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Like leaves falling from trees in November, new quintets are falling into Brandt’s Woodwind Quintet List, too. This month the leaves includes many double woodwind quintets. Although the list already had a good number of double wind quintets, this was the first deep-dive specifically into that category. With these additions, it makes over 450 new listings for the quintet list this year. I call that a pretty good year! To be clear, these are new to the list, not necessarily new compositions.


Many of these finds are courtesy of the impressive research found in Catherine Gerhart’s Bibliography of Double Wind Quintet Music. Her list actually extends beyond dectets, so be sure to visit her site, too.

In addition to Gerhart’s list, I also discovered a new publisher specializing in Harmoniemusik, Floricor Editions, featuring wind music of 6 or more players (but not band). In general, I only listed works that included all five of the normal woodwind quintet ensemble. Most are double woodwind quintets. Musicians wanting to perform this music (or research other works in the Harmoniemusik tradition) should check out their site.

Another research paper, a Survey of Wind Chamber Music), by Eugene Migliaro Corporon, Director of Wind Studies at the University of North Texas, also yielded a wide variety of wind compositions from 6 players on up. Many of these works are also of the Harmoniemusik tradition. From this list I culled many more double woodwind quintets (and works plus or minus a couple of players.) Corporon’s list is a useful research tool, but there are many small errors, including misspellings, so I rechecked each reference. (Undoubtedly, my list has its share of errors, too.)

As always, I explored through dozens and dozens of composer websites. I’ve also updated current listings and corrected a few earlier mistakes, too.

This post includes original works for woodwind quintet, double woodwind quintet, works with quintet and piano and other quintet-friendly music. There were enough arrangements to make a second post, coming soon.

As always, assume the work is for standard woodwind quintet (flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon and horn) unless it is listed otherwise. Durations are always approximate and may vary greatly depending on the performance and the ensemble. It will probably take a week or two for all these additions to be reflected in the full Quintet List. I’m in the process of proofreading both the text and the HTML.

So, in the meantime, make a cup of tea and browse through the list.

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Abate, Rocco (1950- )

Tatá Requien: obscuro gioco del tempo per doppio quintetto di fiati (1981, for double woodwind quintet)

Rome: Edipan, 1986

Duration: 13:00.

Alcalay, Luna (1928- )

Escapade (2011)

Edition HH Music Publishers,

Written for the Orsolino Wind Quintet. 4 movements: “Verworbene Pfade, verlorene Wege” (Criss-crossing Paths, Lost Trails); “Passagen” (Passages); “Gewächse” (Growths); and “Verirrungen, Attacken” (Aberrations, Attacks). Duration: 9:00.

Alpaerts, Flor (1876-1954)

Evening Music for double woodwind quintet

Amsterdam: Edition Compusic

Andersson, Benny(1946- )

Thank You for the Music (2004)(arr. Ben Pope)

Commissioned by New Harmonie, which has restricted its use to their ensemble. The composer was also a member of ABBA and was also involved in the creation of Mamma Mia!.

Andersson, Kjell (1937- )

Divertimento (1987)

Stockholm: Svensk Musik


Sweden: Blås-Basen,

Three movements.

Anzaghi, Davide (1936- )

Queen That (1986)

Milano: Edizioni Suvini Zerboni

Aléna (1976) for double woodwind quintet

Milano: Edizioni Suvini Zerboni

According to Catherine Gerhart’s Bibliography of Double Wind Quintet Music, this work was premiered by I Dieci Fiati Italiani In Utrecht in 1976. Duration: 9:00. Parts might be available only by rental.

ApIvor, Denis (1916-2004)

Woodwind Quintet, Op. 31 (1960)

Manuscript in Ireland?

Vista, Op. 77 (1983) for double woodwind quintet

Manuscript held by the British Music Information Centre

Movements: Prelude and Choral (entire ensemble); Concertino – Five Variations in the shape of three arias and two ritornelli (featuring solos and duos); Antiphony (dividing the ensemble into two quintets playing antiphonally). Originally written for a college wind group, the work is reportedly more tonal and easier to perform than many of ApIvor’s works.

Arp, Klaus(1950- )

Tentett (1997) for double woodwind quintet

New York: Peermusic

Second bassoon doubles on contrabassoon. According to Catherine Gerhart’s Bibliography of Double Wind Quintet Music, the work is intended for good amateur players or professionals. Commissioned by the Landesmusikakademie Rheinland-Pfalz.

Avoni, Petronio(apparently 1790-1839)

Armonia, Variazioni prese da un mottivo di Paisiello, in B♭ Major for double woodwind quintet

Manuscript in the Civico Museo Bibliografico-Musicale in Balogna, Italy

A set of 20 variations on a theme of Giovanni Paisiello (1740-1816). Half are for double woodwind quintet, the others add trumpets and a bass trombone.


Barbera, Gianfranco Clemente(1971- )

Fantasy for Quintet

Ancona, Italy: Bèrben Edizioni Musicali,

Bartovic, Peter (1947- )

Hold mladej generácii (1974)

Music Center Slovakia,

Bailey, Judith (1941- )


Lancaster, UK: Phylloscopus Publications,

Based on 3 sea shanties: A-Roving; Blow the Man Down; What shall we do with the Drunken Sailor.

