentation des petits amis; IV. Variation de Paul; V. Pas de deux entre Sophie et Paul; VI. Le goûter; VII. Danse des filets à papillons.
You can listen to the first two movements of the Sept Dances on the Dorian Wind Quintet site.

Neuf pièces caractéristiques for double woodwind quintet

Mainz: B. Schott’s Sohne. 1974

Movements: Presto; Amoroso; Notturno; Subito vivo; Allegro; Andantino; Leggierissimo; Moderato; Finale. Duration: 15:00.

Quasi improvvisando for solo trumpet and double woodwind quintet.

Mainz: B. Schott’s Sohne

2nd clarinet doubles on bass clarinet. 1 bassoon part, 1 contrabassoon part. Recorded on Wergo CD 60143-50 by the Bläserensemble Mainz.

Concerto for trombone solo and double woodwind quintet

Mainz: B. Schott Sohne

For solo trombone, 2 flutes (& piccolo), 2 oboes, clarinet, bass clarinet, bassoon, contrabassoon, 2 horns.

Concerto pour contrebasse (arr. Bastiaan Blomhert) for solo double bass and double woodwind quintet

Mainz: B. Schott’s Sohne

Players double on piccolo, English horn, bass clarinet and contrabassoon. Recorded by Blaserensembe Mainz.

Hommage a l’ami Papageno: fantasie sur les themse favoris de La flûte enchantée de W. A. Mozart for solo piano and double woodwind quintet

Mainz: B. Schott Sohne

For solo piano, 2 flutes (piccolo), oboe, English horn, clarinet, bass clarinet, bassoon, contrabassoon, 2 horns. Recorded on Wergo CD 60143-50 by Bläserensemble Mainz.

Huit Pieces pittoresque after Chabrier for double woodwind quintet

Mainz: B. Schott Sohne (rental only)

For 2 flutes (piccolo), oboe, English horn, clarinet, bass clarinet, bassoon, contrabassoon, 2 horns.

Three Marches militaires after Franz Schubert for double woodwind quintet

Mainz: B. Schott Sohne

For 2 flutes (piccolo), 2 oboes, 2 clarinet, 2 bassoons (contrabassoon), 2 horns.

Mozart new-look: petit fantaisie sur la Serenade de Don Giovanni (“Deh, vieni alla finestra”) for solo double bass and double woodwind quintet

Mainz: B. Schott Sohne

For solo double bass, 2 flutes, 2 oboes, clarinet, bass clarinet, bassoon, contrabassoon, 2 horns. Recorded on Wergo CD 60143-50 by Bläserensemble Mainz.

Musique pour faire plaisir after Francis Poulenc for double woodwind quintet

Paris: Max Eschig (rental only)

For 2 flutes (piccolo), 2 oboes, 2 clarinet, 2 bassoons (contrabassoon), 2 horns. Recorded on Wergo CD 60143-50 by Bläserensemble Mainz.

Francesconi, Luca (1956- )

Attesa (1988)

Milano: Ricordi, 1992

Duration: 12:45. Commissioned by Quintette Arnold.

Francis, Alun

Contexture in Paralax II (1972)

London: Josef Weinberger 1972

Duration: 25:00.

Franck, César (1822-1890)

Scherzo, from the string quartet in D Major (arr. Geoffrey Emerson)

Ampleforth, Yorkshire, England: Emerson Edition, 1978

Danse Lente in F minor (arr. August H. Fischer)

Holograph, 1932

Six Petite Pieces (arr. Trevor Cramer?)

Tallevast, FL: TrevCo Music


Fantastic Scherzo for 2 flutes (piccolo), 2 oboes, 2 clarinets, 2 bassoons,2 horns, bass (arr. Geoffrey Emerson)

Originally for string quartet.

Francl, Jaroslav (1906-1990)

Dechovy kvintet (1962)

Prague: Cesky Hudebni Fond (Czech Music Foundation)

Reportages (1963)

Franco, Johan (Henri Gustav) (1908-1988)

Seven Epigrams (1932)

New York: American Composers Alliance, 1969

Duration: 4:00.

Canticle (1958)

New York: American Composers Alliance, 1958

Duration: 5:00.


Songs of the Spirit (1959) for quintet and Soprano (or Tenor)

New York: American Composers Alliance

Duration: 10:00. Text by C. McGill. Also version with cello and piano.

Frangkiser, Carl Moerz (1894-1967)

Episodes from “Dedication”

New York, N.Y.: Belwin, 1940

Frank, Andrew (1946- )

Wind Quintet (1985)

American Music Center, 1985

A Certain Slant of Light, Wind Quintet No. 2 (1988)

Duration: 18:00. Dedicated to the UC Davis Wind Quintet (University of California)

Frank, Lawrence E.

