Brandt’s Woodwind Quintet List – P

Pable, Luis de

SEE de Pablo, Luis

Pachelbel, Johann (1653-1706)

Canon (arr. by Don Stewart)

Trillenium/Dorff ?

Canon (arr. Daniel Dorff)

Bryn Mawr, PA: Theodore Presser, 1985

Canon in D (arr. Robert Wall)

Salem, CT: Cimarron Music Press cimarronmusic.com

Canon in D (arr. Ray Thompson)

Published by the arranger; see Boston, MA.: Ione Press

The arranger states, “Arranged for wind quintet in the original key of D. Alternative Clarinet in Bb provided. I have attempted to give the wind players somewhere to breath, by dovetailing the melodies between all the instruments. The bass line is shared amongst horn, clarinet and bassoon.”

Canon in D (arr. Frank Halferty)

Kendor Music Inc.

Although Pachelbel’s famous Canon is a nice piece, the quintet world doesn’t really need five (or more) arrangements of it. Pachelbel also wrote a lot of other more substantial music that deserves to be known. (Granted, until this site, probably nobody knew there were so many versions.) Arrangers, please travel beyond the obvious, if you can. [Andrew Brandt]

Paciorkiewicz, Tadeusz (1916-1998)

Kwintet (Quintet for 5 Wind Instruments)(1951)

Warszawa, Poland: Wydawn. Muzyczne Agencji Autorskiej, 1979

Duration: 12:00. Movements: Allegro; Lento; Allegro scherzando (e molto rustico). The work is dedicated to the Polish composer Kazimierz Sikorski. See the composer’s website: http://www.paciorkiewicz.pl/ (in Polish and English).

Preludium (1980)


Music for Harp, Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Horn and Bassoon (1963)

Krakow: Polskie Wydawnictwo Myzyczne, 1970

Duration: 14:00. Movements: Moderato; Allegro; Comodo; Quasi scherzando; Presto. There is also a version for piano and woodwind quintet of 1972.

According to the composer’s website, “The piece is [the] composer’s tribute to French impressionists and has a lot of stylistic allusions referring to them.”

Decet (1987) for woodwind and string quintets

For woodwind quintet and 2 violins, viola, cello, double bass. Duration: 8:00.

Cut-outs of Sea Foam for children’s choir and woodwind quintet (1957)

Cracow: Polskie Wydawnictwo Muzyczne

5 songs. Text by Włodzimierz Słobodnik (in Polish).

Padua, Newton (1894-1966)


Pagan, Michael

Impromptu, Chorale and Fugue (1984)

New York: American Music Center

First prize, New Music for Young Ensembles 1984 Composers Competition.

Paganini, Niccolò (1782-1840)

Caprice No. 24 (arr. Allan Blank) for double woodwind quintet.

New York: Associated Music Publishers

Pahissa, Jaime (1880-1969)

Dos Canciones de Campo (1960)

Spanish composer, principal publisher was Union Musical Espanola.

Paisiello, Giovanni (1740-1816)

Recitativ e Duetto “Ne’ giorno tuoi felice” from the opera “Olympiade” (1786) (arr. Fr[iedrich] Witt) for double woodwind quintet

Manuscript available from Oettingen-Wallerstein’sche Hofbibliothek, Ms 421.

The opera Olympiade was written in 1786. This arrangement appears to have been made in 1789.

Palkovsky, Oldrich (1907-1983)

Bläserquintett Nr. 1, Op. 21 (1949)

Woodwind Quintet No. 2 (1958)

Prague: Cesky Hudebni Fond (Czech Music Foundation) /

Hudebni Informacni Stredisko http://www.musicbase.cz/

Duration: 20:00.

Woodwind Quintet No. 3, Op. 54

Hudebni Informacni Stredisko http://www.musicbase.cz/

Music for Wind Quintet, Op. 57 (1973)

Tri kusy pro 5 nastroju (Three pieces for five instruments?), Op. 63 (1976)

Woodwind Quintet No. 4, Op. 73 (1979)

Hudebni Informacni Stredisko http://www.musicbase.cz/


Sextet, Op. 78 (1981) for woodwind quintet and second clarinet.

Palkowski, Daniel(1955- )

Still Life with Wind (1985) for double woodwind quintet

There is doubling on piccolo, English horn, bass clarinet and contrabassoon. This was written while the composer was pursuing a doctoral degree at Columbia University, and possibly may never have been performed. See also: http://itp.nyu.edu/~dhp1/resume/resumeindex.htm

Pallasz, Edward (1936- )

Bajki: na kwintet dety (Fairy tales: for wind quintet) (1972)

Krakow: Polskie Wydawn. Muzyczne, 1976

Duration: 11:30. Includes performance instructions in Polish, English and French. (Possibly also arranged for brass quintet.)

Palmer, Lauree H. (1965- )

The Classic Quintet (1990)

Available from the Composer: 5642 Delintry Dr., Apt. F, St. Louis, MO 63129. (Links to her website no longer seem to work.)

World premiere: Webster University, 1991.

Palmieri, Dante

Lotmarii (2012)

Duration: 7:00. Bassoon doubles on contrabassoon.

Pann, Carter (1972- )

Quintet for a Day, Six Snapshots of Day-to-day Life

King of Prussia, PA: Theodore Presser Company

Movements: Americano; Apology; Adjusting the Torque; Sun Spot; Commute; Embrace, to Sleep.

Panozzo, Angelina


Owl Press; see also http://www.sheetmusicplus.com/

See also http://www.angelinapanozzo.com/

The Harbingers for woodwind quintet and trumpet

Owl Press; see also http://www.sheetmusicplus.com/

Panufnik, Andrzej, Sir (1914-1991)

Quintett (1953) for flute, oboe, 2 clarinets, bassoon

Krakow: Polskie Wydawn. Muzyczne, 1954

Revised as Quintetto accademico in 1956.

Panula, Jorma (1930- )

Parttenkoliaaset puhallinkvintetolle


Jaakko kulta puhallinkvinettille (Frere Jacques wind quintet?) (arr. Jorma Panula)

Artemusa (see also Helsinki: Music Finland http://musicfinland.fi/en/)

Peltoniemen Hintriikin surumarssi puhallinkvintetille (arr. Jorma Panula)


Säkkijärven polkka puhallinkvintetille (arr. Jorma Panula)


Papageorgiou, Dimitri (1965- )


Papandopulo, Boris (1906-1991)

Three Movements (1954)

Mali Koncert (Little Concerto) (1971)


Concerto Grosso (1971) for woodwind quintet and orchestra

Chamber Concerto (1986) for woodwind quintet and violin

Papineau-Couture, Jean (1916-2000)

Fantaisie pour quintette à vent (1963)

Don Mills, Ont.: BMI Canada, 1968 /

Toronto: Berandol Music Ltd., 1968

Duration: 12:30. Recorded by the Quintette à vent Estria.


Automne (1992) for woodwind quintet, string quartet and double bass.

Parac, Frano (1948- )

Scherzo za duhacki kvintet

Zagreb: Drustvo skladatelja hrvatske, 1986

Parcel, Jim

London Bridge

Eighth Note Publications; see also http://www.sheetmusicplus.com/

A set of variations on “London Bridge is Falling Down” with quotes from other pieces, too.

Parchman, Gen Louis (1929-1992)

Sonata for Woodwind Quintet (1966)

New York, Seesaw Music Corp. 1971

This may be the “Jazz Sonata” listed in Wikipedia.

Pardo, Pedro (1974- )

Sognat for woodwind quintet and double bass

Barcelona: Periferia Music

Pardo i Llungarriu, Miquel (1959- )

Caustica (1988) for woodwind quintet, piano, bass, percussion

Duration: 10:00. See also: http://www.accompositors.com/compositores-curriculum.php?idComp=107

Divertiment (1989) for flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon and guitar

Miquel Pardo Edicions

Duration: 8:00. Movements: Aire; Lament; Rèplica.

Pardus, William

Variations on the Krakowiak

Salem, CT: Cimarron Music Press cimarronmusic.com

A Krakowiak is a fast syncopated Polish folk dance that became popular in Europe alongside the Polonaise and the Mazurka. It is named after the city and region of Krakow. See the Wikipedia article to learn more. [Andrew Brandt]

Winds Through the Bluegrass

Salem, CT: Cimarron Music Press cimarronmusic.com

Parfrey, Raymond (1928-2008)

Abbey Voices

For woodwind quintet, with substitute parts (alto sax for horn and cello or bass clarinet for bassoon).

The brief score excerpt suggests that the work is intended for the novice to intermediate woodwind quintet.

Paribeni, Giulio Cesare(1881-1960)

Suite in tre tempi

Parik, Ivan (1936-2005)

Seen Closely above the Lake for speaker, wind quintet, piano and string quartet(1979)

Bratislava: udebni Musik Fond

See Slovak Music Information Service: http://www.his.sk/

Duration: 7:00. There is also a version for orchestra. (Note that Musicanet.org gave his birth/death dates as 1938 to 1936, so he *might* have died younger than he was born?)

Park, Bill (?-2013)

Music for Woodwind Quintet

JPM Music Publications

Parker, Jim (1934- )

Mississippi 5

Faber Music

Recorded by the Albion Ensemble on PROUDSOUND RECORDS (Oxford, England) as PROU CD142.

Ron Klimko, in a review of the recording described it as “a tour-de-force romp. It is a five-movement ‘…appreciation of the talent, originality and exuberance of the early jazz musicians working in New Orleans and on riverboats on the Mississippi.’”


Brass Wind Publications

See http://www.sheetmusicplus.com/title/boulevard-sheet-music/19525191 for a lengthy description of the action for this piece, which includes a beggar, a dog, an organ grinder with respiratory problems, lunching ladies, and a Latin band.

Parker, Michael (1948- )

Chole (Cholê), Op. 17 (1975)

Toronto: Canadian Music Center

Duration: 15:00. Commissioned by Array through the Ontario Arts Council. See also: http://www.thecanadianencyclopedia.ca/en/article/michael-parker-emc/

Ode for winds, Op. 31a (1984)

Toronto: Canadian Music Center

Written for the 25th anniversary of the Canadian Music Centre.
Duration: 2:00.

Three Humours, Op. 45 (1991)

Toronto: Canadian Music Center

Commissioned by the CBC for the Aeolian Winds. Movements:
Phlegmatic; Melancholy; Sanguine.

Parkinson, Paul (1954- )

Wind Quintet (1977)

British Music Information Center, http://www.bmic.co.uk/

Parkinson, Tim (1973- )

Quintet (1997)

British Music Information Center, http://www.bmic.co.uk/

Duration: 15:00. Composer’s website: http://www.untitledwebsite.com/ (Yes, really, that’s the website’s name.) Mr. Parkinson appears to have a habit of using generic names for his titles, including untitle(a), untitled(b), etc. Hence the generic titles of his website and of his woodwind quintet. Counterintuitive from a marketing perspective.


untitled winter 2002 (2002) for flute, English horn, clarinet, bassoon, trombone and violin

Parotti, Sergio (1956- )

Wind Quintet #1, Op. 6

See http://www.sergioparotti.com

Duration: 4:00.

Quinteto de Vientos No. 2, Op. 75

Barcelona: Periferia Music

Duration: 4:00.

Wind Quintet No. 3, Op. 173

See http://www.sergioparotti.com

Duration: 5:00.

Wind Quintet No. 4, Op. 197

See http://www.sergioparotti.com

Duration: 5:00.