Concerto for Ten Wind Instruments, Op. 20 (1979, revised 1999) for double woodwind quintet

Lancaster, UK: Phylloscopus Publications, 2004

Composed for the Southampton Concert Orchestra Wind Ensemble. Movements: Prelude; March; Cantilena; Scherzo; and Postlude. Duration: 15:00.

Overture for Whethoryon, Op. 80 for double woodwind quintet

Yorkshire, England: Emerson Edition

“Whethoryon” is Cornish for “blowers of wind instruments.”

Bardwell, William(1915-1994)

Antiphony for double woodwind quintet

Originally published by the arranger

Manuscript at the BBC Library

Duration: 14:00.

Catherine Gerhart of the Annotated Bibliography of Double Wind Quintet Music explains, “It begins very stridently and dissonantly in the first movement but in the second and third movements the piece takes a more consonant and melodic direction. The third movement is playful with the various instruments playing off each other like a game of tag.”

Beaumont, Adrian(1937- )

Concerto for Double Wind Quintet (1967, revised 1998)

Isle of Lewis, Scotland: Vanderbeek and Imrie, Ltd., 1967

Movements: Lento – Allegro; Andante; Allegro giocoso. Duration: 17:00..

Catherine Gerhart of the Annotated Bibliography of Double Wind Quintet Music describes this as neo-baroque with expanded chromaticism. Could be performed by a “good amateur group.” See her site for more info.

Bellucci, Giacomo(1928-2015)

Notesdieci (1979) for double woodwind quintet

Milano: Rugginenti Editore, 1983

Bennett, Richard Rodney (1936-2012)

Reflections on a Sixteenth Century Tune for double woodwind quintet

London: Chester / Novello, 1999

Originally scored for strings, the composer arranged his work for 2 flutes (2nd doubling on piccolo), 2 oboes (2nd doubling English horn), 2 clarinets (2nd doubling bass clarinet), 2 bassoons (2nd doubling contrabassoon), 2 horns. The work is based on a 16th century French song, “A l’ombre d’un buissonet’ from La Couronne et Fleur (1556). Movements: Prelude: Lento; Variation I Allegretto; Variation II Allegro Vivo; Variation III Andante (Homage to Peter Warlock); Variation IV Con brio e ritmico; Finale. Duration: 18:00.

Berk, Stacey(1970- )

Avian Suite (2011, for woodwind quintet)

Waupaca, Wisconsin: Cocobolo Music Press,

Movements: Eagle; Chickadee; Olw; Swan; and Hummingbird. Duration: 12:00 Commissioned by Kimberly Helton and The Polaris Wind Quintet in 2011.

According to the composer, “In Eagle, the open intervals and melodic embellishments lend a Native American feel to the introduction. This carries the listener to the magnificent open plains where the music gradually swells into a soaring theme before returning to rest at the end. — Chickadee is the most literal translation of birdsong in the suite, with “chick-a-dee-dee-dees” and “phoe-bes” used as motivic material. In addition, the movement attempts to capture the perky, inquisitive nature of the little bird. — Owl is a shift into a dark forest, with creepy night noises and the bassoon taking the lead with a spooky octatonic melody. — Swan characterizes the beauty of the majestic bird as it sweeps through the water. — Hummingbird is a rondo that uses the quintet to emulate a tiny bird that zooms in and out of sight as it hovers and zips around with its lightning-quick wings.


Portraits of the Odyssey for double woodwind quintet and percussion

Waupaca, Wisconsin: Cocobolo Music Press,

The work relies on doubling of instruments and percussion: Flute 1 doubles on piccolo and alto flute; Flute 2 doubles triangle; Oboe 1 doubles woodblock with soft mallets; Oboe 2 doubles on English horn; 1st clarinet also plays bamboo wind chimes; 2nd clarinet doubles on bass clarinet; 1st bassoon also plays finger cymbals; 2nd bassoon also plays an egg shaker; 1st horn doubles on bell tree; and 2nd horn plays cymbal with a stick. Movements: I. Cyclops (a one-eyed, man-eating giant who is blinded by Odysseus); II. Circe’s Cottage (where men feast jovially before they are transformed into pigs); III. Halls of Hades (the Land of the Dead); IV. Sirens (Sea Nymphs whose singing enchants men to their deaths); V. Scylla & Charybdis (a six-headed monster and a deadly whirlpool by which ships must try to pass); VI. Calypso’s Lament (a beautiful island goddess whose love for Odysseus is unrequited); VII. Ithaca (Odysseus’ home, where he battles the townsmen to regain his castle and wife). Duration: 16:00. This work was premiered by the U.S. Air Force Band of the West Chamber Players. It was later rescored for wind ensemble. See also the composer’s website: .