Special Utah Walks

Published by the composer.

4 movements.

Frank, Marcel Gustave (1909-1942)

Introduction and Scherzo

Coral Gables, Fla.: University of Miami Music Publications, 1971

Franke, Bernd

Music for Wind Quintet in Five Movements

Leipzig: Friedrich Hoffmeister Musikverlag

Franken, Wim (1922-2012)

“En passant” (1989)

Amsterdam: Donemus, 1993

Duration: 6:30. Performance notes in Dutch.

“En passant” (French for “in passing”) is a chess term describing, in special circumstances, an exception to the normal way a pawn captures another pawn. [Andrew Brandt]

Franks, Richard Nelson

Woodwind Quintet No. 1 (1965)

Thesis (M. Mus.)—Arizona State University, 1965

Franzén, Olov (1946- )

H-Musik (1976, revised 1980)

Stockholm: STIMS Informationscentral for Svensk Musik

Duration: 10:00.

Spel (Spiel) (1969)

Stockholm: STIMS Informationscentral for Svensk Musik

Duration: 7:00.

A mon frère (1993-1994)

Stockholm: Svensk Musik

Duration: 10:00.

In Memoriam 1791 sopra Requiem di W. A. Mozart for double woodwind quintet (1991)

Swedish Music Information Service

2nd oboe doubles English horn; 2nd clarinet doubles bass clarinet. Duration: 9:00.

Franzier, Theodore


Delevan: Kendor Music

Franzl, Ignaz(1736-1811)

Quintetto ex F (Quintet in F Major)

Bellingham, Wash.: Medici Music Press, 1985 /

Warngau: Accolade, 2006, 2006

The manuscript is in the music library of the Cisterian monastery of Schlierbach in Upper Austria.

Frasier, Jane E. (1951- )

Woodwind Quintet No. 2 (1975)

New York: American Music Center

Purchase from the composer: http://www.janefrasier.com/

Duration: 9:00.

Et in Terra Pax (from Vivaldi’s Gloria), arranged (2009)

Art of Sound Music http://artofsoundmusic.com/

Duration: 4:00.

Kyrie from Buxtehude’s Missa Brevis (arranged) (2009)

Art of Sound Music http://artofsoundmusic.com/

Duration: 2:00.

What is our Life? by Orlando Gibbons (arranged) (2010)

Art of Sound Music http://artofsoundmusic.com/

Duration: 3:00.

Freed, Dorothy (1919-2000)

Variations (1959/69)

Australian Performance Rights Org., Sydney /

Wellington: New Zealand Music Centre (SOUNZ)

Awarded the Philip Neill Memorial Prize from the University of Otago in 1959. It is in the form of a theme and five variations.)

Freed, Isadore (1900-1960)

Quintet for Woodwinds and Horn (1949)

New York: American Music Center /

Microfilm available at New York Public Library, 1996.

Freed was born in Russia but raised and trained in the U.S.

Freedman, Harry (1922-2005)

Monday Gig (1978)

London, Ontario: Jaymar Music, 1992 /

Oxford University Press /

Toronto: Anerca Music (1981)

Duration: 8:45.

From a review by C.R.G. (Instrumentalist – November 1993): “Skillfully scored for the standard woodwind quintet, [it] is a rollicking, freely conceived rhythmic study that incorporates some improvisation and a hint of the jazz idiom. The dissonant writing style suggests an aleatoric approach, which is consistent with the rhythmic format. Freedman’s writing focuses on individual instrumental colors more so than fuller combinations. Here is a colorful recital piece for college-level ensembles.”

Quintette à vent (1962)

Toronto: E. C. Kerby 1972

Duration: 17:00.

March and Pastoral (1951)

Tikki Tikki Tembo (1971) for woodwind quintet and narrator

Toronto: Canadian Music Centre, 1971

English text, adapted by the composer from an old Chinese folk tale.
“Children’s story for narrator and instrumental ensemble.”


Love and Age: Two Sonnets (1975) for woodwind quintet and brass quintet

In six sections: Prelude is for wind quintet, sonnet 1 is for soprano and wind quintet, interlude is for wind quintet and brass quintet, sonnet 2 is for baritone and brass quintet, and postlude is for brass quintet.

The Tokaido (1964) for woodwind quintet and SATB chorus

Manuscript available from Toronto: Canadian Music Centre

Duration: 19:00.