Wind Quintet No. 5, Op. 300

See http://www.sergioparotti.com

Parlow, Albert (1824-1888)

Amboss Polka, Op. 91 (1864) (arr. Thomas H. Graf)

http://the-hit-factory.com/ See also http://www.sheetmusicplus.com/

Parmerud, Åke (1953- )

Reed my lips (1990)

Stockholm: Svensk Musik

For quintet & computer controlled sounds.

Parris, Herman M. (1903-1973)

Woodwind Miniatures

Philadelphia: Henri Elkan Music, 1956 (now Elkan-Vogel)

The composer was a practicing physician. According to Arthur Cohn, “The Literature of Chamber Music,” several of Herman Parris’s works were ghost-written.

Parris, Robert (1924-1999)

Sonatina for Winds (1954)

New York: American Composers Alliance, 1957

Duration: 10:00.

Five Easy Canons and a Fugue

New York: American Composers Alliance

Parrott, Horace Ian (1916-2012)

Wind Quintet No. 1 (1948)

Wind Quintet No. 2 “Fresh about Cook Strait” (1970)

Lancaster, UK: Phylloscopus Publications, http://www.phylloscopus.co.uk/

Parry, Charles Hubert H. (1848-1918)

“Music, When Soft Voices Die” (arr. Bill Schuetter)

Imagine Music; see also http://www.sheetmusicplus.com/

From a song based on a poem by Percy Shelly. Duration: 1:50.

Nonet in B-flat, Op. 70 (1878)

Siegertshofen, Germany: Floricor Editions http://www.floricor-editions.com/

Edition Compusic

For flute, oboe, English horn, 2 clarinets, 2 bassoons, 2 horns. Movements: I. Allegro; II. Allegro Molto (Scherzo); III. Largo; IV. Finale. Duration: 23:00.According to the publisher, this is “
a symphonic work with cyclic distinctions; built on themes that echo the music of Wagner’s Mastersingers of Nürnberg.”

Parry-Jones, Gwyn(1946- )

A Christmas Card (Theme and Variations on “We Wish You a Merry Christmas)

Lancaster, UK: Phylloscopus Publications, http://www.phylloscopus.co.uk/

Wind and Sea, Three British Folk-Songs

Lancaster, UK: Phylloscopus Publications, http://www.phylloscopus.co.uk/

Flute doubles piccolo; oboe doubles English horn.

Winnie-the-Pooh Suite (1997)

Lancaster, UK: Phylloscopus Publications, http://www.phylloscopus.co.uk/

Movements: Prelude – “Once upon a time…”; Christopher Robin and Pooh!; Piglet dreams of the Heffalump; Eeyore has a Birthday; Expotition to the North Pole (and home in time for tea). Alternate parts for clarinet 2 (in lieu of horn) and bass clarinet (in lieu of bassoon).


Lancaster, UK: Phylloscopus Publications, http://www.phylloscopus.co.uk/

Movements: Rabbit‘s Friends and Relations; Wol’s Blues; A Game of Pooh-Sticks. Includes substitute parts to replace horn (with clarinet) or bassoon (with bass clarinet).

A Sullivan Suite (1985)(arr. Gwyn Parry-Jones)

Lancaster, UK: Phylloscopus Publications, 1999, http://www.phylloscopus.co.uk/

Works by Arthur Sullivan: Movements: Three Little Maids From School (from The Mikado); The Sun Whose Rays Are All Ablaze (from The Mikado); Never Mind The Why And Wherefore (from HMS Pinafore).

Parsadanjan, Boris (also Parsadanian, Parsadanyan)(1925-1997)


Estonia & Germany: edition 49 Bühnen und Musikverlag

Duration: 13:00.

Parsch, Arnost (1936-2013)

Transposizioni I (1967)

Prague: Cesky Hudebni Fond (Czech Music Foundation)

Duration: 11:00.http://www.musica.cz/comp/parsch.htm#engl

Parsi, Hector Campos (1925-1998)

Sonetos Sagrados (Sacred Sonnets) for woodwind quintet and voice (soprano or tenor)

Richmond, Virginia: International Opus

Duration: 19:00. 5 movements. Vocal part is in Spanish. Written to commemorate the 500th anniversary of Columbus’s voyage to America. “… a fusion of modern composition with old world Spanish Renaissance poetry and musical styles.”

Pärt, Arvo (1935- )

Quintettino, Op. 13 (1964)

Frankfurt: C. F. Peters, 1976

Recorded by the Estonian Philharmonic Wind Quintet in 1967 on Melodiya D 20547/48. Three movements.


“Kui Bach oleks mesilasi pidanud” “If Bach Had Been a Beekeeper” for piano, string orchestra and wind quintet (First version, 1976, second version, 1984)

Also for woodwind quintet with string quartet, bass and percussion and possibly other combinations.

Fratres (1977) for woodwind quintet, string quartet, bass, percussion

There is also an arrangement of this work, by Beat Brinner for 2 oboes, 2 clarinets, 2 bassoons, 2 horns and percussion.

Partos, Odon (Ödön or Oedoen Pártos, or Eden Partosh) (1907-1977)

Nebulae (Arfiliyot) (1966)

Tel-Aviv: Israel Music Institute, 1967

Duration: 11:00. See Arthur Cohn, “The Literature of Chamber Music” for description.

Parwez, Akmal

Ragalogues for Woodwind Quintet (2000)

New York: American Music Center

Score, Tapes & CDs available from: Tamarind Tones Music, P.O. Box 6568, Fresh Meadows NY 11365-6568 . Duration: 25:00. Movements: I. Sweet Awakening; II. Lonesome Moon; III. Dark Devotion; IV. Quiet Rapture; V. Mustard Blossoms. Also see: http://library.newmusicusa.org/

According to the composer, “Each of the 5 movements is based on 2 contrasting Ragas. It is dedicated to the memory of my father, the
renowned Pakistani poet and musicologist, Afzal Parwez, from whom I learned much about Indian music.”


Navrasa: Nonet for Winds & Strings (2006) for woodwind quintet and standard string quartet.

New York: American Music Center

Parys, Annelies van

SEE Van Parys, Annelies

Pascal, Claude (1921- )

Octet for Wind Instruments (1944) for 2 flutes, oboe, clarinet, 2 bassoons, horn, trumpet

Paris: Durand

See Arthur Cohn, “The Literature of Chamber Music” for a description.

Pasculli, Antonio (1842-1924)

Melodia per Corno Inglese (arr. Wolfgang Renz) for dectet (woodwind and string quintets)

For solo English horn, flute, clarinet, bassoon, horn, 2 violins, viola, cello, and double bass.Duration: 6:30. See: http://wolfgang-renz-notendruck.de/ . Pasculli was a Sicilian composer and oboist who became known as the “Paganini of the oboe”.

Fantasia per Corno Inglese sul Ballo in Maschera(arr. Wolfgang Renz) for dectet (woodwind and string quintets)

For solo English horn, flute (piccolo), clarinet, bassoon, horn, 2 violins, viola, cello, and double bass. Duration: 8:00. See: http://wolfgang-renz-notendruck.de/ .

Rimembranze del Rigoletto(arr. Wolfgang Renz) for dectet (woodwind and string quintets)

For solo English horn, flute, clarinet, bassoon, horn, 2 violins, viola, cello, and double bass. Duration: 9:00. See: http://wolfgang-renz-notendruck.de/ .

Pascuzzi, Gregory (1952- )

Pastorale (1980)

Includes additional part for clarinet in A.

Pasquet, Luis (1917-2013)

Adaptation – Sopeutuminen (1994)

Helsinki: Music Finland http://musicfinland.fi/en/

Movements: 1. Why not? – Miksi ei?, 2. However… – Kuitenkin…, 3. And this? – Ja tämä?

Patachich, Ivan (1922- )


Freiburg-Tiengen, Germany: Fritz Schultz

Quintett (1960)

Manuscript located in Hungary.


Sextet (1957)

Patch, Marc (1958- )

Reflets (1989)

Montreal & Toronto: Canadian Music Center

Paterson, Robert (1970- )

Wind Quintet (2004)

New York: American Music Center

Duration: 18:00. See www.amc.net/composers/ for program notes and to download scores and mp3’s. Purchase at: http://www.robpaterson.com/

Paterson, Wilma (1944- )

Wind Quintet (1981)

Unpublished, Scottish Music Centre (for hire)

Patterson, Andra (1964- )

78 Bars (1983)

Wellington: New Zealand Music Centre (SOUNZ)

Duration: 5:00.

Patterson, Andy (1929-2005)

Suite (1962)

Abilene, Texas, based composer. Not the recording engineer, Andy Patterson.

Patterson, Paul (1947- )

Comedy for Five Winds, Op. 14 (1972)

London: Josef Weinberger, 1973 /

London: Boosey & Hawkes

Movements: Prelude; Soliloquy; Blues; Hornpipe. Duration: 14:00. Oboe doubles English horn. First performed by the Vega Wind Quintet. See also: British Music Information Center, http://www.bmic.co.uk/

Wind Quintet, Op. 2 (1967)

Josef Weinberger, London, 1968 /

London: Boosey & Hawkes (score only)

Movements: Allegro; Adagio; Allegro.

Arthur Cohn, The Literature of Chamber Music, says, “Everything is asymmetrical…. The opening movement is motoric, the finale as decisive…. It sings, but in a tense and nervous style.”

Patterson, Robert G. (1957- )

Prisms (1987/1990)

Memphis, TN: Great River Music, 1994 http://www.greatrivermusic.com/index.html

Duration: 15:16. The work consists of seven sections, played continuously. Flute doubles on piccolo. The composer’s website is http://www.robertgpatterson.com/-bio/bio.html . Score and parts are available under a Creative Commons license from the International Music Score Library Project, http://imslp.org/wiki/Prisms_(Patterson,_Robert_G.). There is also a recording. (Note that there is also another composer Robert G. Patterson, born 1970.)

Pauer, Jiri (1919-2007)

Dechovy kvintet (1960)

Praha: Statni hudebn’ vydavetelstv’, 1963 /

Artia, 1963 /

Distributed by Boosey & Hawkes.

Introduction in Czech, Russian, German, and English. 3 movements: Burleska; Ukolebavka (Berceuse); Groteska. Duration: 16:00.

Paul, Berthold (1948- )

3. Bläserquintett (3rd wind quintet) Op. 35

Bad Schwalbach: Edition Gravis, 1984

This editor would like info on his 1st and 2nd quintets.

Paul, Ernst (1907- )

Sextet in E Major, Op. 170 (1973) for woodwind quintet and harp


Paul, Irene Regine Wieniawska, Lady


Paulikas, Jonas (1944- )

Quintet No. 1 (1975)

Lithuanian Music Information Center, www.mic.lt

Duration: 12:30.

Quintet No. 2 (1981)

Lithuanian Music Information Center, www.mic.lt

Duration: 11:20.

Paviour, Paul (1931- )

Frank Gardiner and friends, four Australian folksongs freely arranged for wind quintet (1972)

Perth, W.A.: The Keys Press, 1997

Movements: 1. Frank Gardiner is caught; 2. Travelling down the Castlereagh; 3. Moreton Bay: an elegy; 4. The stringybark cockatoo. Duration: 18:00. See also: http://www.australianmusiccentre.com.au/

Burlesque suite, Op. 111 (1993)

Grosvenor Place, N.S.W.: Reproduced and distributed by Australian Music Centre, 1999 http://www.australianmusiccentre.com.au/

Pavlorek, Ales (1971- )

Studie pro dechove kvinteto (Study for wind quintet)

Wind Sextet for woodwind quintet and contrabassoon

Payne, Anthony (1936- )

Sonatas and Ricercars (1970)

London: Chester Music, Ltd.