Doodling Through History for double woodwind quintet

Waupaca, Wisconsin: Cocobolo Music Press,

Premiered by the U.S. Air force Band of the West Chamber Players. The work consists of the tune, “Yankee Doodle” as imagined in different historical contexts. Movements: I. Primitive: Neanderdandy; II. Middle Ages: Dandy Chant; III. Renaissance: Monsieur Yanquis and Yankeefa Doodlela; IV. Baroque: Dandyberg Concerto; V. Classical: Eine Kleine Talkmusic and Marriage of Dandigaro; VI. Late Classical/Early Romantic: Ode to (Yankee Doodle) Boy; VII. Romantic: Ride of the Valkyankees and Trisdandy and Isolde; VIII. Early 20th Century: Rite of Doodling; IX. Jazz/Swing: Doodle Mood; X. Late 20th/Early 21st Century: Avant Doodle; XI. Finale: Doodlereviewdle. Duration: 18:30.

According to the composer, this is a “super fun romp through history, using Yankee Doodle as the theme! This piece requires the instrumentalists to *gasp* sing and narrate! One of the musicians acts as a professor, teaching the audience about the different time periods of music history, and each instrumentalist introduces one time period. Make it even more fun with props and costumes!”

Summer Scenes for double woodwind quintet and percussion

Waupaca, Wisconsin: Cocobolo Music Press,

For two flutes (piccolo); 2 oboes, 1 B♭ clarinet, 1 B♭ bass clarinet, 2 bassoons, 2 horns, vibraphone, and marimba. Commissioned in 2003 by the U.S. Band of Mid-America; Lieutenant Colonel Steven Grimo, Commander. Movements: I. June: Carousel at the Fair; II. July: Sailboats on a Blue Lake; III. August: Evening Thunderstorm. Duration: 11:30.

Billi, Maurizio(1964- )

Frammanti for woodwind quintet and xylophone

Ancona, Italy: Bèrben Edizioni Musicali,

Blattner, Orrin(1918?-2006)

Two American Sketches for double woodwind quintet

New York: M. Witmark, 1942

Many library holdings simply list this as for woodwind choir. Movements: Rural; Urban.

Block, Hans-Volker (1940-1979)

Oktett (1970) for 2 flutes, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, horn, trumpet and trombone.

Vienna: Verlag Doblinger

Blunt, Marcus (1947- )

Capricorn (1979) for double woodwind quintet

Modus Music, 2008

Includes a bass clarinet part to substitute for bassoon. Duration: 5:00.

Bognár, Zoltár(1974- )

Wind Quintet (2003)

Music Center Slovakia,

Literally, the listing says “Windt Quintet,” but that’s probably a translation typo.

Bois, Rob du (1934-2013)

Vertiges (1987) for double woodwind quintet and double bass

Amsterdam: Stichting Donemus, 1987

Duration: 18:00.

Boroš, Tomáš(1970- )

Wind Quintet (1997)

Music Center Slovakia,

Duration: 10:00. See also:

Brockway, Howard (1870-1951)

At Twilight & An Idyl of Murmuring Water for double woodwind quintet


It is difficult to piece together the history of these wind pieces. Brockway originally composed them as Two Piano Pieces, Op. 39, Nos. 1 and 2 respectively, circa 1911. (See the International Music Score Library Project for a copy of the piano versions.) Brockway appears to have arranged them for ten winds himself, for a series of concerts of the Georges Longy Club, performed on Nov. 27, 1913. The Club was an ensemble of ten wind musicians formed by oboist Georges Longy (brought from Paris to play in the Boston Symphony). The Longy Club promoted contemporary wind music, particularly French and American music, occasionally adding a pianist to the winds. Reviews in the two Boston papers about these two pieces were contradictory. I could find no online evidence of a score for the dectet ever being published. [Andrew Brandt]

Bussick, David

Chupacabra Blues (2012) for wind quintet and bongos

Tempe, Arizona: Whichpond

Download the score at

The Last Dance of Dynamite Dunn (2012)

Tempe, Arizona: Whichpond

See score and parts at

David Bussick also has an impressive list of 228 arrangements for woodwind quintet on the website. That’s just too many for me to list individually right now. (My apologies if that upsets anybody.) [Andrew Brandt]


Capodaglio, Leonello

Circus (Divertimento for Wind Quintet)

Lancaster, UK: Phylloscopus Publications, 2006,

Carr, Paul (1961- )

Diverting Sundays

Lancaster, UK: Phylloscopus Publications, 2004

Carter, Chandler

Symphony for Winds (1988-9) for double woodwind quintet

New York: Kremer Music Publishing, 1989

For 2 flutes (2nd doubling on piccolo), oboe, English horn, 2 clarinets, 2 horns and 2 bassoons. Movements: Variations; Passacaglia; Toccata and Fugue. Duration: 18:00. See also: .

According to Catherine Gerhart of the Annotated Bibliography of Double Wind Quintet Music, this work was “Originally wrriten for Dana Paul Perma and the Holzblazer double wind quintet. … This three movement piece is difficult, requiring good college players or excellent amateurs. It is easier to perform with a conductor.”

Casadesus, Francis (1870-1954)

London Sketches: Petite Suite Humoristique for double woodwind quintet

Paris: Deiss Editeur (out of print)/

Cincinnati: Albert J. Andraud Woodwind Music, 1932 (out of print)

Paris: Editions Salabert (rental only)

3 movements: The Policeman in the Zoo; Trafalgar Square Idyll; Hyde Park (children at play). See also his biography and a 5-generation Casadesus musical family tree at:

Casadesus, Robert(1899-1972)

Trois intermezzi, Op. 24 (1936)


Movements: Lento; Scorrevole; Presto. Duration: 12:00.