Freedman, Latif (1920-1999)

Wing Quintet (1981)

British Music Information Center, http://www.bmic.co.uk/

Tranparency available at Toronto: Canadian Music Centre

Have been unable to confirm whether the title has a typo.
N.B. The British Music Information Center says that Freedman’s “Second Wind Quintet” is scored for alto sax, tenor sax, baritone sax, clarinet, flute and oboe which, if my basic math skills haven’t degraded, adds up to six performers, not a quintet, and certainly not a traditional woodwind quintet. [Andrew Brandt]

Freistadt, Meyer (1909-1986)

Woodwind Quintet I

New York: American Music Center

Duration: 16:00. Manuscripts of all his works were left to Long Island University in NY.

Woodwind Quintet II (1960)

New York: American Music Center

Duration: 15:00.

Freitag, Erik (1940- )

Divertimento für Bläserquintett (1977)

Edition Contemp-Art (A. Hermann Musikverlage): office[at]hermann.co.at

Duration: 10:00.

Freitas Branco, Frederico (1902-1980)

Quintet (1950)

Composer is Portuguese.

Arthur Cohn in “The Literature of Chamber Music” calls this “romantic music.”

Frešo, Tibor(1918-1987)

Wind Quintet (1981)

Slovensky hudobny fond

Duration: 16:00. First performed by the Bratislava Wind Quintet. See also: http://hc.sk/en/hudba/osobnost-detail/939-tibor-freso

Freund, Don (1947- )

Quick Opener, Toccata for Wind Quintet

Verona, NJ: Seesaw Music, 1966

Duration: 3:00. See also http://donfreund.com/


The Falling of the Leaves (Poem by W.B. Yeats) (1971) for Baritone Voice and Woodwind Quintet

Duration: 4:00. See also works for piano and Woodwind Quintet.

Frey, Emil (1889-1946)

Quintett in A Major, Op. 47

Privately published

Duration: 18:00. Possibly available in Zurich libraries.

Freyer, Joachim

Divertimento, Op. 40

Wiesbaden: Breitkopf & Härtel

Fricke, Hugo (1829-1894)


Internationale Musikbibliothek, Berlin

Fricker, Peter Racine (1920-1990)

Woodwind Quintet, Op. 5 (1947)

Associated Music Publishers /

Mainz: Schott & Co.

4 movements. Duration: 20:00.

Arthur Cohn in “The Literature of Chamber Music” says “The gaity and wit in Fricker’s pantonal work reflect both Hindemith’s and Bartok’s style. Well stabilized and colorful polyphonic sections highlight the piece….”


3 Sonnets of Cecco Angiolieri for wind quintet, tenor, cello and doublebass (1947)

Fried, Gerald (1928- )

Old MacDonald Goes to Sea (arr. Bruce Gbur)

Manhattan, KS: Prairie Dawg Press, 2011.

Friedman, Gary (1934- )

Fugue on Rhythmic Oboe Trio (for woodwind quintet, 2016)

Published by the composer, see http://www.garyfriedmanmusic.net/

Duration: 3:00. Flute doubles on piccolo.

According to the composer, “This fugue [is] based on themes from the 11th of my Three Happy Oboists, Eleven Sketches for Oboe, Oboe D’amore, and English Horn or Two Oboes and English Horn.”

The Bremen Town Musicians (2013) for woodwind quintet and narrator

Editions Bim, http://www.editions-bim.com/

Earlier published by the composer; see http://www.garyfriedmanmusic.net/

Flute doubles piccolo; oboe doubles English horn. Based on Grimms’ fairy tale. The composer has also written a number of woodwind quartets and quite a few woodwind octets, too.

The composer says, “This is a musical depiction of the Grimms’ fairy tale with changed names of musical instruments (e.g., lute to clarinet). I listened to animal sounds on the internet and tried to imitate them musically where called for. Catherine Sutton and Ruth Friedman helped me edit the story. There were two performance in 2013. To my delight, the piece was performed in July 2015 in Bismarck, ND by the Missouri Valley Chamber Orchestra Woodwind Quintet and may be heard on YouTube. The link is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ck9T8ZltTiw. The performers were: Debi Rogers, narrator, Marnie Kraft, flute, piccolo, Trudy Fraase Wolf, oboe, English horn, Rhonda Gowen, clarinet, Krystal Laskowski, French horn, Erika Tuntland, bassoon.”

The Pied Piper of Hamelin (1999) for woodwind quintet and narrator

Published by the composer; see http://www.garyfriedmanmusic.net/

Flute doubles on piccolo; oboe doubles English horn.Duration: 20:00..

