Brandt’s Woodwind Quintet List – I

Iannaccone, Anthony (1943- )

Parodies (1974)

New York: C. Fischer, 1975

Duration: 8:30. Movements: Caprice; Cantilena; Intermezzo; Rag.

Parts of this work are based on sketches for a quartet from 1959, thus the title, used in the sense of a new interpretation, not caricature. See Arthur Cohn in “The Literature of Chamber Music” for more info.

Woodwind Quintet No. 2, Scenes after Hart Crane (2003)

King of Prussia, PA: Tenuto Publications, Sole selling agent, T. Presser Co., 2004.

Duration: 24:00. “Evoke[s] images drawn from Hart Crane’s collection of poems entitled The Bridge.”

Ibarra, Federico (1943- )

Juegos Nocturnos (1995)

It is recorded by the Quintetto de Alientos de la Ciudad de Mexico on Spartacus 21018 (A mexican label), “Nueva Musica Mexicana.” Duration: 13:00.

Sinfon’a No. 1 for double woodwind quintet, strings, timpani

New York: Peer International Rental

Duration: 12:00.

Ibarrondo, Felix (1943- )

Bana Zergaitik (1974)


Duration: 12:00.

Silene (1993)

Ibert, Jacques (1890-1962)

Trois Pièces Brèves (1930)

Paris: Alphonse Leduc, 1930

Duration: 7:20.

Ibert’s brilliant writing makes this THE standard quintet of all time, although it was originally written to accompany a comedy, “Le stratagème des roués.” I still like it but you can only play it so many times before madness sets in. Terrific for educational concerts. See my blog post Jacques Ibert, the Conservative Revolutionary in the Cracked Reed Blog for much, much more information about this piece. [Andrew Brandt]

The Little White Donkey (arr. Bill Holcombe)

West Trenton, NJ: Musicians Publications, 1998

Christmas in Picardy (Noël en Picardie, 1914) (arr. John Gibson)

JB Linier Music; see Boston, MA.: Ione Press

Originally for piano, the work was written to depict a short Christmas armistice during World War I. Ibert served in the Navy during the war. Mr. Gibson has also arranged this for several other combinations. The original piano score may be downloaded from the International Music Score Library Project: http://imslp.org/wiki/No%C3%ABl_en_Picardie_(Ibert,_Jacques)


Chanson du rien for woodwind quintet and “medium” voice (1930)

Paris: Alphonse Leduc

This is a brief, minute and a half, song written in 1930, from the incidental music for the comedy, “Le stratagème des roués” of 1930 (the same work that Trois Pièces Brèves came from). The original scoring was for woodwind quintet and voice. The text is by M. Constantin-Weyer. The only catalog listing for the quintet version I’ve seen is on http://www.musicsalesclassical.com/composer/work/3510/50803 . The voice and piano version is available on the International Music Score Library Project. The quintet version might be out of print.

Ikonomov, Bojan G. (or Ikonomov, Boyan Georgieu) (1900-1973)

Suite (1951)

Hans Gerig Musikverlag (see Breitkopf & Härtel)

Kindersuite (1952)


Union of Bulgarian Composers, 2010; See Niedernhausen, Germany: Noten Roehr

Ilic, Milisav (Mike)

La Vida Loca, Wind Quintet No. 1 (1996)

New York: American Music Center

Duration: 15:00. See also: http://web.me.com/milisavilic/Milisav_Ilics_Website/Welcome.html .

Sanctuary Dreams (2007)

Euramcan Music

Iliev, Ilia (1912-1990)

Quintet No. 2, Op. 62 (1968)

Hans Gerig Musikverlag (see Breitkopf & Härtel)

Quintet No. 6, Op. 101 (1974)

Hans Gerig Musikverlag (see Breitkopf & Härtel)

The composer reportedly composed 6 woodwind quintets, but these are the only ones that I’ve found a record of. (See Union of Bulgarian Composers)

Illín, Evzen (also Eugen Illin) (1924-1985)

Bläserquintett, 1949

Ilori, Solomon(1934- )

Epo Mbe Ewa Mbe (1964)

Written for the Dorian Wind Quintet.

Imre, Vincze (1926-1969)


Budapest: Zenemükiadó Vállalat, 1965

Download from http://arsventus.ro/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/IMRE-Vincze-Divertimento-for-Woodwind-Quintet-.pdf

5 movements: Introduzione; Arietta; Scherzo; Notturno; Rondo.

Ince, Kamran (1960- )

Matinees for narrator and woodwind quintet (1989)

EAMC, 1989 /

New York: Schott

Flutist plays alto flute and piccolo; oboe doubles on English horn, clarinet doubles on bass clarinet. Duration:14:00. Narration by James Merrill (1926-1995). See also: http://www.kamranince.com/ .

Inch, Herbert Reynolds (1904-1988)


(Possibly a brass quintet included in a list by mistake.)

Indy, Vincent d’

SEE D’Indy, Vincent

Ingalls, Jeremiah (1764-1838)

Hymn and Fuguing Tune (arr. Hartley)

Boca Raton, FL: Masters Music Publications

Ingenhoven, Jan (1876-1951)

Quintet in C Major, Op. 23 (1911)

Koln, Munich: Wunderhornverlag, Tischer & Jagenberg G.m.b.H., 1912 /

Amsterdam: Edition Compusic, 1997

Score and parts also available for download: http://imslp.org/wiki/Wind_Quintet_(Ingenhoven,_Jan) .