Cesarini, Franco(1961- )

Divertimento, Op. 4 Folk Song Suite for 10 Wind Instruments (for double woodwind quintet)

Manuscript, Available from the composer?

Movements: 1. Poco sostenuto – Allegretto; 2. Lentamente; 3. Presto.. A recording of the work conducted by the composer is available on YouTube:

Castiglioni, Niccolò(1932-1996)

Doppio Coro (1977) for double woodwind quintet

Milano: Ricordi, 2002

For two groups of instruments, each with flute doubling piccolo, oboe doubling English horn, clarinet doubling E♭ clarinet and bass clarinet, bassoon and horn. Duration: 6:00.

Mottetto per 10 strumenti a fiato (1978) for double woodwind quintet

Milano: Ricordi, 1978

Duration: 7:30.

Čekovská, Ľubica(1975- )

Evenodd (2013)

Music Center Slovakia,

See also:


Arctic Descent, Op. 8 for wind septet

Music Center Slovakia,

For flute (doubling alto flute and piccolo), 2 oboes (one double English horn), 2 clarinets (one doubles bass clarinet), 2 bassoons (one doubles contrabassoon).

Chandler, Mary(1911-1996)

Badinages (1975) for double woodwind quintet

Lancaster, UK: Phylloscopus Publications

Medfield, Massachusetts: Dorn Publications

Depicting life at a music center, the movements are Les Gammes; Les eaux; Le déménagement. For a description, see:

Chiroşcǎ, Bogdan (Chirosca)(1975- )

Woodwind Quintet (Cvintet de Suflatori) (2007)

Available on the International Music Score Library Project, .

Score and parts available on IMSLP.

Converse, Frederick Shepherd (F.S.)(1871-1940)

Adagio, Op. 30 (1897) for double woodwind quintet(edited by Bruce Gbur)

Manhattan, KS: Prairie Dawg Press, 2011

Manuscript is at the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston.

The work was composed while Converse was studying with Joseph Rheinberger in Munich. The 2011 edition appears to be the first publication of the dectet.

Cornwell, Lewis

Decimations (1983, revised 1995) for double woodwind quintet

Grosvenor Place, NSW: Australian Music Centre

Composed for the Northern Chamber Orchestra. Duration: 6:20.

Cossart, Leland Albert (1877-1956)

Suite für Zehn Blas-Instrumente und Harfe (Suite for 10 Winds and Harp), Op. 19 (1906)

Magdeburg: heinrichshofen’s Verlag, 1908

For double woodwind quintet plus harp. (Second oboe doubles English horn, in the 2nd and final movements.) The work is in two parts. Movements: Teil I: 1. Intrada; 2. Elegie; 3. Intermezzo; Teil II: 4. Canzonetta Napolitana; 5. Alla Polacca; 6. Thema mit Variatioinen (Capriccio Finale). Duration: 45:00.The Suite is described as Romantic. The score and parts may be downloaded from the International Music Score Library Project,,_Leland_Albert)

Cotteli, Honorát(1941-2014)

Musica per Ottoni (1997)

Music Center Slovakia,

See also:


Dodgson, Stephen (1924-2013)

Five Minutes (2008)

Stephen Dodgson Charitable Trust

Movements: First Light; Scamper; Sommell; Mischief; Pigeon Chorus. Preview score available on the composer’s website: .

Fivepenny Pieces, Entertainment with narration spoken by the Players

Stephen Dodgson Charitable Trust

For flute (doubling piccolo, alto flute), oboe (doubling English horn), clarinet (doubling E♭ clarinet, bass clarinet), horn and bassoon. The players take turns narrating the text. The text is based on John Heath-Stubbs, The History of The Flood. A preview score is available: .

Partita for 10 Wind Instruments (1994)

Lancaster, UK: Phylloscopus Publications, 2004

Movements: March I; Scherzo I; Romance part A; Interruption; Romance part B; Scherzo II; March II.

Windbag, 5 Occasional Pieces for 10 Occasional Players (2003) for double woodwind quintet

Lancaster, UK: Phylloscopus Publications, 2005

Written for the Kaleidoscope Wind. Movements: 1. Awakening; 2. Pulsating; 3. Declaiming; 4. Alternating; 5. Galop. See even more works by Stephen Dodgson in our list.

Dott, Hans-Peter
(1952- )

Dinner for Ten, menu für 10 Bläser, aus fremden Töpfen frisch auf den Tisch; for double woodwind quintet

4 movements (a four course meal?): 1. Prelude: Bach-Forelle Mullerin (“Alles Mullerin oder was…?”); 2. Fugue: Pigeon blanc sur la sauce “Chasseur de Palattina” (Fugue chromatique avec une scene dramatique oblige); 3. Variations: Insalata mista; 4. Coda: Tutto formagio. Herr Dott’s bio (in German) is located:

Duck, Leonard(1916-2002)


Lancaster, UK: Phylloscopus Publications,


Elmer, Roderick (1947- )

The Inn on the Heath for double woodwind quintet (1980)

Duration: 30:00. Music available from the composer.

