Brandt’s Woodwind Quintet List – Q

Qin, Daping (1957- )

FC-20 (2004) for woodwind quintet and string quintet (2 violin, viola, cello, double bass)

Helsinki: Music Finland http://musicfinland.fi/en/

PDF of score available to download.

Queener, Charles Conant (1921-1997)

Woodwind Quintet

Duration: 3:30.

Quick, George James

Monostructure (1967)

Quiles, Juan Vicente Mas

SEE Mas Quiles, Juan Vicente

Quinet, Marcel (1915-1986)

Huit (8) Petites Pièces, Op. 19 (1946)

Bruxelles: Le Centre Belge de Documentation Musicale (CeBeDeM), 1956

Duration: 8:00.

Arthur Cohn, The Literature of Chamber Music, writes “Neatly tailored, neatly contrasted, and neatly written in contemporary tonal style.”

Quintette pour instruments à vent, Op. 20 (1949)

Bruxelles: Le Centre Belge de Documentation Musicale (CeBeDeM), 1957

Duration: 12:00.


Sinfonietta (1953) for woodwind quintet and orchestra

Wien: Universal Edition

Duration: 13:00.

Ballade for Violin and Wind Quintet (woodwind quintet) (1962)

Brussels: Centre Belge de Documentation Musicale

Duration: 9:00.

Quinones, Jaime Gonzalez

SEE Gonzalez-Quinones, Jaime

Quinones, Xavier

Pieza de Regalo #1, Prelude & Fugue

See the page for the Clarinet Institute of Los Angeles, http://www.clarinetinstitute.com/store/p18/Woodwind_Quintet_Archive.html

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