According to the composer, “The settings, characters and events in this classic legend are depicted in the music. The narrative is the poem by Robert Browning, somewhat shortened and edited by Lawrence James, Headmaster of Black Pine Circle School in Berkeley, CA. This has been performed at several schools and is recommended for both elementary and middle schools. It was professionally recorded in 2005 by Citywinds with Lawrence James narrating.”

Octomarch (for woodwind quintet or wind octet)

Published by the composer; see http://www.garyfriedmanmusic.net

Carhorn Minuet (2015)

San Rafael, CA: Gary Friedman, 2015

Duration: 6:00.

The composer describes this piece: “A lighthearted lively wind quintet in the form of a minuet with two trios. The rhythm is somewhat challenging. The car-horn is heard just twice in the minuet, first with clarinet and horn, and second with oboe and clarinet—little embellishments, not obnoxious.”

Friedrich, Kenneth D. “Ken”

Suite for Euphonium and Woodwind Quintet

Published by the composer

see also http://www.sheetmusicplus.com/ or Brassworks 4 Sheet Music Sales http://www.brassworks4.com/

Alternate listing says it’s for tuba and woodwind quintet.

Friess, Hans (Frieß) (1910- ?)


The composer apparently was a band director for the 11th Panzer Division during World War II and wrote many marches and songs then. Cannot find any biography of him after the war, although he may be the same director who recorded several recordings of the Musikkorps band of the 11th Panzer during the 1960s.

Fritchie, Wayne

Two Pieces

New York, NY: Seesaw Music, 1977

Duration: 3:30.

Frith, John

Three Sketches

London: Camden Music, 1992

Three Interludes for Wind Quintet

Hop Vine Music

Fritsch, Johannes (1941-2010)

Ess am Tiez (1988) sextet for flute, oboe, English horn, clarinet, bass clarinet, bassoon

See http://www.editionjohannesfritsch.de/ Duration: 10:00.

Fritz, John (arranger?)

Sammlung klassischer Stücke alter Meister für Bläserquintett

Leipzig: W. Zimmermann, 1933

Menuett by Jos. Haydn

Deutscher Tanz by D. v. Dittersdorf

Rondo burlesco by Fr. Kuhlau

Menuett by W. A. Mozart

Gavotte by E. J. Gossec

Deutscher Tanz by W. A. Mozart.

Fromm-Michaels, Ilse (1888-1986)

Vier Puppen (Four Dolls), Op. 4

Berlin: Ries & Erler, 1984

Movements: Der Holzsoldat (The wooden soldier); Der Hampelmann (The jumping-jack); Das Puppenmaedchen (The maiden); Der Harlekin (The harlequin). Originally a piano work written in 1908.

Froschauer, Helmuth (1933- )

Sextett (for woodwind quintet and 2nd clarinet)

Wien: Doblinger

Frost, Victor

Big Apple Rag (1984)

See http://library.newmusicusa.org/

Duration: 5:00. See website for PDFs and sound file.

Frumerie, Gunnar de (1908-1987)

Suite, Op. 71 (1973)

Stockholm: Carl Gehrmans Musikforlag

Duration: 17:30.

Frumker, Linda (1940- )

Quintet (1966)

American composer and teacher.

Fuchs, Kenneth (1956- )

Autumn Rhythm, (Idyll for Woodwind Quintet after a Painting by Jackson Pollock) (2006)

New York E.B. Marks, See http://www.kennethfuchs.com/.

Variations (1976)

First performance: April 12, 1977, University of Miami, Coral Gables, FL. Duration: 13:12. Flute/alto flute, oboe/English horn, clarinet/bass clarinet, horn, bassoon.

Fuchs, Robert (1847-1927)

Ländliche Scenen, Op. 8 (arr. Wolfgang Renz)

Originally for solo piano. Duration: 15:00. Website / Contact Wolfgang Renz: http://wolfgang-renz-notendruck.de/ .

Fuchs-Schönbach, Ernst(1894-1975)

Wind Quintet in B-flat Major, Op. 61

Movements: Adagio molto – Allegro ma non troppo (B-flat major); Largo expressivo (F major); Allegro molto (G minor); Allegro moderato (B-flat major). Score available for download at: http://imslp.org/wiki/Wind_Quintet_in_B-flat_major,_Op.61_(Fuchs-Sch%C3%B6nbach,_Ernst)

Fučík, Julius (a.k.a. Fuchik, U.) (1872-1916)

Entry of the Gladiators (arr. Holcombe and Battles)

West Trenton, NJ: Musicians Publications /

Chesapeake, VA: Bill Holcombe’s Musicians Pub’s (http://billholcombe.com/)

Duration: 2:30. Lively arrangement of the old circus march.