According to Catherine Gerhart (Annotated Bibliography of Double Wind Quintet Music), this work was “Originally written in 1980 as an historical music play for voice and piano. Later parts of the musical were rewritten for double wind quintet. It is very tonal with the music descriptive of the moods in the play. The tunes are singable by 11 year olds.
“This piece was played by various groups at the summer school at Little Benslow Hills, Hitchin, Hertfordshire. Later, in 2002 part of the suite was played by New Harmonie in Horsham, Sussex.”

Theme and Variations in G Minor for double woodwind quintet (2000)

Duration: 23:00. Contact the composer for availability.

According to Catherine Gerhart, “The theme is hymn-like with 16 variations in a wide variety of moods and tempi. The keys of the variations vary as well, some in G major and other related keys.”

Emfietzis, Gregory

Fear (not) (2008, rev. 2013)

“Fear (not)” was awarded the prize (in the Woodwind Quintet category) of the Wiener Konzerthaus’s Composition Competition in 2012. It was premiered by musicians of the Berlin and Vienna Philharmonic (as WienBerlin) in Vienna in 2013. Duration: 8:00. Listen to a sound recording at

Features low-pitched drones in the horn and bassoon with tone clusters, microtones, flutters and bends in the upper voices, plus air sounds, key clacks, and more. An experiment in tone (and non-tone) colors. Don’t expect any tunes. Best for an advanced or professional quintet familiar with advanced experimental techniques. [Andrew Brandt]

Enescu, George (or, in France, Georges Enesco) (1881-1955)

Decet for Winds, Op. 14 (1906) for double woodwind quintet

Bucharest: Editura Muzicală a Uniunii Compozitorilor din R.P.R., 1965

Paris: Salabert, 1965

Amsterdam: Edition Compusic

Boca Raton, Florida: Edwin F. Kalmus

Double reed parts include 1 oboe and 1 English horn. Three movements: Doucement mouvementé; Modérément (D minor); Allègrement, mais pas trop vif. Score and parts available from the International Music Score Library Project for those countries where the copyright has expired. There are numerous recordings of this work available, commercial and online.

Esley, Evgeny(1981- )

Divertimento for double woodwind quintet (2007)

Saint Petersburg: Compozitor Pub. House

4 parts or movements. Duration: 9:20. You can contact the publisher via mariapetrenko [at] gmail[dot]com.


Forlivesi, Carlo (1971- )

Lettera sopra il candore della luna (1997, revised 1999) for double woodwind quintet

Duration: 11:00. See also:

Forsyth, Malcolm (1936-2011)

Fanfare and Three Masquerades for solo horn and wind nonet (1979)

Ricordi, 1979

Toronto: E. C. Kerby, 1983; Rental parts available from Counterpoint Music Library Services,

Written for double woodwind quintet, including the solo horn. Movements: Fanfare; “J.B.” (Allegro con brio); “N.M.” (Andante con moto); “R.S.” (Leggero). Duration: 12:00. See


Gašparik, Róbert(1961- )

Landscape A… , Op. 33 (Wind Quintet No. 1)

Music Center Slovakia,

Duration: 15:40. The title refers to a non-existent country called Agarta (possibly an occult reference, or a bad Google translation). First performed by the New Slovak Music, SK in 1994.

Unknown Space No. 4 for flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon and piano

Music Center Slovakia,

Duration: 4:30. First performance by Societa Rigata in 1999.

Gerberg, Miriam (1955- )

Red Shoe Rag (1985) for double woodwind quintet

St. Paul, Minnesota: Mirjanou Music

There is also a version for seven-piece vaudeville band, so be sure to specify which version if you are ordering. See her website:

Gilbert, Nicolas(1979- )

La Danse Étrange de Sergueï Ivanovitch (2002) for double woodwind quintet

Bicester, Oxfordshire, England: Edition HH, 2004,

Duration: 9:00. Premiered by the Ensemble à vent du Conservatoire de musique de Montreal. See also:

From the publisher, “Sergueï Ivanovitch is the Russian Everyman. A whole world is conjured up during this 9-minute accelerando: the village, the city, the factory, the Revolution, the future and the past preparation.”

Gipps, Ruth (1921-1999)

Wind Sinfonietta, Op. 73 (1989) for wind ensemble (double woodwind quintet)

Teckerage Press, 1989, see June Emerson Winds

For 2 flutes (2nd doubles on piccolo), oboe, English horn, 2 clarinets in A, 2 bassoons, 2 horns (one horn plays tam-tam). Written for the Rondel Ensemble.

Glatz, Helen(1908-1996)

Five Carols without Words

Lancaster, UK: Phylloscopus Publications,

Born Helen Sinclair Hunter. Wikipedia has a short biography of her.

Gorb, Adam (1958- )

The Echoing Green for Wind Quintet (1992)

Flute (doubles piccolo), oboe (doubles English horn), clarinet (doubles bass clarinet), bassoon and horn. Duration: 7:00.

French Dances Revisted (2004) for double woodwind quintet

Brighton, UK:G&M Brand, 2004,

Commissioned by a Consortium of USA High Schools. Movements: Overture; Allemande; Courante; Sarabande; Gavotte; Gigue. Duration: 15:00.

