Brandt’s Woodwind Quintet List – U

Uber, David (1921-2007)

Suite for Woodwind Quintet, No. 1, Op. 74.

Redondo Beach, Calif.: Composers’ Autograph Publications (1969)

See also Uber’s page on Sigma Alpha Iota: http://www.sai-national.org/home/ComposersBureau/UberDavid/tabid/412/Default.aspx

Udow, Michael W. (Michael William)(1949- )


New York: American Composers Alliance

Duration: 3:45.

According to the composer’s website (http://michaeludow.com/), this is, “A short whimsical dodecaphonic work – imagine Petrushka, Lulu and Till Eulenspiegel and Don Quixote sitting in an outdoor café near Montmartre recounting their escapades, trials and tribulations with one another.”

Uhl, Alfred (1909-1992)

Vier Stuecke fuer Bläserquintett (Four pieces for wind quintet) (1991-2)

Wien: L. Doblinger, 1993

“Movements 1, 2 and 4 have been taken from “Vergnuegliche Musik” (1944), … movement 3 has been taken from “Drei Tanzstuecke” (1958/86)“ – P. 2. “Vergnuegliche Musik” and “Drei Tanzstuecke” were for 2 oboes, 2 clarinets, 2 horns, and 2 bassoons. Duration: 13:00. Movement titles: Zahnraeder, Dudelsack, Walzer, Trepak.

Humoresque (1965)

Uhlig, Theodor (1822-1853)


Leipzig: Pfefferkorn, 2008

Duration: 45:00. The autograph score is in the Museum Wurzen near Leipzig.

Uhlik, Tomislav (1956- )

Sest Epizoda za duhacki kvintet

Drustvo skladatelja Hrvatske – Ars Croatica, 1988

Ullrich, Josef (1911- ?)


Ulman, Barry (1940- )

Contrasts (1995)

New York: American Music Center

Duration: 26:00.

Ulrich, Hugo (1827-1872)

Masterworks for Woodwinds

Ensemble Music for 5 Instruments

Boston Music Company

Currently, there is no complete online catalog for Hugo Ulrich and the existing sources do not mention any woodwind quintets. These two volumes might be arrangements of his orchestral or chamber music, or they may be arrangements of works by other composers. [Andrew Brandt]

Underwood, Troy Jervis (1932- )


Chicago: Cole Publishing Co., 1977

Ung, Chinary (1942- )

Spiral VII (1994)

Leipzig: C.F. Peters /

Judy Green Music, 1994

For alto flute, English horn, bass clarinet, horn, and bassoon. Dedication: “For the Serge Koussevitzky Music Foundation in the Library of Congress, and dedicated to the memory of Serge and Natalie Koussevitzky.” Duration: 13:00.

Unterhofer, Heinrich (1958- )

Der Heilige Scarabaeus (1983?)

Milano: Rugginenti Editore, 1984

Duration: 18:00.

Uray, Ernst Ludwig (1906-1988)

Hommage à Johann Strauss (1967)

Wien: Verlag Doblinger,1976

Duration: 5:00.

Musik für Bläserquintett in zwei Satzen (1962)

Wien: Verlag Doblinger, 1966

Duration: 10:50.


Schladminger Taenze, for Flute, Clarinet, Trumpet, Horn and Bassoon

Wien: Verlag Doblinger, 1967

Urban, Rudolf (1882-1961)

Landsuite (1955)

Urbanec, Bartolomej (1918-1983)

Dychové kvinteto (woodwind quintet) (1957)

See Music Centre Slovakia, http://hc.sk/en/

Quintet (Frühlingsstimmung) (1962)

Bratislava: Slovensky Hudobny Fond

These two quintets were found in two different sources, neither listing the other work. Perhaps they are two different references to the same work, even though different years are listed?

Urbanec, Rudolf (1907-1976)


Urbanner, Erich (1936- )

Etude für Bläserquintett (1965)

Wien: Verlag Doblinger 1966

Duration: 4:00. First performed by the Eichendorff-Quintett.

Improvisation IV (1969)

Manuscript: Osterreichische Nationalbibliothek, Wien /

Wien: Doblinger

Duration: 7:00. First performed by the Eichendorff-Quintett.

Usher, Julia (1945- )

Harlequin of the Air, Masked and Unmasked (2001)

London: Primavera, see http://www.impulse-music.co.uk/primavera/order-form/

See also: www.impulse-music.co.uk/primavera.htm

Ra 1 (1979) for double woodwind quintet

London: Primavera

See link to order form, above.

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