Duration: 14:00. 9 movements. Features: “Continual development and nonrepetitive structuring…” (Arthur Cohn, The Literature of Chamber Music). See: chesternovello.com/composer/1219/main.html

Payne, Frank Lynn (1936- )

Lenaea (1968)

Manuscript: University of Oklahoma

Oklahoma City based composer.

Paz, Erel (1974- )

Child’s Play (2005)

Tel Aviv: Israel Music Center

Pearson, William (1905- ??)

The Hunt

London: Chappell & Co., 1962

Not the film score composer, William “Bill” Pearson; and probably not the Baritone William Pearson, 1934-1995.

Pedersen, Paul (1935- )

Wind Quintet (1959)

Toronto: Canadian Music Centre 1959

Duration: 15:50. Movements: I. Allegro; II. Adagio; III. Presto; Fugue.

Wind Quintet No. 2

Toronto: Canadian Music Center

For alto-flute, English horn, bass clarinet, bassoon and French horn. Based on a Gregorian melody and the chorale “Nun danket all’und bringet Ehr.” Duration: 11:00.

Peeters, Emil (1893-1974)

Quintett (1953)

Heidelberg: Willy Muller, Suddeutscher Musikverlag

Pehrson, Joseph (1950- )

Windwork #1 (1990)

New York: Seesaw Music Corp., 1994

Duration: 8:00. See also: http://www.arcananet.org/composers/JosephPehrson_1.html#worklist

Pelemans, Willem (1901-1991)

Blazerskwintet (1948)

Bruxelles: J. Maurer, 1955 /

Bruxelles: Le Centre Belge de Documentation Musicale (CeBeDeM)

Duration: 15:00.

Quintet No. 2 (1968)

Antwerp, Belgium: Editions Metropolis

Bruxelles: Le Centre Belge de Documentation Musicale (CeBeDeM)

Pelikan, Miroslav (1922-2006)

Rozmarné miniatury pro dechové kvinteto (Capricious Miniatures for wind instruments) (1962) (also listed as Kapriziose Miniaturen)

Duration: 10:00.

Pelosi, Louis (1947- )

Woodwind Quintet (1987)

American Music Center

Duration: 20:20. Flute doubles on alto and piccolo, clarinet doubles on bass clarinet, oboe doubles on English horn.

Pellegrini, Ernesto P. (1932- )

Movement V (Nadia’s Piece) (2011)

See http://library.newmusicusa.org/ for PDF

Duration: 10:00.

Left Behind (2011)

http://library.newmusicusa.org/ for PDF

Duration: 15:00.

A Light Touch of Blue

Denver, Rebo Music Pub. 1960

Movements: Prelude; Valse; Rondo.

Penberthy, James (1917-1999)

Quintet for wind instruments (1988)

Grosvenor Place, N.S.W.: Australian Music Centre 1999

See also: http://www.australianmusiccentre.com.au/ Duration: 15:00.


Sextet “Aboriginal” (for woodwind quintet and 2nd bassoon)

Pender, Nicholas Scott (1959- )

Suite for woodwind quintet (1989, revised 2013)

New York: American Music Center /

Available from the composer, http://www.scottpender.net/. Duration: 13:00.

Penri-Evans, David (1956- )

Textures (1990)

British Music Information Center

See http://www.penrievans.free-online.co.uk/DPE_Web_01/Homex.html
Commissioned by the LSU (Louisiana State University) Wind Quintet. Duration: 9:00.

Peppercorn, Wayne Michael(1949- )

Suite for Double Wind Quintet

Movements: Allegro con brio; Scherzo and Respite; Andante Cantabile; Theme and Variations.

From the YouTube sound files it is clear that Peppercorn is playing homage to the 19th century harmoniemusik tradition. There is a somewhat odd-sounding realization of the work on YouTube, beginning at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GJUPV9_brIk. (It sounds like a better-than-average synthesized realization. Or an oddly recorded ensemble that never breaths and plays in perfect keyboard pitch.) [Andrew Brandt]

Percival, Richard (1953- )

The Sweet Suite: Five Confections for Wind Quintet (2011)

Australian Music Centre: http://www.australianmusiccentre.com.au/

According to the composer, “These short pieces for wind quintet are fun and humourous in character. Ranging from a miniature Scherzo through to a Rag to an extended set of Waltz Variations they cover a range of 20th century styles and influences. They are designed to be as much fun to play as to listen to and contain challenges both rhythmic and stylistic for the ensemble.”

Perez Farina, Aristides


Barcelona: Periferia Music

Perez Iriarte, Narciso

Quintet, Op. 6 (1958)

Library of Congress

Pergament, Moses (1893-1977)

Liten Svit (1970)

Stockholm: STIMS Informationscentral for Svensk Musik

Pergolesi, Giovanni Battista (1710-1736)

L’Olimpiade (arr. Trevor Cramer)

Lake Worth, FL: Trevco Music Publishing

Perina, Hubert (1890-1964)

Divertimento, Op. 6 (1944)

Perissas, Madeleine (1906-1971)

Scotch Suite

Andraud, now Southern Music

Perle, George (1915-2009)

Quintet No. 1, Op. 37 (1959)

Bryn Mawr, Pa.: Theodore Presser Co., 1973

Duration: 10:21. Recorded for New World Records. First performed by the California Wind Quintet in Berkeley, April 8, 1959.

Quintet No. 2, Op. 41 (1960)

Hillsdale, N.Y.: Boelke-Bomart, Hackensack, N.J.: Jerona Music Corp., distributor for USA and Canada/

Possibly also pub. by University of California Press, 1990 ?

Duration: 11:30. First performed by the New York Wind Quintet in New York City, May 6, 1962. Uses clarinet in A.

Quintet No. 3 (1967)

Hillsdale, N.Y.: Hackensack, N.J.: Boelke-Bomart, 1996, 1976, 1995, Jerona Music Corp., distributor for USA and Canada

Duration: 14:40. Movements: Fantasia; Scherzo; Recitative; Finale. First performed by the Chicago Symphony Wind Quintet in Chicago, April 5, 1968. Commissioned by DePaul University for the Illinois Sesquicentennial Anniversary.

Quintet No. 4 (1984)

New York: Galaxy Music Corp., 1987

Duration: 18:20. Commissioned by the Dorian Wind Quintet.

Nancy Billman, hornist of the Dorian Wind Quintet, says, “These are challenging works, but I believe great pieces. The 4th Quintet, commissioned by the Dorian Wind Quintet won the 1986 Pulitzer Prize for Music.” They recorded it for New World Records.

Perlongo, Daniel

Groznjan Souvenir (2000)

Duration: 10:00.

Most of Perlongo’s works are available from New York: American Composers Alliance www.composers.com.

Perna, Dana Paul (1958- )

A la francaise

New York: American Music Center

Peron Cano, Carlos (1976- )

Quinteto de Viento (2007)

Edition Kemel Niedernhausen, 2009

Perry, Julia Amanda (1924-1979)

Quartet [?] for Wind Quintet (1963) for flute, oboe, clarinet,
alto sax, and bassoon

New York: American Music Center

This work might also be known as her Symphony No. 13.

Perry is a student of Nadia Boulanger and an African-American woman composer, making her a bit of a pioneer on several fronts.

Persichetti, Vincent (1915-1987)

Pastoral, Op. 21 (1943)

New York: G. Schirmer, 1951

Premiered in 1945.

Fairly easy one-movement work for quintet. Sort of nostalgic American in style. Good for student quintets; a short piece for recitals. [Andrew Brandt]

Serenade No. 1, Op. 1 (1929) for woodwind and brass quintets


For woodwind quintet and a brass quintet of an additional horn, 2 trumpets, trombone and tuba. Movements: Prelude; Episode; Song; Interlude; Dance. Duration: 6:20.

Pert, Morris (1947-2010)

Cernunnos, Op. 24 (1975)

Frankfurt: Joseph Weinberger Musikverlag

Duration: 20:00.

Peschek, Alfred (1929- )


Peska, Vlastimil (1954- )

Dechovy kvintet (woodwind quintet) (1978)

Pessard, Émile Louis (1843-1917)

Aubade, Op. 6 (1882) [also listed simply as “Wind Quintet”]

Boston: Cundy-Bettoney /

New York: Carl Fischer /

Boca Raton, Fla.: Masters Music Publications, 2005

Paris: A. Leduc, 1880s

Prélude et Menuet du “Capitaine Fracasse”

Paris: A. Leduc

Originally a comic opera, arranged for quintet. Score and parts are available for download from the International Music Score Library Project at http://imslp.org/wiki/Le_capitaine_Fracasse_(Pessard,_%C3%89mile). Click on the tab for “Arrangements and Transcriptions.”

“La capitaine Fracasse” was an Opéra-comique in three acts, first performed in 1878. (Catulle Mendès was the librettist.) The original scoring included pairs of flutes, oboes, clarinets, bassoons, cornets, trumpets, 3 trombones, 4 horns, ophicleide, contrabass saxhorn, percussion and strings. It’s worth visiting the IMSLP site just to see the original cover of the quintet arrangement by Leduc. [Andrew Brandt]

Peter, Ludwig


Amsterdam: Edition Compusic, 1992

Petersma, Wim (1942- )

Wind Quintet (Blaaskwintet)(1976)

Amsterdam: Stichting Donemus, 1976

Duration: 9:00.

Peterson, Wayne (1927- )

Metamorphoses (1966 or 1967)

New York: Seesaw Music Corp., 1970

Four Spanish Songs (of Manuel de Falla) transcribed by Wayne Peterson (1991) (a.k.a.) Four Spanish Pieces (Pieces espagnoles) (1910)

Tunbridge, Vt.: Trillenium Music Co., 1991

Movements: Aragonesa; Cubana; Montanesa; Andaluza. Duration: 15:00. Flute doubles on piccolo.

Well-made arrangements of the original piano works. Great Spanish bassoon part.

Petit, Jean-Louis (1937- )

Graffiti I (1980)

Duration: 8:00. See also: http://jean_louis.petit.perso.sfr.fr/

Tout Ciel M’est un (1999)

Duration: 9:30.

Tout Ciel M’est un (II) (1999)

Duration: 9:30.


Octuor pour Guernesey (1972) for woodwind quintet plus brass trio (2 trumpets and trombone)

Duration: 9:00.

Petit, Pierre (1922-2000)

Dobble’s Polka (1980)

Petkute, Lukrecija (1988- )

By the Wild Stone (2010)

Duration: 3:30.

Petric, Ivo (1931- )

Kvintet za pihala st.1 (Woodwind Quintet No. 1) (1953)

Ljubljana [Slovenia]: Drustvo slovenskih skladateljev, 1964

Society of Slovene Composers, www.dss.si

3 movements. Duration: 11:00. First performed in Ljubljana in 1954.

Kvintet za pihala st. 2 (Woodwind Quintet No. 2) (1959)

Zagreb [Croatia]: Saveza kompositora Jugoslavije, 1961

Duration: 11:00.

Pihalni kvintet st. 3 (Woodwind quintet No 3) (1974)

Ljubljana [Slovenia]: Drustvo slovenskih skladateljev, 1977

Performance instructions in Slovenian and English. Duration: 11:00.

Pihalni kvintet 4 (Woodwind Quintet No. 4), Metamorfoze (Metamorphoses) (1999)

Adliswil: Pizzicato Verlag Helvetia, 2000

Woodwind Quintet No. 5, Miniature za Veljka (2008)

Adliswil: Pizzicato Verlag Helvetia

Duration: 6:00.