The composer states, “French Dances Revisited was conceived during an exercise I set some of my students, which was to write a variation on the Bach keyboard prelude in C BVW 939 for double wind quintet. Subsequently I thought it a good idea to take this same prelude and use it as a basis for a kind of Baroque suite for the same combination. I hope that what I’ve written doesn’t sound too much like a pastiche, but more as an act of reverence for the music of Bach which I have always found so life enhancing. The six movements of the work follow the model of the Baroque French suite. The first movement is an Overture featuring an angular introduction followed by a fugato in 5/4 time. There follows a stately Allemande led by flute and bassoon, a lively Courante in fast triple time, a mournful Sarabande featuring solo oboe and horn and a Gavotte that also pays homage to Neo-classicism. The piece ends with a Gigue, which makes much use of canonic writing. Towards the end the stern dotted rhythms of the opening of the work reappear before the mood lightens for an exuberant ending.
“In this piece I’ve also tried to follow a procedure of a certain flexibility of instrumentation which has been perhaps the hardest challenge. The two horn parts can be played on saxophones, the music of the second bassoon can be played on a bass clarinet and the oboe 2 part should also work on a clarinet.”

A Better Place (2006) for oboe, clarinet, bassoon, horn

Duration: 7:00. Commissioned by the Zephyr Ensemble of London.

According to the composer, “‘A Better Place’ was written in the shadow of the tragically premature death of a close colleague, Mark Ray, the Head of Keyboard at the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester. Rather than write something dark and funereal, I felt it more appropriate to celebrate Mark’s life and that of another that was taken away all too early: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The work is tranquil and whimsical in spirit, and is in one movement lasting about seven minutes. It opens with Mozart’s favourite Alberti bass on the piano and a naïve melody at the top of the oboe’s register. There are four sections that loosely correspond with the form of a sonatina. At the end the opening material returns; and the little codetta signs off with a tribute to two favourite works: Mozart’s Clarinet quintet and Stravinsky’s octet. The role of the piano in this group is that of a wind instrument with an exceptionally wide range: it only plays one note at a time.”

Gräffinger, Viliam(1980- )

Variations and Fugue on Handel’s Theme (2000)

Music Center Slovakia,

Duration: 13:00. There’s no indication on which theme by Handel this is based on. See also:

Groll, Peter(1974- )

Two Caricatures (1996)

Music Center Slovakia,

See also:


Hagström, Robert (1950- )

Suono per fiati (1979) for woodwind quintet and alto saxophone

Svensk Music (SMIC)

Flute doubles on piccolo.

Hartley, Geoffrey (1906-1992)

Quintet in B-flat, Op. 19

Lancaster, UK: Phylloscopus Publications,

The composer was a British bassoonist.

Hutchins, Charles Celeste (1976- )

For Aelita (2003) for double woodwind quintet

The title is inspired from a Soviet science fiction film titled “Aelita Queen of Mars” and written for a friend in a double woodwind quintet. It may have been withdrawn by the composer.


Isaksson, Madeleine (1956- )

Modell maddes modul tvärskur

Svensk Music (formerly Swedish Music Information Centre), 1985

Requires doubling on piccolo and bass clarinet.

Inné (Innate) (1993) for wind quintet and four strings

Edition Suecia

For flute, oboe, saxophone or clarinet, horn, bassoon, violin, viola, cello and double bass. See notes on the composer’s website:


Jantoščiak, Peter (1967- )

Quintet for flute, English horn, clarinet, bassoon and horn (1989)

Music Center Slovakia,

Incorrectly translated as a brass quintet.

Johnsson, Stefan

Inventions in Swedish Folkstyle

Sweden: Blås-Basen,

Jordan, Frank

Ellington Blue (in memory of Duke Ellington’s sacred music

Reynard Music Publications,

Jurovský, Šimon (1912-1963)

Variácie na ľudovú pieseň (1945)

Music Center Slovakia,

Duration: 6:15. See also:


Kelly, Bryan (1934- )


Lancaster, UK: Phylloscopus Publications,

Movements: Chanson Tzigane; Pantomime; Preambule; Valse.

Kjellberg, Johann Gustav(1846-1904)

Quintet (1895)

Sweden: Blås-Basen, (see Trevco Music in the U.S.)

Duration: 8:00.

Konečný, Ivan (1939-2009)

A Little Suite (1957)

Music Center Slovakia,

Movements: Prelude; Scherzo; Rondo. See also:

Kowalski, Július (pseudonym, Alexander Dominik)(1912-2003)

Grins (1971)

Bratislava: Slovensky hudobny fond

Movements: Moderato; Allegro moderato; Lento; Scherzoso; Allegro moderato; Allegretto.

Kupkovič, Ladislav (1936-2016)

Quintet in F Major (1991)

Music Center Slovakia,

Movements: Allegro; Andante; Allegro giocoso; Vivo. Duration: 24:00.