Inness, Peter (1946- )

Another Bagatelle (1992)

unpublished, Scottish Music Centre

Duration: 13:00.

In-yong, Na

The Selected Works of Na In-yong

Korea: Maik, 1996

Ioannidis, Yannis (1930- )

Actinia (1969)

Koln: Musikverlag Hans Gerig /

New York: MCA Music 1971

Duration: 10:00.

Ippisch, Franz (1883-1958)

Quintett (1926)

Ipuche-Riva, Pedro (1924-1996)

Animales ilustres (1967)

Uruguayan composer who studied in Paris.

Isaacs, Rufus

SEE Essex, Kenneth

Isaacson, Michael(1946- )

Nishmat Chayim, “The Breath of Life”: a Sabbath evening worship service according to the New Union Prayer Book (Gates of Prayer) for cantor, two-part equal voice choir, organ and woodwind quintet

New York: Transcontinental, 1984.

Flute doubles on piccolo. Vocal score contains pronunciation guide to Hebrew transliteration.

American Folk Song Suite (arr. Michael Isaacson)

TrevCo Music Publishing

Variations on Blue Tail Fly; Deep River (featuring English horn); Yankee Doodle (with piccolo).

Country Waltz (arr. Michael Isaacson)

TrevCo Music Publishing

Duration: 3:00.

Itsy Bitsy Variations

TrevCo Music Publishing

Based on the nursery rhyme/song “Itsy Bitsy Spider.”

The New Graduation March

TrevCo Music Publishing

A graduation march NOT by Elgar, for all kinds of processions. Includes optional repeats to make it last as long as needed.

San Diego Naval Base March

TrevCo Music Publishing

The Tallevast Two-Step

TrevCo Music Publishing

Written “In Celebration of the Florida Home of TrevCo Music.”

Variations on “Take Me Out to the Ballgame”

TrevCo Music Publishing

Isaksson, Madeleine (1956- )

Modell maddes modul tvärskur

Svensk Music (formerly Swedish Music Information Centre), 1985

Requires doubling on piccolo and bass clarinet.

Inné (Innate) (1993) for wind quintet and four strings

Edition Suecia

For flute, oboe, saxophone or clarinet, horn, bassoon, violin, viola, cello and double bass. See notes on the composer’s website: http://madeleineisaksson.com/en/node/62

Ishige, Rika

Antiques for woodwind quintet and alto sax

Deerfield Beach, Florida: Bravo Music (American Division of Japan’s Brain Music)

Duration: 4:50.Written with student ensembles in mind. The publisher has a recording of the work online, http://bravomusicinc.com/ .

From a quick listening, the work sounds quasi neo-Impressionist. Very pleasant work. Appropriate for a high school ensemble with good double reed players. [Andrew Brandt]

Attention Please for woodwind quintet and alto sax

Deerfield Beach, Florida: Bravo Music (American Division of Japan’s Brain Music)

1 movement. Duration: 5:00. See the publisher’s website for a sound file.

Israiloff, Peter (1944- )

Bläserquintett – Episoden, Op. 12 (1999-2007)

Contact composer

Duration: 40:00. First performed by the Ingeborg Bachmann Quintett.

Israelyan, Martin (1938- )

Humns: Fiat Lux (1989) for woodwind quintet, trumpet, trombone, string quartet, double bass, percussion, piano.

Istvan, Miloslav (1928-1990)

Omaggio a J. S. Bach (1971)

Praha: Cesky Hudebni Fond (Czech Music Foundation)

Duration: 7:00.

Ištvan, Radomir (1959- )

Wind Quintet (ca. 1970)

Hudebni Informacni Stredisko http://www.musicbase.cz/

Wind Quintet No. 2, Sorrowful Traplice Songs, with percussion, ad lib. (2000)

Duration: 17:00.

Ithier, Hubert (1920-2009)

Je voudrais (arr. Jeff Scott) for woodwind quintet and vocalist

Based on jazz vocals of Josephine Baker. Recorded by the Imani Winds in “Life of le jazz hot!”

Itibere, Brasilio (1896-1967)

Duplo Quinteto (1946) (Double Quintet) for string quartet(!?) and woodwind quintet


Duration: 15:00. Composer is Brazilian.

Ito, Yasuhide(1960- )

Only Once!

Deerfield Beach, Florida: Bravo Music (American Division of Japan’s Brain Music) http://bravomusicinc.com/

Duration: 2:00.

IUrgutis, Vitautas (Vytautas V. Jurgutis) (1930-2013), Erkki-Sven Tüür (1959- ) & Raimo Kangro

Kvintety sovetskikh kompozitorov (Quintets of Soviet Composers)

Leningrad (now St. Petersburg): Muzyka, 1988

3 works:

Serenada, Op. 5 by Raimo Kangro

Arkhitektonika (Architectonics) by Erkki- Sven Tuur

Kvintet no. 2 by Vitautas IUrgutis

Ivey, Jean Eichelberger (1923-2010)

Androcles and the Lion

New York: American Music Center

Duration: 10:00.

Suite for Woodwind Quintet

NACWPI (National Association of College Wind and Percussion Instructors), USA


Scherzo for Wind Septet (1953) for woodwind quintet, trumpet & trombone

Iwanov, Iwan (also listed as Iwanow) (1933- )

Bulgarische Skizzen (Bulgarian Sketches)

Puchheim: Edition Engel, 1992

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