Concertantna glasba or Musique concertante (1962) for woodwind quintet, timpani and string orchestra

Ljubljana: Drustva Slovenskih Skladateljev

Duration: 16:00.

Spring Symphony (1996) for wind quintet, string trio, bass, percussion

Petrovics, Emil (1930-2011)

Quintet (Fuvosoetoes) (1964)

London: Boosey & Hawkes /

Budapest: Zenemukiado Vallalat, 1965 /

Budapest: Editio Musica Budapesti

Arthur Cohn, The Literature of Chamber Music, says that the work reflects Bartok in style.

Petrushka, Shabtai (1903-1977)

Ve-samahta be-hagekha la-hamishiyat kele neshifah me-‘ets (And Rejoice) (1974)

Tel-Aviv: Israel: Israel Music Institute, 1982

Duration: 2:30. Part of the The Eliezer Peri educational music series. Flute doubles piccolo, ad libitum.

Petrzelka, Vilem (1889-1967)

Divertimento, Op. 39 (1941)

Praha: Panthon, 1990.

3 Movements: Moderato; Andante sostenuto; Vivo. Duration: 18:00.

Miniatures, Op. 54 (1953)

Pexidr, Karel (1929- )

Dechovy kvintet (woodwind quintet) (1989)

Check the Czech Music Information Centre.

Pezel, Johann Christoph (1639-1694)

Sonata 21 (arr. Bill Schuetter)

Imagine Music; see also http://www.sheetmusicplus.com/

Duration: 6:15.

Pfeiffer, Dankward (1931- )

Musik für Bläserquintett, published under title “Musik für Bläser,” edited? by Otto Wagner

Leipzig: Pro Musica Verlag, 1982

See listing under WAGNER, OTTO

Pfeiffer, Georges Jean (1835-1908)

Pastorale, Op. 71

Paris, ca. 1870 / Andraud (now Southern)

Also available at Sibley Library, U. of Rochester. French composer.

Trois petites pieces

Andraud (now Southern)

Pfister, Hugo (1914-1969)

Quintet, uber das Mensuralfragment aus der Handschrift Ottobeuren II:389, (1966)

London, New York: Edition Eulenburg 1969 /

Zurich: Edition Eulenburg /

Nutley, N.J.: Edition Kunzelmann-USA, 1969

Duration: 9:00.

Pfluger, Andreas (1941- )

B-A-C-H für Bläserquintett (2001)

Lugano: Ed. Plural, 2001

Duration: 16:00. See also:
http://www.musinfo.ch/index.php?content=maske_werke&pers_id=1313&name=Pfl%FCger&vorname=Andreas . The site: http://www.composers21.com/compdocs/pflugera.htm offers different years for some of these works.

Stories (1977)

Edition Plural

Duration: 18:00.


Canto della notte (1979) for wind quintet and alto saxophone

Edition Plural

Duration: 18:00.

Phaneuf, Albert

SEE Dela, Maurice

Phillips, Burrill (1907-1988)

Music for This Time of Year (1954)

Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania: Elkan-Vogel, 1977 (Theodore Presser)

Duration: 10:00. Each movement is a different instrumentation: Cantilena (oboe and clarinet); Triplum (flute, oboe, bassoon); The Comedians (clarinet, bassoon); Minority Report (clarinet, horn, bassoon); Under Pleasant Glass (flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon); Declamation (full quintet). Duration: 10:00.

Canzona VI (1985)

Berkeley, Calif.: Fallen Leaf Press (P.O. Box 10034, Berkeley 94709), 1985

Movements: First duo (oboe and bassoon); Second duo (flute and clarinet); Trio (oboe, horn, bassoon); Quartet (flute, clarinet, horn, bassoon), Quintet (full woodwind quintet).

Phillips, Valgene (1935- )

Lullabic Digressions

Hamilton, Ohio: Composers’ Autograph Publications

Houston: Composers’ Autograph Publications, 1969

Phillips, Ivan C.

Three Easy Arrangements (for woodwind quintet and 2nd clarinet)

London: Oxford University Press

Phillips, Peter (1930- )

Little Prelude & Blues

New York: MJQ Music

Apparently NOT the conductor and founder of the Tallis Scholars, and not the 16th century-born English composer.

Music for Wind Quintet

Toronto: BMI Canada

Piana, Sebastian

SEE Mores, Mariano et al., Argentine Encores

Piazzolla, Astor (1921-1992)

Buenos Aires hora 0 (arr. Mariano Frogioni)

Calambre, (arr. Carlos Visnivetski)


The arranger, Carlos Visnivetski (1944-2010), was an oboist with the Orquesta Sinfonica de Bahia Blanca in Argentina.

Contrabajissimo (arr. Jeff Scott)

See Jeff Scott’s website for contact info: http://www.musicbyjeffscott.com/?page_id=354

Cuatro Estaciones Porteñnas (Verano, Invierno, Otono y Primavera) (The Four Seasons of Buenos Aires)(arr. Eduardo Rodriguez)

Manuscript, Contact Eduardo Adrian Rodriguez, Calle 37 n 1569, 1900 – La Plata, Argentina

Originally written for a quintet of violin (or viola), piano, electric guitar, double bass and bandoneón. The four pieces were written separately between 1965 and 1970. Eduardo Rodriguez describes these as “Very, very nice tangos.”

Primavera portena (arr. Mariano Frogioni)

One of the four seasons included in the previous listing.

Escualo (arr. Jeff Scott)

See Jeff Scott’s website for contact info: http://www.musicbyjeffscott.com/?page_id=354

Fuga e Misterio(arr. Jeff Scott)

See Jeff Scott’s website for contact info: http://www.musicbyjeffscott.com/?page_id=354 .

Performed by the Imani Winds, of which Jeff Scott is the hornist. The hornist also provides some light percussion. Included on their recital program, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JOqT51Ll1Zk . This work begins at about the 47:25 minute mark. Duration: 4:50.

Le Grand Tango (arr. Jack Sharretts)

Ancona, Italy: Bèrben Edizioni Musicali, http://www.berben.it/

Originally written for cello and piano, the work was dedicated to Mstislav Rostropovich, who performed the premier in 1990 in New Orleans.

Histoire du Tango (arr. Ulf Guido Schafer)

Niedernhausen, Germany: Noten Roehr

Originally for flute and guitar.

Introduccion al Angel, (arranged by Carlos Visnivetski)


Eduardo Rodriguez describes it as a “Slow tango under a bass like passacaglia. Very good music.”

Libertango (arr. Jeff Scott)

Richmond, Va.: International Opus, 1975

An arrangment of Piazzolla’s popular nuevo tango “song of liberty” including notated solos for flute, oboe and clarinet. (Jeff Scott is hornist with the Imani Winds, see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BOMbCsFV4ns for a `.)

An imaginative, colorful and challenging arrangement. Definitely a cut above many quintet arrangements of Latin music. [Andrew Brandt]

Milonga Sin Palabras (arr. William Scribner)

Richmond, Virginia: International Opus, 1981

Duration: 7:00.

NOT a tango, this is a very attractive slower work in the Argentinian style. Recommended. [Andrew Brandt]

Oblivion (arr. Jeff Scott)

Richmond, Va.: International Opus, 1984

A slower milonga, not a tango. Duration: 6:00.

Oblivion (arr. Frank Jordan)

Reynard Music Publications, http://reynard.dpwww.co.uk/

Tango Suite (arr. by Jack Sharretts)

Ancona, Italy: Bèrben Edizioni Musicali, http://www.berben.it/

Tema de Maria (arr. Mariano Fragioni)

Publishing info unknown. Recorded by Quinteto de Vientos on Radio Classica CDC 0020 (Buenos Aires, Argentina). Reviewed in The Double Reed, Vol. 21 No. 3.

Eduardo Rodriguez says, “It has a slow introduction and then a fuga that starts in the bassoon; very challenging.”

Picha, Frantisek (1893-1964)

Woodwind Quintet, Op. 31 (1944)

Prague: Cesky Hudebni Fond (Czech Music Foundation)

Praludium und Fuge

Pierce, Edwin Hall (1868-1954?)

Short Quintet in B-flat

Chicago: Gamble Hinged Music Co., 1938 /

New York: McGinnis & Marx

In Merry Mood

Chicago: Gamble Hinged Music Co., 1940 /

London: Leeds Music Ltd.


New York, N.Y.: Pro-Art Publications, Selling agents, Boosey Hawkes, Belwin, 1942 /

Pro Art Publications (see Belwin-Mills) /

Copy in Indiana University Music Library, Bloomington.

Allegro piacevole and Scherzo

New York: McGinnis & Marx

Pierce, V. Brent (1940- )


Ann Arbor, Michigan: Contemporary Music Project, University Microfilms

Pierné, Gabriel (1863-1937)

Album pour mes petits Amis, Op. 14 (arr. Wolfgang Renz)

Duration: 15:00. Website / Contact Wolfgang Renz: http://wolfgang-renz-notendruck.de/ . For a complete list of movements and the six young friends who they are dedicated to, see the entry on the International Music Score Library Project, http://imslp.org/wiki/Album_pour_mes_petits_amis,_Op.14_(Piern%C3%A9,_Gabriel), where you can also download the original piano score.

“Pastorale” from Album pour mes petits Amis, Op. 14, No. 1, (ca. 1886) (arr. ?)

Paris: A. Leduc, 1887 /

New York: Carl Fischer, 1970 /

Masters Music Publications, Inc.

One recording uses English horn instead of French horn. This movement is dedicated to “Mademoiselle Yvonne Leduc.” A copy of the original Leduc edition is available from the International Music Score Library Project, http://imslp.org/wiki/Album_pour_mes_petits_amis,_Op.14_(Piern%C3%A9,_Gabriel)

“Marche des Petits Soldats de Plomb” from Album pour mes petits Amis, Op. 14, No. 6 (“March of the Little Lead Soldiers”)

Paris: A. Leduc /

Boca Raton, FL: Masters Music Publications, Inc.

Duration: 4:00. This movement was dedicated to “Frédéric Merson.”

Impressions de Music-Hall, Op. 47 (arr. Wolfgang Renz)

Duration: 18:00. Website / Contact Wolfgang Renz: http://wolfgang-renz-notendruck.de/ .


Pastorale variée dans le style ancien for Wind Instruments

For flute, oboe, clarinet, 2 bassoons, horn, and trumpet, although one recording appears to use English horn instead of French horn. It was written for “La Trompette” chamber music society, which explains the use of trumpet. There is also a version for piano alone.

Prelude and Fugue for woodwind septet Op. 40/1 (1903-04) 2 flutes, oboe, clarinet, 2 bassoons, horn

Duration: 5:25. One recording uses English horn instead of French horn. This was one of three movements originally written for piano, then arranged for the Modern Wind Society of Paris.

Pierné, Paul G. (1874-1952)

Suite Pittoresque, Op. 14

Paris: Buffet-Crampon / Evette & Schaeffer

Paris: Alphonse Leduc

Movements: L’Abeille et la Fleur; Nuit sur la Plaine; Les Oiseaux et le Chat. Parts available for download at the International Music Score Library Project, http://imslp.org/wiki/Suite_pittoresque_(Piern%C3%A9,_Paul) . Not available for EU countries.

Quintet for Wind Instruments

New York: G. Schirmer

4 Movements.

Pietsch, Edna Frida (1894-1982)

Miniature Suite, Op. 20 (1961) (or 1949 or 1953?)