Starý brucoun (The old brown bear or The bear with the sore head) (also known as Der alte Brummbar, Op. 210)

Tallevast, Fl.: TrevCo Music, 1985

Bassoon solo with woodwind quartet, arrangement, originally for bassoon and orchestra.

Starý Brucoun (The Old Grumbler) (trans. Don Stewart)

Tunbridge, Vt.: Trillenium Music, 1987

Bassoon solo in woodwind quintet.

Polka (alternate title for Starý Brucoun) (arr. unlisted)

Moscow: Soviet Central Library of Music

Features the bassoon. A nice recording is available of a Russian(?) quintet on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JtfSDuhA4Iw featuring bassoonist Igor Kozlovzky.

Fuhrmann, Arthur (1930-2013)

Neljä pientä kappaletta pikkuvväelle


Fulkerson, James (1945- )

Woodwind Quintet No. 1 (1965)

Woodwind Quintet No. 2 (1966)

Fumet, Raphael (1898-1979)

Quintette à vent

Editions Delatour

Parts also come with a CD recording by Les Solistes de l’Orchestre National de France. Clarinet parts in A and B-flat.

Funk, Eric D.


See also: http://ericfunk.com/

Written specifically for educational concerts (graded for elementary or middle schools). According to the composer: “The work is in an early 20th c. style (neo-impressionist / expressionist) and is a humorous theater piece.” Duration: 10:00.

Pentamorous 1977

One-movement theater piece. See http://ericfunk.com/.

Romantic Impressions (1984)

5 movements. See http://ericfunk.com/

Furer, Arthur (1924-2013)

Bläserquintett, Op. 21 (1956)

Zurich: Pelikan Musikverlag /

Edition Kunzelmann

Fürst, Paul Walter (1926-2013)

Konzertante Musik, Op. 25 (1957)

Wien, Doblinger 1961

Duration: 11:00. Fürst’s First woodwind quintet.

Zweites Bläserquintett, Op. 27 (1959)

Wien, Doblinger

Duration: 8:00.

Drittes Bläserquintett (Third Wind Quintet), Op. 29 (1959)

Wien, Verlag Doblinger 1966

Duration: 11:00.

Apropos, Bläserquintett, Op. 49 (Fourth woodwind quintet) (1971)

Wien: Verlag Doblinger, 1972

Duration: 8:00.

Bizarre Feste, 5. Bläserquintett (Fifth Wind Quintet), Op. 60, (1978)

Wien: Doblinger, 1989

Duration: 16:00.

Marionettenspeil – Bechstes Bläserquintett, Op. 74 (1987)

Wien: Doblinger

Duration: 13:00.


Bläserquartett, Op. 40 (1966) for flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon

Wien: Doblinger, 1983

Bläserquartett, Op. 40a (1980) for flute, clarinet, horn, bassoon

Wien: Doblinger

Ten-den-zehn, Op. 76 (1990) for woodwind quintet and string quintet (2 violins, viola, cello, double bass)

Wein: Doblinger

Duration: 12:00.

Fusilier, Bryan

The Hobbling

Natchitoches, LA: Conners Publications, 1999.

Fussan, Werner (1912-1986)

Musik für Bläserquintet, Op. 14.

Munchen: Edition Kasparek, 1948

Füssl, Karl Heinz (1924-1992)

Kleine Kammermusik für fünf Bläser (1940)

Kassel: Barenreiter, 1940

Mr. Fussl has also done substantial work in writing orchestra reductions for piano and editing works of other composers.


Triptychon für neun instrumente, Op. 5, for woodwind quintet, violin, viola, cello, double bass


Futscher, Gerald Matthias (1962- )

Kleine Messe für Bläserquartett und Sopran (1989)


Duration: 30:00.

Futterer, Carl (1873-1927)

Bläserquintett in B-flat Major (1922)

Basel: Edition Kneusslin, 1967 / New York: C. F. Peters, 1967

Reconstructed from a manuscript draft by Joseph Bopp and Jean Barbacanne.

Fux, Johann Joseph (1660-1741)

Partita, K.V. 322 (arr. Robert Dockstader)

New York: Consort Trios, 1973

Contains only the allegro movement of the partita, originally for
2 violins and continuo.

Allegro (arr.)

New York: Consort Trios, 1973

Originally for 2 violins and continuo. Photocopy.

Largo (a-b) (arr. Robert Dockstader)

New York: Consort Trios, 1973

Originally for 2 violins and continuo. From: Partitas, violins (2), continuo, K. 322, G minor.

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