Wind Serenade in E Major (1981) for double woodwind quintet and 2 trumpets

Movements: Allegro; Andante; Menuet; Menuet; Theme with Variations; Finale. Duration: 40:00. See also:


Langley, James W.(1927-1994)

Sinfonia for ten wind instruments (1967)

Larsson Gothe, Mats

D’Altro Canto (1998) for tuba and woodwind quintet

Svensk Music (SMIC)

For Alto flute, English horn, clarinet, bassoon, horn and tuba. Movements: Ritornello; Fugato. Duration: 15:00. Dedicated to Øystein Baadsvik and the Sundsvall Wind Quintet. Although the tuba would stand out in any case, it appears, scanning the score, that the tuba is intended to be a part of the ensemble, as opposed to having a purely solo role. You can download a PDF of the score from$file/JOR1703f5.pdf

Lauricella, Massimo

Il Fuoco, L’Acqua, La Terra e L’Aria (1994) for woodwind quintet and piano

From the composer (Genoa, Italy),

Il Colore del Vento for double wind quintet (1991)

From the composer (Genoa, Italy),

There are two versions. First is for piccolo, flute, 2 oboes, clarinet, bass clarinet, two bassoons and two horns. 2nd version is for piccolo, oboe, bass clarinet, bassoon, horn, 2 violins, viola, cello and double bass. Duration: 10:00.

According to Catherine Gerhart in the Annotated Bibliography of Double Wind Quintet Music, “This piece has two unnamed movements played without a pause. It was originally played by a student ensemble so it is accessible to a wide range of abilities. However, it needs a conductor.”

Lawrance, Peter(1954- )

Serenade for Wind Quintet

Keynote Music, available from June Emerson Wind Music

Cavortations for double woodwind quintet

Lancaster, UK: Phylloscopus Publications, 2009

Fripperies for double woodwind quintet

Lancaster, UK: Phylloscopus Publications, 2009

Four movements which may be performed as a suite or individually. Commissioned by players of the Warwickshire Symphony Orchestra.

Lejava, Marián (1976- )

Pre-op 2, Wind Quintet (1992)

Music Center Slovakia,

Duration: 17:00. See also:

Another Seven Bagatelles (2013) sextet for woodwind quintet and 2nd clarinet

Music Center Slovakia,

Duration: 18:00.

Lindberg, Nils (1933- )

Movements for woodwind quintet and tuba

Svensk Music (SMIC)

For tuba with alto flute, English horn, bass clarinet, bassoon and horn. You can download a PDF copy of the score from:$file/19370f1.pdf

Lunden, Lennart (1914-1966)

Variations on “Byssan Lull” (1958)

Stockholm: Nordiska Musikforlaget /

Danderyd, Sweden: Warner/Chappell Music Scandinavia AB, 1959

Duration: 5:30.

Three Swedish Tunes

Stockholm: Nordiska Musikforlaget

Lussier, Mathieu (1973- )

Petite Symphonie Provencale for double woodwind quintet

Tallevast, Florida: TrevCo Music Publishing

Both flutes double piccolo. Movements: I. Perpignan; II. Aix-En-Provence; III. Montsegur; IV. Avignon.


Machajdík, Peter (1961- )

Hunimo (2004)

Duration: 10:00. See also: and

Martinsson, Rolf (1956- )

Monogram, Op. 30 for tuba and woodwind quintet

Svensk Music (SMIC)

Movements: 1. Preludium; 2. Allemande; 3. Courante; 4. Sarabande 1; 5. Musette; 6. Rigaudon; 7. Menuett; 8. Sarabande 2; 9. Cadenza; 10. Gigue. Duration: 22:00. Premiered by Sven-Olof Juvas with the Mälarkvintetten.

Maxwell, Michael(1920- )

Sinfonietta (1984, revised 1986) for double woodwind quintet


Duration: 15:00. Do not confuse Michael Maxwell with Michael Maxwell Steer.

Medek, Tilo (1940-2006)

Dezett für Doppel-Blèserquintett (1993) for double woodwind quintet

Remagen: Edition Tilo Medek, 2008,

For 2 flutes (2nd doubles on piccolo), 2 oboes (2nd doubles English horn), 2 clarinets in A and B♭ (2nd doubles bass clarinet), 2 bassoons (2nd doubles contrabassoon), 2 horns. Movements: I. Hanka; II. Janko; II. Aber das Mädchen erging sich im Garten; IV. Steh auf Knecht, füttere die Pferde; V. Ich bin das arme Waisenking; VI. Die Witwe hat den Sohn geheiratet. Duration: 13:00.

Mikula, Zdenko (1916-2012)

Reminiscences (1988)

Bratislava: Slovensky hudobny fond

Movements: Andante con moto; Andantino cantabile; Andante moderato; Allegro giocoso; Andante con moto. Duration: 19:20.

Colloquiums (1990)

Music Center Slovakia,

Movements: Allegro; Lento; Allegro; Vivo. See also:

Mladenov, Sasho(1950- )

Bulgarian Suite No. 2 (2006) for double woodwind quintet

Duration: 8:00. See also:

An Easy Piece for Winds (2005) for double woodwind quintet

Premiered by Kaleidoscope Wind.

A Time in My Life (2005) for double woodwind quintet

Written for Kaleidoscope Wind. Duration: 6:45.