Minneapolis, Minn.: Schmitt Music Center, 1971 (or 1961?) Out of print.

Milwaukee-based American composer. Movements: 1. Prelude, 2. Lullaby, 3. Humoresque, 4. Eclogue, 5. Finale. Manuscript is in the archives of the library of the University of Wisconsin-Madison.


Suite for Woodwinds and French Horn for 2 flutes, 2 oboes, English horn, 2 clarinets, 2 bassoons, and horn

Manuscript is in the archives of the library of the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Pijper, Willem (1894-1947)

Quintet voor blazers, K. 80 (1929)

Amsterdam: Donemus, 1949, 1973 /

New York: C. F. Peters

Duration: 10:00.

Pilette, Philippe

Intermède Bucolique

Hensall, ON: Lighthouse Music Publications, 2013

Duration: 2:30. See http://www.lighthousemusicpublications.com/ for more info and for synthesized realizations of their publications.

Promenade Bleue

Hensall, ON: Lighthouse Music Publications, 2013

Duration: 2:20.

Motifs Réjouissants

Hensall, ON, Canada: Lighthouse Music Publications

Duration: 2:20.

Figures Endimanchées

Hensall, ON, Canada: Lighthouse Music Publications

Duration: 3:15.

Fragments Garantis

Hensall, ON, Canada: Lighthouse Music Publications

Duration: 1:30.

Pillin, Boris Williard (1940- )

Scherzo for Woodwind Quintet (1968)

Los Angeles-based American composer.

Pillney, Karl Hermann (1896-1980)

Divertimento (1966) for woodwind quintet, orchestra and piano

Pilss, Karl (also Pilß) (1902-1979)

Serenade in G Major (1942)

Vienna: Ludwig Doblinger Verlag, 1957

Duration: 17:00.Movements: 1. Heiter bewegt; 2. Ruhig; 3. Schnell; 4. Breit – Sehr lebendig – Breit. Some catalogs and recordings misspell this composer’s name as Karl Pliss.

Arthur Cohn, The Literature of Chamber Music, describes the style as “Late romanticism,” in the style of Richard Strauss.

Pimsleur, Solomon (1900-1962)

Light and Beauty (song-cycle of Sonnets by S. Pimsleur), Op. 53 (1944-45) for soprano and tenor solo with woodwind quintet, 1 or 2 violins, 1 or 2 violas, 1 or 2 celli and 1 double bass.

More Modern Madrigals, Op. 87 (1955-56) for vocal quartet
or mixed chorus with woodwind quintet, triangle and harp.

Madrigal titles: The Perfect Now, in C Major (Ruthven Todd); Rumination, in A major (Richard Eberhart); Nor Ships, nor Faces, in E flat major (Montgomery Hare).

Pinkham, Daniel (1923-2006)

Prelude and Scherzo

Boston, MA.: Ione Press, 1982

Duration: 9:00. See also: http://www.danielpinkham.net/

Forest Music (2004)

Boston, MA.: Ione Press

Duration: 10:00. Movements (incomplete list): 1. We enter the deep and silent forest; 2. ?? 3. We cross a gently flowing brook; 4. As we walk along, birds…  chirp in the treetops (flute solo); 5. ??; 6. On the way home, dancing light plays on our path.

Picnic Music, An Arcadian Pastorale for Wind Quintet (2000)

Boston, MA.: Ione Press

Duration: 15:00.

Five Times Two for double woodwind quintet (2004)

Boston, MA.: Ione Press

Duration: 7:00.

The work appears to be published with the title, “Five Times Two”, although the composer’s website clearly states the title is “Five Times Five.” See http://www.danielpinkham.net/catalogPage.html

Christmas Jubilations for woodwind quintet and SATB choir

Boston, MA.: Ione Press

Movements: 1. Tecum principatus; 2. Lux fulgebit; 3. Hodie nobis de caelo; 4. Verbum caro; 5. Hodie Christus natus est. Duration: 14:00.

Magnificat for woodwind quintet, soprano solo and SATB chorus (2003)

Boston, MA.: Ione Press / E. C. Schirmer

Movements: I. Magnificat anima mea; II. Quia respexit; III. Quia fecit; IV. Et misericordia; V. Fecit potentiam; VI. Suspecit Israel; VII. Gloria Patri. With a biographical note. Dedicated to Mary Beekman and Musica Sacra I. Magnificat anima mea; II. Quia respexit; III. Quia fecit; IV. Et misericordia; V. Fecit potentiam; VI. Suspecit Israel; VII. Gloria Patri. Dedicated to Mary Beekman and Musica Sacra.

Pinos, Alois (1925-2008)

I. Bläserquintett (1951)

II. Bläserquintett (1959)

Praha: Cesky Hudebni Fond (Czech Music Foundation)

Duration: 18:00.

Five Movements for Five Winds (Suite for Wind Quintet) (1994)

Duration: 15:00.

Thanks for Every Day (1998) version c for woodwind quintet


(None of these should be confused with a Wind Quintet of 1980 for sax, trumpets and trombones.)


Nonet (1983) for woodwind quintet, violin, viola, cello and double bass.

Duration: 13:00.

Pinzon-Urrea, Jesus (1928- )

Motivo y Transformaciones (1967)

Duration: 13:00. Movements: Motivo; Canon; Scherzo; Atonal-tonal; Intermedio; Final. Colombian composer.


Bico Anamo (1979) for soprano solo, SATB, woodwind quintet, and percussion

Pirchner, Werner Preisegott (1940-2001)

String Quartet for Wind Quintet, Variations on a Tyrolean Slave Song

Wien: Doblinger, 1997

Oboe doubles on English horn. Movements: I. I mag; II. Nit Küah-hiatn; III. I mag nit; IV. Sau-hiatn; V. Vom Davon-Reitn; VI. P.S.; VII. Ich weiss nicht, soll’s was bedeuten…; VIII. Ja! See also: http://www.wernerpirchner.com/4DACTION/web_searchwork (Editor’s note: I can’t decide whether the entire piece’s description (see below) is serious, tongue-in-cheek, or pure fiction. I’ll let you decide for yourself. Or not. – AB)

In 1975, I was asked by the composer, graphic artist, film maker, and radio writer Bert Breit to do the music for a film about Tyrol which he was making with Otto Grenmandl. After the appearance of the LP “Half a Double Album” and the short film “Decline of the Alpine Country” I wanted to cencern myself with more positive aspects of our tradition and wrote variations on a slave song whose dialect text translates roughly as follows: “I don’t want to look after a cow. I don’t want to look after a pig. But I’d love to look after a horse. I could climb on. I could ride away. I could lead the life of a lord.”
In the early 1980s I set the little piece for wind quintet and composed three more brief movements, one of them in memory of Heinrich Heine. The first performance took place on October 22nd, 1984 in the Schubert Hall of Vienna’s Konzerthaus in the first concert of the series “die neue reihe”. Perhaps my father, who was a waggoner, would have liked the music. A picture of him appears on the cover of the score.

Pirklbauer, Gerhard (1954- )

Quintett (1978)


See http://www.moz.ac.at/people.php?p=50928&l=en for contact info.

Pironkoff, Simeon (1965- )

Bläserquintett (1986 / 1987)

Published by the composer

Duration: 10:00. Flute doubles on piccolo, oboe doubles on English horn. See also: http://www.pironkoff.at

Pisaro, Michael (1961- )

Here, No. 5 (1997)

Berlin: Edition Wandelweiser: Timescraper Music, 1997

Duration: 40:00.

Pishny-Floyd, Monte Keene (1941- )

Three Canadian postcards (1977)

Toronto: Canadian Music Center

Commissioned by the Prairie Wind Ensemble, Saskatoon.Duration: 10:00. Movements: I. Banff – Lake Louise; II. Bears; III. Northern lights. See also: http://www.pishny-floyd.blogspot.com/


Captions: Jazz in the wickercage shoppe (1971) for woodwind quintet, narrator, dancer, mime and percussion

Toronto: Canadian Music Centre

Duration: 10:00. Words in English, text by Johnjoseph Pajor.

Pisk, Paul Amadeus (1893-1990)

Woodwind Quintet, Op. 96 (1958)

New York, N.Y.: Pioneer, 1958 /

New York: American Composers Alliance

Duration: 15:00.

Piston, Walter (1894-1976)

Quintet for Wind Instruments (1956)

New York: Associated Music Publishers, 1957

Milwaukee: Distributed by Hal Leonard

Recorded by the Sierra Wind Quintet on Cambria. Commissioned by
the Elizabeth Sprague Coolidge Foundation in the Library of Congress. Movements: Animato; Con tenerezza; Scherzando; Allegro comodo. Duration: 18:00. Brief description in Arthur Cohn, The Literature of Chamber Music.

Pistor, Carl Friedrich (1884-1969)


Pitombeira de Oliveira, Liduino (1962- )

Ajubete Jepê Amô Mbaê, Op. 10 (1992)

Duration: 5:00. Recorded by the Quinteto Brasília and the Berlin Philharmonic Woodwind Quintet. See also: http://pitombeira.com/

Four Brazilian Songs, Op. 31 (1998)

Premiered by the Arta Woodwind Quintet (Munich).

Suite Hermética, Op. 95 (2005)

Recorded by the Lieurance Woodwind Quintet and the Quinteto Brasiliera. Duration: 9:20.

Impressoes Horizontes, Op. 133 (2007)

Duration: 4:20.

Pixinguinha (Alfredo da Rocha Viana, Jr.)(1897-1973)

Naquele Tempo (arr. Airton Barbosa)

Duration: 3:44. Recorded by Quinteto Brasília.

Naquele Tempo by Pixinguinha with Benedito Lacerdo

It’s unclear whether Benedito Lacerdo was a co-composer or arranger of Naguele Tempo, but he’s listed in the Quinteto Villa-Lobos 1977 recording of this work. See our Cracked Reed Blog post on Quinteto Villa-Lobos for a link to an online recording. Duration: 4:00.

The work begins with “the tune” as a flute solo, then the oboe and clarinet do their own versions. Pixinguinha was noted for his Choros and his collaborations with Benedito Lacerda. Bassoon and horn play a Latin accompaniment. [Andrew Brandt]

Segura Ele (by Pixinguinha / Benedito Lacerda)

As with Naquele Tempo above, it’s unclear whether Lacerda is co-composer or an arranger of this work. Recorded in 1977 by Quinteto Villa-Lobos. Probably arranged specifically for them.

Features solos for flute, clarinet, and oboe. It’s a lively, rhythmically complex, busy, fun work. [Andrew Brandt].

Descendo a Serra (arr. José De Geus)

Duration: 3:08. Recorded by the Quinteto Brasília.

Pizzi, Ray (ca. 1943- )


Van Nuys, CA: Ray Pizzi, http://www.raypizzi.com/

“A Fusion of Mid-Eastern and American flavors.”


Van Nuys, CA: Ray Pizzi, http://www.raypizzi.com/

“…samba groove.” As you can confirm below, the composer seems to have an obsession with pasta.

Da’ Blues

Van Nuys, CA: Ray Pizzi, http://www.raypizzi.com/

El Shlomo del Toro

Van Nuys, CA: Ray Pizzi, http://www.raypizzi.com/


Van Nuys, CA: Ray Pizzi, http://www.raypizzi.com/

“ …A Cheerful, Buoyant Samba.”

Killer Kowalski

Van Nuys, CA: Ray Pizzi, http://www.raypizzi.com/

See description on the website. Even I can’t believe it.

La Buffadora

Van Nuys, CA: Ray Pizzi, http://www.raypizzi.com/

“A sprightly contemporary waltz that captures the festive spirit of Mexico.”


Van Nuys, CA: Ray Pizzi, http://www.raypizzi.com/

“MOTOWN, RnB Groove for Woodwind Quintette…”


Van Nuys, CA: Ray Pizzi, http://www.raypizzi.com/

Described as “Modal Jazz-Rock, Funky Groove.”

Pizza Machine

Van Nuys, CA: Ray Pizzi, http://www.raypizzi.com/

In the “Jazz-Rock-Indian Raga” style. Apparently the piece is about the composer’s truck.

Pussy Cat Song

Van Nuys, CA: Ray Pizzi, http://www.raypizzi.com/

Road Rage

Van Nuys, CA: Ray Pizzi, http://www.raypizzi.com/

Features the clarinet; “A Fusion of Jazz-Rock-Blues.” Duration: 3:00.


Van Nuys, CA: Ray Pizzi, http://www.raypizzi.com/

“…Latin-Funk Groove.”


Van Nuys, CA: Ray Pizzi, http://www.raypizzi.com/ [2006?]


Van Nuys, CA: Ray Pizzi, http://www.raypizzi.com/

Yada Yada

Van Nuys, CA: Ray Pizzi, http://www.raypizzi.com/

Placheta, Hugo (1892-1971)

Divertimento, Op. 8

Wien: Verlag Doblinger 1965

Duration: 17:00.

Arthur Cohn, The Literature of Chamber Music, calls this “more serious” than your standard divertimento. “Although the quintet has a standard layout – sonata form, ternary design and rondo – there is always good momentum to and interesting development of the material. The finale includes a snappy fugato.”

Plagge, Wolfgang (1960- )

Wind Quintet, Op. 105 (2000)

Oslo: NB noter (Contemporary Norwegian sheet music)

Duration: 17:30. See also: http://wolfgangplagge.classicalmgt.com/

Wind Quintet II, Op. 110 (2001)

Oslo: NB noter (Contemporary Norwegian sheet music)

Duration: 14:00.

Plakidis, Peteris (1947- )

Prelūdija un pulsācija (Prelude and Pulsation) (1975)

Musica Baltica

Duration: 7:00.

Plante, Cyril (1975- )

Wind Quintet No. 1, Op. 163 (2012)

Movements: Fantaisie, Scherzo, Presto. Available for download under the Creative Commons license:

Plante, Denis

Suite Piedra Libre

Duration: 16:00. Recorded by Pentaèdre.

Platt, Peter (1924-2000)


Sydney: Australian Performing Right Assn.

Plaza, Julian (1928-2003)

Danzar’n, (tango), (arr. Carlos Visnivetski, 1944-2010)


Pleskow, Raoul (1931- )

Four Short Pieces, version 1 (1981)

New York: American Composers Alliance

Duration: 5:00. (Also versions for string quintet or for flute, clarinet, and string quartet.)

Pleyel, Ignaz Joseph (1757-1831)

Rondo (arr. Harris)

New York: Carl Fischer, 1970

Rondo (arr. Geiger)

New York: Remick Music Corp. (Warner Bros. Music)

Rondo (arr. ?)

MSB Publishing

Quintet, Op. 48 (arr. Harris)

Boston: Cundy-Bettoney

Quintet in C Major (arr. Fritz Muth)

Musica Rara /

Leipzig, C. Merseburger

Based on an Piano Trio by Pleyel (attributed to Joseph Haydn) No. 12 in Peters edition of Joseph Haydn’s Trios für Pianoforte, Violine und Violoncello.

Pliss, Karl

SEE Pilss, Karl

Plog, Anthony (1947- )

Animal Ditties VI (1993) for woodwind quintet and narrator

Bulle, Switzerland: Editions Bim, 1993 http://www.editions-bim.com/

Duration: 10:00.

4 Miniatures for viola and woodwind quintet (1983)

Editions Bim http://www.editions-bim.com/

Duration: 10:00. 4 movements. Written for James Dunham and the Westwood Quintet.

Plum, Abram M. (1925-2002)

Two Movements for Woodwind Quintet (1985)

Duration: 7:30.

Conversations (2000)

Plush, Vincent (1950- )

Cristóbal Colón: Guamiquina (1992)

Grosvenor Place, N.S.W.: Australian Music Centre 1999

See also: http://www.australianmusiccentre.com.au/ .
Duration: 20:00. Movements: The discovery of America; Chorale/Dance I, The conquest of paradise; The death of Anacoana; Chorale/Dance II, The taming of paradise; The apotheosis of Guamiquina.

Podest, Ludvik (also spelled Podes) (1921-1968)

Bläserquintett (1946)

Bläserquintett (1948)

Czech composer. Principal publisher was Cesky hudebni fond.

Podesva, Jaromir (1927- )

1. Bläserquintett (Wind Quintet No. 1) in memoriam Theodor Schaefer (composed 1969-70 or 1961?)

Podprocky, Josef (1944- )

Divertimento für fünf Bläsinstrumente, Op. 10 (1969)

Duration: 13:00. See also: http://hc.sk/en/hudba/osobnost-detail/588-jozef-podprocky

Pohjola, Sepp (1965- )

Quintet (2007)

Helsinki: Music Finland http://musicfinland.fi/en/

Duration: 27:00. Commissioned by the Idée Fixe Wind Quintet.

Polaczek, Dietmar (1942- )

Bläserquintett “lesabendio” (1966)


Performed by the Syrinx Quintet.

Poldini, Ede (or Eduard) (1869-1957)

General Boom Boom (arr. Henri Elkan)

Philadelphia: Henri Elkan, 1956, now Elkan-Vogel

Dancing Doll (arr. Harry Hanaford)

Manuscript available from the arranger?

Poliart, Jean-Louis (1954- )

Couleur (1986)

Bruxelles: Le Centre Belge de Documentation Musicale (CeBeDeM)

Requiem (Quintet à vent No. 2) (1990)

Bruxelles: Le Centre Belge de Documentation Musicale (CeBeDeM)

Duration: 14:30.


Contrephase (1984) for woodwind quintet, alto saxophone,
and bass clarinet.

Bruxelles: Le Centre Belge de Documentation Musicale (CeBeDeM)

Duration: 10:00.

Polin, Claire C. J. (Mrs. Merle S. Schaff) (1926-1995)

Res naturae, The Carmarthen Dove in a Maliseet Dance

Medfield, Mass.: Dorn Publications, 1981

Arthur Cohn, The Literature of Chamber Music, “Picturesque
fantasies are partnered in Polin’s piece: The dove is from Wales and the rhythmic setting is a representation of a Canadian Indian dance.”

Poldowski (Lady Dean Paul) (1879-1932)

Suite Miniature (arr. Georges Barrère, 1876-1944)

New York: Galaxy Music, 1934

Poldowski is the pseudonym of Lady Dean Paul, born Irene Regine Wieniawska. She was daughter to the famous violinist and composer, Henryk Wieniawski. Originally written “for eight wind instruments, including some obsolete ones.” Movements: Passemaise; Musette; Minuetto; Rigaudon; Gigue. Georges Barrère was a noted French flutist (later teaching at Juilliard). See his other arrangements for quintet.

Polivka, Vladimir (1896-1948)

Divertimento (1939)


Suite (1933 or 1934) for woodwind quintet and viola

Czech composer.

Pollard, Len

Scena, Op. 34, No. 1 (arr. M.C. Pollard?)

Burnley: Bertrulen, 2000

On Stansfield Moor, Op. 42, No. 2 “The field of the rushes” (arr. M.C. Pollard?)

Burnley: Bertrulen, 2000

Easter in York, Op. 32, No. 10 “Bletchley Park” (arr. M.C. Pollard?) for double woodwind quintet

Burnley: Bertrulen, 2000

“Scena” from Suite, Richmond, Op. 34, No. 1, for double woodwind quintet(arr. M. C. Pollard ?)

Burnley: Bertrulen, 2001

Pollock, Robert (1946- )

Quintet (1975)

Ship Bottom, N.J.: Association for the Promotion of New Music, 1975 /

Hillsdale, New York: Boelke-Bomart Publications /

Mobart Music Publications, 1978

Duration: 9:00. Movements: Prelude; Variations; Coda.

Pololanik, Zdenek (1935- )

Tre Scherzi (1969)

Padova: G. Zanibon, 1970

Duration: 15:00.


Musica spingenta I (1961) for woodwind quintet and double bass

Polson, Arthur (1934-2003)

Quintet “Bacaneb” (1968)

Toronto: Canadian Music Center

Duration: 12:00. Movements: Theme, 2. Allegro vivo, 3. Lento, 4. Allegretto, 5. Andante, 6. Presto, 7. Allegro, 8. Theme, 9. Finale.

Pompe, Urška (1969- )

Čuječi (Hörend) for wind quintet (2001)

Ljubljana: Edicije drusstva slovenskih skladateljev, 2003

See http://www.urskapompe.com/

Almost a Loneliness (2005) for woodwind quintet and soprano

Pompili, Claudio (1949- )

Zeitfluss: teuflischer kontrapunkt (1990)

Australian Music Centre, http://www.australianmusiccentre.com.au/

Flute doubles on piccolo. Duration: 13:00. See also: www.claudiopompili.net.au/

Ponc, Miroslav (1902-1976)

3 Skizzen (also listed as Three Merry Pieces) (1929)

Ponce (Cuellar), Manuel Maria (1882-1948)

Estrellita (Little Star) (1914) (arr. Adam Lesnick)

Richmond, Virginia: International Opus, 1995

Originally for voice and piano. Ponce was a prominent 20th century Mexican composer, this song, written in 1914, is often mistaken for a folk song.

Ponchielli, Amilcare (1834-1886)

“Dance of the Hours” from La Gioconda (arr. Edward Benyas)

Richmond, Virginia: International Opus

Oboe doubles on English horn and flutist has option of playing piccolo.

“Dance of the Hours” from La Gioconda (arr. Judith Kane)

Salem, CT: Cimarron Music Press cimarronmusic.com

“Dance of the Hours” from La Gioconda (arr. Mike Walton)

Sound the Trumpets, http://www.soundthetrumpets.com/

For student quintets.

Pongrácz, Zoltán(1912-2007)

Wind Quintet (1956)

Poniridis, Georgios (or Georges) (1892-1982)

Bläserquintett (1966)

Manuscript is located at the The Georgios Poniridis Archive – Music Library of Greece.

Ponse, Luctor (1914-1998)

Deux pieces pour quintette à vent (1943)

Amsterdam: Donemus /

New York: C. F. Peters, 1949

Duration: 8:00. See also: http://www.luctorponse.org/

Kwintet, Op. 32 (1961)

Amsterdam: Donemus,

New York: C.F. Peters Corp.,1961

Duration: 17:00.

Poot, Marcel (1901-1988)

Concertino voor blazerskwintet (1958)

Paris: A. Leduc 1965

Copy available at Le Centre Belge de Documentation Musicale (CeBeDeM) Duration: 12:00.

Pope, Peter(1917-1991)


Lancaster, UK: Phylloscopus Publications, http://www.phylloscopus.co.uk/

Popkin, Maurice H. (1898-1948)

Intermezzo (1991)

ALRY Publications, Inc. http://www.alrypublications.com/

A scherzo in 1 movement, moderate difficulty. Composer is father of the bassoonist, Mark Popkin.

Popov, Nikolai

Carnival of Animals and Insects

Movements: The Singing Elephant; The Shaggy Bumblebee; The Dancing Penguin; The Enamored Goose; The Turtle. Duration: 9:45.Nikolai Popov is the solo flutist of the Bolshoi Theatre Orchestra and a member of the Bolshoi Theater Wind Quintet, who has recorded the work on a CD. Although adopting the idea of Sant-Saëns’ Carnival of the Animals, it is updated with some mild avant-garde elements and jazz and Latin styles. You can listen to the work and read the program notes on their site, http://bolshoiwindquintet.com/ .

Popovici, Elise (also Popovici-Goia?) (1921- )

Wind Quintet

Porcelijn, David (1947- )

Pulverizations (1972)

Amsterdam, Donemus 1972

Duration: 11:00. This is one of several works by Porcelijn using this title.

12 November 1819 (1975)

Amsterdam: Stichting Donemus, 1976


Continuations for double woodwind quintet plus trumpet

10-5-6-5(a) for Two String Quartets, Wind Quintet and 2 Vibraphones (1972)

Porfetye, Andreas (1927- )

Bläserquintett (1957)

Porsch, Gilbert W.

Suite Modique

Chicago: Gamble Hinged Music Co.,1938 /

Warner Bros.

Movements: Prelude; Valse caprice; Scherzo legere.

Porter, Cole (1891-1964)

Cole Porter Medley (1991?) (arr. David Archibald)

“Quadrille” from Can-Can (arr. Arthur Harris)

New York: Buxton Hill Music Corp., 1961

Love Songs Without Words (arr. Smit)

Performed by the Dorian Wind Quintet

Porter, Quincy (1897-1966)

Divertimento (1960)

New York: C. F. Peters, 1962

Portin, Marko (1970- )

Quintet for Winds (2003)


Duration: 13:00.

Posada-Amador, Carlos (1908-1993)

Quintet (1958)

Duration: 18:00.

Pospíšil, Juraj (1931-2007)

Glosy (“Glosses” or “Marginal Notes”), Op. 20, No. 2 (1964)

Bratislava: Slovensky Hudobny Fond

Duration: 9:00. See also: http://hc.sk/en/hudba/osobnost-detail/595-juraj-pospisil

Post, David L. (1949- )

Woodwind Quintet (1993)

W. Newton, Massachusetts: Frank E. Warren Music, 1994/

Duration: 12:00. See also: http://www.davidpostmusic.com/scores.html

Post, Jos (1955- )

Entering and leaving a choral (1978)

Amsterdam: Donemus, 1987

Duration: 11:00.

Tweede blaaskwintet (1987) (Second wind quintet)

Amsterdam: Donemus, 1987

Duration: 12:00.

Poul, František (1945- )

Wind Quintet (1974)

Bratislava: Hudobny fond

Movements: Preludio; Ciacconna; Finale. See also: http://hc.sk/en/hudba/osobnost-detail/598-frantisek-poul

Poulenc, Francis (1899-1963)

Novelette in C (arr. Geoffrey Emerson) (1959)

Ampleforth, North Yorkshire: Emerson Editions, Ltd.

Originally for piano in 2 Novelettes, FP 46, No. 1. Duration: 2:43.

Quintet players are more likely to want to perform Poulenc’s Sextet for piano and winds. Doublereeders owe it to themselves to play his Trio for oboe, bassoon and piano sometime, too. [Andrew Brandt]


Mouvements Perpetuels (1946 version) for woodwind quintet and string quartet (violin, viola, cello, bass)

Duration: 5:00. This is an arrangement by Poulenc of one of his earlier piano compositions.

Musique pour faire plaisir (Music to Give Pleasure) (1937, arranged 1984)(arr. Jean Françaix) for 2 flutes, oboe, English horn, clarinet, bass clarinet; bassoon, contrabassoon, and 2 horns.

Paris: Editions Max Eschig

Duration: 8:45. Elegie; L’embarquement pour Cynthère; Grand valse democratique. Based on a piano work by Poulenc. Several recordings available on YouTube, including a commercial recording by Bläser Ensemble Mainz.

Poulton, George R. (1828-1867)

Aura Lee (arr. Thomas H. Graf)

http://the-hit-factory.com/ See also http://www.sheetmusicplus.com/

It was composed by George R. Poulton, with words by W. W. Fosdick. Elvis Presley used the tune in “Love me tender.” Although this arrangement is for woodwind quintet, sheetmusicplus erroneously displays the string quartet score in the listing.

Pourfarrokh, Massoud

Colors (1975)

Premiered by the Dorian Wind Quintet.

Pousseur, Henri (Leon Marie Therese) (1929-2009)

Troisieme Vue sur les Jardins Interdits (1974) (arr. Monk)

Milano: Edizioni Suvini Zerboni, 1980

Originally written for 4 saxophones in 1973, arr. for flute, oboe, clarinet, horn, and bassoon. Duration: 14:00.


Un jardin de passacailes (1987) for woodwind quintet, trombone, keyboards, percussion, violin, viola, cello, double bass

Symphonie à 15 solistes (1954-5) for flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, 2 horns, trumpet, 2 harps, piano, 2 violins, viola, cello

Powell, Mel (1923-1998)

Woodwind Quintet (1985)

New York: G. Schirmer, Distributed Milwaukee, WI: Hal Leonard, 1986

Mel Powell is an adopted name, his original last name being Epstein. (Benny Goodman appears to have suggested the name change.) Commissioned by the Sierra Wind Quintet. Recorded by the New York Woodwind Quintet on New World Records. Also recorded Cambria CD 1044. Duration: 8:30. 4 movements: Allegro cantabile; Presto; Largo; Vivo.

Reviewed as a very technically challenging work, atonal, “very interesting and challenging.” See bio on: http://www.schirmer.com/.

Morton & Collins, in Contemporary Composers state, “In… the Woodwind Quintet he replaces the single note as a compositional unit with composite modules of chords, pitch sequences and rhythms, which are constantly transformed into a succession of elaborate mazes with resulting expressivity and great dynamic range.”

Divertimento (1954)

New York: American Music Center /

New York: Carl Fischer /

New York: G. Schirmer

Duration: 10:00.

Power, Gerard (1965- )

Woodwind Quintet (1998/1999)

The Contemporary Music Centre Ireland, http://www.cmc.ie/

Scored for flute/piccolo, oboe/English horn, clarinet/bass clarinet, bassoon, horn. Duration: 11:00.

Powers, Anthony (1953- )

Capricci (1994)

Oxford, New York: Oxford University Press


Chamber Concerto (1984) for flute/alto flute, oboe/English horn, clarinet/bass clarinet, bassoon, horn, trumpet, trombone, piano, marimba/vibraphone, 2 violins, viola, cello, bass

Score available for purchase. Parts are rental only.

Powers, Daniel (1960- )

Impulse (2000)

Terre Haute, Indiana: Swan’s Wing Press, 2000: http://www.swanswingpress.com/

Duration: 10:00. Commissioned by the Indiana State University Faculty Wind Quintet. See also: http://library.newmusicusa.org/

Powning, Graham (1949- )

Wind Quintet No. 1

London , Narara, N.S.W.: Stiles Music Publications, 2002

Wind Quintet No. 2 (2002)

London: Narara, N.S.W.: Stiles Music Publications, 2002

Wind Quintet No. 3

London: Narara, N.S.W.: Stiles Music Publications, 2002

Children’s Suite

London , Narara, N.S.W.: Stiles Music Publications, 2001

Pozdro, John Walter (1923-2009)

Woodwind Quintet (1951)

American Composer, affiliated with the University of Kansas in Lawrence.

Pozniak, Wlodzimierz (1904-1967)

Bläserquintett (1938)

Praag, Henri C. van (1894-1968)

Quintet No. 1 (1938)

Amsterdam: Stichting Donemus, 1948, 1965

Duration: 12:00.

Quintet No. 2 (1948)

Amsterdam: Donemus /

New York: C. F. Peters, 1949

Duration: 18:00.

Sonata (1963)

Amsterdam: Stichting Donemus

Not included in Donemus’s current catalog. It may be an errant listing.


Divertimento (1938) for woodwind quintet and violin

Amsterdam: Donemus Foundation

Quatre reflexions (1950)

Amsterdam: Donemus Foundation

Duration: 10:00.

Fantasie for bassoon solo and 9 winds

Amsterdam: Donemus, 1962

For solo bassoon and an ensemble of 2 flutes, 2 clarinets, 2 oboes, 1 bassoon and 2 horns.

Praetorius, Michael (ca. 1571-1621)

Suite from Terpsichore (arr. David Carp)

New York: Carp Music, Inc.

Terpsichore was a multi-volumed collection of Renaissance dance music and is popular for arrangements for strings, brass, recorders, and woodwinds as well as with Renaissance consorts.

Praetorius, Hieronymus(1560-1629)

Springtanz (arr. Shenoll Tokaj)

Available for download on free-scores.com, http://www.free-scores.com/download-sheet-music.php?pdf=41948 . The composer appears not to be related to the more famous Michael Praetorius of the same era.

Präsent, Gerhard (1957- )

Quintett, Op. 10 (1981)


Duration: 15:00. See the Music Austria database: http://db.musicaustria.at/en/node/62197

Premrl, Stanko – Srebotnjak, Alojz

Suite Polifonica no. 3

Ljubljana: Edicije Drustva slovenskih skladateljev – Society of Slovene Composers, www.dss.si

Presser, William Henry (1916-2004)


Tenuto Publications, sole selling agent: T. Presser Co. [c1977]

Biography at http://www.tritone-tenuto.com/presser-full%20bio.htm

Minuet, Sarabande and Gavotte

Tritone, 1970 /

Tenuto Publications /

Bryn Mawr, Pa.: T. Presser, 1962

Wind Quintet

Tenuto Publications /

Bryn Mawr, PA: Theodore Presser Co., 1977

Duration: 11:05.

Prezament, Wendy (1955- )

Botanical Theatre (1990)

Toronto: Canadian Music Center

Inspired by a painting by Paul Klee. Commissioned by the Quintette à vent Pentadre through The Canada Council.

Price, Florence (1887 or 1888-1953)

Two Negro Dances

Possibly an arrangement of pieces from her Three Negro Dances for piano. Florence Price was the first African-American woman composer to write for (and be performed by) a symphony orchestra. See the University of Arkansas archives at: http://libinfo.uark.edu/SpecialCollections/findingaids/price.html

Price, Richard

Christmas Medley

Available from Richard Price, 75 Loughlin Ave., Cos Cob, CT 06807 USA.

Medley includes “Deck the Halls,” “O Come All Ye Faithful,” “Good King Wenceslas” and “We Wish You a Merry Christmas.”


Available from Richard Price (See address above.)

Many other arrangements by Price are scattered throughout this list.

Prieto, Claudio (1934- )

El Juego de la Musica (1971)

Madrid: Editorial Alpuerto, 1974

Spanish composer.

Prigozhin, Liutsian Abramovich (1926-1994)

Musica Rustica (Derevenskaia muzyka) (1973)

Leningrad (now St. Petersburg): Muzyka, Leningradskoe otd-nie, 1976

Also try Interlibrary loan: Northwestern University.

Prinz, Alfred (1930-2014)

Moments Musicaux, Reminiszenzen eines Musikenthusiasten (1978)

Wien: Doblinger, 1980

Duration: 7:00.

The Merry Black Widow, Paraphrase for wind-quintet after Franz Lehar (1994)

Wien: Doblinger, 1996

Duration: 10:00.

For those who’ve not performed opera, Franz Lehár was the Viennese composer who wrote the still-performed operetta The Merry Widow (Die lustige Witwe, 1905). A merry black widow sounds more ominous, as if any tune written by Lehár could be said to be ominous. [Andrew Brandt]

Morgensterniana (1981)


Bläserquintett (1955)


Pritchard, Alwynne (1968- )

Craw (1997) for woodwind quintet, trumpet, trombone, piano, 2 violins, viola, cello.

Duration: 7:00.

Jgiuhde (1993) for flute/piccolo, oboe/English horn, clarinet/e-flat clarinet, bassoon, horn, trumpet, trombone, crotales, bass drum, cello, bass

Both works available from: British Music Information Centre – New Voices Project http://www.bmic.co.uk/ Duration: 7:00.

Procaccini, Teresa (1934- )

Clown music, 4 pezzi per quintetto a fiato

Padova: Edizione G. Zanibon, 1970

Duration: 11:00. Different sources list this as either Op. 36 or 37. Italian composer.

Play for wind quintet and bass clarinet, Op. 131 (1992)

Prodigo, Sergio (1949- )

Quintetto I, Op. 86 “The past years”

Ancona, Italy: Berben Edizioni Musicali http://www.berben.it/

Progar, Vasja (1986- )

Blizu Niča

See also: http://www.cona.si/sounding/content/progar.html

Prokofiev, Sergei (1891-1953)

Fleeting Moments, Op. 22 (arr. ?)

New York: Carl Fischer, Inc.

“Gavotte” from the Classical Symphony (a.k.a. Symphony No. 1)

Richmond, Va: International Opus,1995

No arranger’s name is listed, but it’s probably Adam Lesnick.

“March” from The Love for Three Oranges (arr. Adam Lesnick) (1995)

Richmond, Virginia: International Opus

Nicely done arrangement of the orchestra work. Great piece to show off the flute! [Andrew Brandt]

Peter and the Wolf, Op. 67 (arr. Ronald M. Krentzman)

R&M Music Publications, 100 Pettit Dr., South Meriden, CT 06540-4971

For woodwind quintet and narrator. Includes a large narrator’s score.

Peter and the Wolf, Op. 67 (with narrator) (arranged by Michael Curtis, 1998)

Ft. Collins: MSS Pub.

Duration: 12:00.

Orchestral musicians may be disappointed in the fact this arrangement is severely cut, with no music during the narrations. Other portions of the work are presented in minimalist fashion. In one case (after the wolf catches the duck) the orchestral accompaniment is reduced to a single quintet chord. However, if you need an abbreviated, easy version for school concerts where the narrator can’t rehearse the musical cues before the performance, this is it. [Andrew Brandt]

Peter and the Wolf, Op. 67 (arr. Trevor Cramer) for woodwind quintet and narrator

Tallevast, FL: TrevCo Music

This arrangement also has cuts, but not nearly as many as the Curtis arrangement listed above. Narrator does talk during some of the music (as in the original version). (A narrator’s part with short musical cues is supplied.) It is nicely arranged for the most part. (It’s impossible not to miss the 3 horns for the wolf or the timpani solo in any of these arrangements.) [Andrew Brandt]

Peter and the Wolf, Op. 67 (arr. Earl North) for woodwind quintet, narrator and (optional) percussion

Tunbridge, Vermont: Trillenium Music Co.

Suite from Romeo and Juliet (arr. Joachim Linckelmann)

Hans Sikorski

Summer Day Suite, Op. 65 (arr. Clark McAlister)

Boca Raton, Florida: Masters Music Publications

6 pieces originally titled “Music for Children (12 easy pieces for piano)” written in 1935.

Troika from “Lt. Kije” (arr. James Christenson)

Delevan, NY: Kendor Music, Inc.: Almitra Music Co., 2000

Pryor, Arthur (1870-1942)

The Whistler and his Dog (arr. Ron Geese)

Salem, Ct.: Cimarron Music Press, 2007 cimarronmusic.com

Uses piccolo instead of flute.

Przybylski, Bronislaw Kazimierz (1941- )

Krolewski turniej (The Royal Tournament) (1977)

Warszawa: Wydawn. Muzyczne Agencji Autorskiej, 1981

Duration: 10:00. Movements: Bialy rycerz (The white knight); Czarny rycerz (Black knight); Fanfara I; Walka piesza (Contest of foot); Fanfara II; Damy dworu (Ladies in waiting); Fanfara III; Walka konna (The joust); Fanfara IV; Marsz zwyciezcy (Victory march).

Puccini, Giacomo (1858-1924)

“Il Mio Babbino Caro” and “Musetta’s Waltz” from La Bohème (both arr. by Ronald M. Krentzman)

R&M Music Publications, 100 Pettit Dr., South Meriden, CT 06540-4971

The Puccini Album, Vol. 1 (arr. Adam Lesnick)

Richmond, Virginia: International Opus

Collection of operatic works:
“Quando me’n vo’ soletta” from La Bohème, “E lucevan le stelle” from Tosca, “Humming Chorus” from Madama Butterfly, “O mio babbino Caro” from Gianni Schicchi.
Duration: 10:00. Available only in the USA and Canada.

A lot of fun for players and audiences. Highly recommended. It pairs very well with Lesnick’s arrangement of Mascagni’s “Intermezzo” from Cavalleria Rusticana (see Mascagni).

Puccini Album, Volume 2 (arr. Adam Lesnick?)

Richmond, Virginia: International Opus

A series of arias from Act 1 of La Bohème, including
“Che gelida manina” and “Mi chiamano Mimi.” Available only in the USA and Canada. Duration: 9:00.

Chrysanthemums (arr. Geoffrey Emerson)

Ampleforth: Emerson Edition, 2001

Chrysanthemums (arr. K. David van Hoesen)

Trevco Music Publishing

Originally for string quartet.

“E Lucevan le Stelle” from Tosca (arr. Richard Price)

Available from Richard Price, 75 Loughlin Ave., Cos Cob, CT 06807 USA

“Musetta’s Waltz” from La Bohème (arr. David Schorr)

Parts are available from http://cabri-ltd.com/timberwinds/Music%20Catalog/Puccini%20-%20Musetta’s%20Waltz%20ww5.pdf

“O Mio Babbino Caro” from Gianni Schicchi (arr. Bill Holcombe & Bill Holcombe, Jr.)

Chesapeake, VA: Bill Holcombe’s Musicians Pub’s (http://billholcombe.com/)

“Si, mi chiamano Mimi” from La Bohème (arr. Mathew Evans)

Solitarius Press; See also http://www.sheetmusicplus.com/

Tosca, Act III (arr. Frank Morelli)

Trevco Music Publishing

Originally transcribed for the quintet, Windscape, of which Morelli was a member.

Presumably, the quintet players flinging themselves off the stage into the pit at the end is optional. [Andrew Brandt]

“Un Bel Di” from Madama Butterfy (arr. Bill Holcombe and Bill Holcombe, Jr.)

Chesapeake, VA: Bill Holcombe’s Musicians Pub’s (http://billholcombe.com/)

“Visi d’arte” from Tosca (arr. ?)

New York: Symphony Reproductions, Ltd.

“Visi d’arte, Vissi d’amore” (arr. Bill Holcombe and Bill Holcombe, Jr.)

Chesapeake, VA: Bill Holcombe’s Musicians Pub’s (http://billholcombe.com/)

Pudlák, Miroslav (1961- )

Rotations and Canons (1983) for woodwind quintet and soprano saxophone

Duration: unlimited.

Otisky (Imprints) (1985) for chamber ensemble (flute, oboe, 2 clarinets, horn, bassoon, violin, viola, cello, bass, vibraphone)

Duration: 8:00.

Puhakka, J. (possibly Jari S. Puhakka, b. 1965; or Jarmo Puhakka)

Epitaphe I, Op. 11

Helsinki: Finnish Music Information Centre

Purcell, Henry (1659-1695)

Suite from Abdelazar or “The Moor’s Revenge” arr. Ray Thompson)

Ray Thompson Music: http://raythompsonmusic.weebly.com/

Movements: 1. Ouverture; 2. Rondeau; 3. Air; 4. Air; 5. Minuet; 6. Air; 7. Jig; 8. Hornpipe; 9. Air. The Rondeau is the same theme used by Benjamin Britten in A Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra.

Abdelazer (arr. Ross Taylor)

San Antonio: Southern Music

“Rondeau” from Abdelazar (or the Moor’s Revenge) (arr. Paxton Girtmon)

Salem, CT: Cimmarron Music Press, 2008

“Rondeau” from Abdelazar (or the Moor’s Revenge) (arr. Mike Magatagan)

Published by the arranger.

Available on Scribd http://www.scribd.com/

Chacony (Chaconne) in G minor Z730 (arr. Ray Thompson)

Ray Thompson Music: http://raythompsonmusic.weebly.com/

The Gordion Knot Untied (Suite No. 1) (arr. Ray Thompson)

Ray Thompson Music: http://raythompsonmusic.weebly.com/

Duration: 9:00. Movements: Overture; Air; Rondeau-Minuet; Air and Jig.

“I attempt from love’s sickness to fly” (arr. Bill Holcombe)

West Trenton, NJ: Musicans Publications, 1992 /

Chesapeake, VA: Bill Holcombe’s Musicians Pub’s (http://billholcombe.com/)

Features the French horn.

King James Suite (arr. ?)

Purcell Favourites (arr. Kenneth Gange)

Piper Publications: Dochroyle Farm, Barrhill, Girvan, Ayrshire, Scotland, UK

See also: http://www.piperpublications.co.uk/
Movements: Intrada; Rigaudon (Suite No. 5); Two Hornpipes: Minuet (Suite No. 1); Rondeau (Abdalazer). Alternate parts for other instruments.

Queen Mary Suite (arr. John F. Edmunds)

New York: C. Fisher 1973

Movements: Symphony; Ritornello on a ground; Minuet.

Riggadoon (Rigadoon) from Harpsichord Suite No. 5 in C Major (arr. Ray Thompson)

Ray Thompson Music: http://raythompsonmusic.weebly.com/

Trumpet Tune in D (arr. Darrell Goforth)

Published by the arranger. See score at http://www.sheetmusicplus.com/

“When I am Laid in Earth” from Dido and Aeneas (1688)(arr. Martin Watson)

2015 arrangement. Available for purchase and download, http://www.scoreexchange.com/scores/171594.html

“When I am Laid in Earth” from Dido and Aeneas (1688)(arr. Mike Magatagan)

Available for free download from http://www.free-scores.com/download-sheet-music.php?pdf=49928

Purdie, Hunter

Canon Apertus

Westbury, N.Y.: Pro Art Publications, 1948, 1968

see also Belwin-Mills)

Pürkner, Anton

Kammermusik Nr. 2 (1972)

Duration: 5:00.

Purvis, Richard (1913-1994)

Dance and Interlude

American organist and composer.

Pusztai, Tibor (1946- )

Woodwind Quintet (1974)

Newton Centre, Massachusetts: Margun Music

Duration: 10:00. Hungarian-born U.S. composer.

Putsche, Thomas (1929-1983)

Wind Quintet (1964)

New York: Seesaw Music, 1973

Duration: 8:00.

Pyle, Francis Johnson (1901-1983)

Quintet for Woodwinds (1959)

United States: Scully-Cutter Urtext Editions, 1970 /

Manuscript: Drake University, Photocopy of the manuscript is in the Indiana University Music Library, Bloomington. “Written for the Woodwinds of Houston.”

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