Mosely, Euan

Six Diversions for Wind Quintet

Mancester, UK: Da Capo Music,


Nodari, Marco(1969- )

Come fiati di vento

Ancona, Italy: Bèrben Edizioni Musicali,

Novák, Milan(1927- )

Aquarelles (1986)

Music Centre Slovakia,

Duration: 13:00. See also:


Orlinski, Heinz Bernhard

Sonata (1967) for double woodwind quintet

Svensk Music (was SMIC)


Parfrey, Raymond (1928-2008)

Abbey Voices

For woodwind quintet, with substitute parts (alto sax for horn and cello or bass clarinet for bassoon).

The brief score excerpt suggests that the work is intended for the novice to intermediate woodwind quintet.

Parry-Jones, Gwyn(1946- )

A Christmas Card (Theme and Variations on “We Wish You a Merry Christmas)

Lancaster, UK: Phylloscopus Publications,

Wind and Sea, Three British Folk-Songs

Lancaster, UK: Phylloscopus Publications,

Flute doubles piccolo; oboe doubles English horn.

Winnie-the-Pooh Suite

Lancaster, UK: Phylloscopus Publications,

Includes substitute parts to replace horn (with clarinet) or bassoon (with bass clarinet).

A Sullivan Suite (1985)(arr. Gwyn Parry-Jones)

Lancaster, UK: Phylloscopus Publications, 1999,

Works by Arthur Sullivan: Movements: Three Little Maids From School (from The Mikado); The Sun Whose Rays Are All Ablaze (from The Mikado); Never Mind The Why And Wherefore (from HMS Pinafore).

Poul, František (1945- )

Wind Quintet (1974)

Bratislava: Hudobny fond

Movements: Preludio; Ciacconna; Finale. See also:


Reed, Alfred (1921-2005)

Double Wind Quintet

E. B. Marks, distributed by Belwin Mills

For woodwind and brass quintets: flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, 2 horns, 2 trumpets, trombone and tuba. Movements: Intrada (Fanfares, Entrances, and Marches); Pavane (Elegy); Toccata (Rock).

Richardson, Guy(1950- )

Portraits (2002, revised 2014)

Lancaster, UK: Phylloscopus Publications,

Flute doubles piccolo; oboe doubles English horn.

Rollin, Robert Leon (1947- )

Concertino No. 3 for woodwind quintet, percussion and double bass

Published by the composer, 1986

Roselle, Lars-Erik (1944-2005)

Five to Five, Suite for woodwind and brass quintets

Svensk Music (SMIC)

For flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, 2 horns, 2 trumpets, trombone, tuba. Movements: I. Marcia; II. Punti; III. Melodia; IV. Colore; V. Frammenti; VI. Cadenza; VII. Marcia.

Rosetti, Francesco Antonio (Franz Anton Rössler) (1746-1792 or 1750-1792?)

Parthia in D Major (1784), K. II, 14, for dectet

Siegertshofen, Germany: Floricor Editions

For 2 flutes, 2 oboes, 1 clarinet, 2 bassoons, 2 horns, double bass. Movements: I. Grave-Vivace; II. Menuetto moderato; III. Romance; IV. Rondo. Duration: 12:00.

Parthia in D Major (ca. 1780), K. II, 11 for double woodwind quintet and double bass.

Siegertshofen, Germany: Floricor Editions

I. Adagio-Allegro Molto; II. Menuetto moderato; III. Andante; IV. Rondo-Allegretto.
Duration: 14:00.

Rosinský, Jozef (1897-1973)

Dve suity (1940)

Dychové kvinteto (1941)

Running, Arne (1943-2016)

Aria and Quodlibet for Woodwind Quintet (2004)

From the composer. See Trevco Music in the U.S.

The composer has an excerpt for the beautiful Aria movement on his website, but the standout is the Quodlibet, which includes a fast-moving comic display of orchestral, circus and cartoon musical excerpts that you have to hear to believe, see [Andrew Brandt]


Sallustio, Eraclio(1922-1998)


Ancona, Italy: Bèrben Edizioni Musicali,

Samama, Leo(1951- )

Caged Memories II, Op. 31 (1987) for double woodwind quintet

Amsterdam: Donemus

Duration: 9:30. Commissioned by the Fonds voor de Scheppende Toonkunst for the Radio Wind Ensemble.

Brahms Serenade in A, Op. 16 (arr. Leo Samama, 2002) for winds

Contact the composer,

For 2 flutes; 2 oboes, 2 clarinets, 2 bassoons, 3 horns, cello and double bass. Duration: 35:00.

Brahms Serenade in D, Op. 11 (arr. Leo Samama, 1998) for winds

Contact the composer,

For 2 flutes; 2 oboes, 2 clarinets, 2 bassoons, 3 horns, cello and double bass. Commissioned by the Nederlands Blazers Ensemble. Duration: 45:00.

Saunders, Matthew(1976- )

Aztecas Dances (2010)

Contact the composer,

Duration: 7:00.

Sinfonietta (2003) for double woodwind quintet

Contact the composer,

4 movements. The second movement is an homage to Malcolm Arnold (yes, the composer of the Three Shanties for woodwind quintet). Duration: 11:00.

Savina, Carlo(1919-2002)

Una Musica per Suonare Insieme

Ancona, Italy: Bèrben Edizioni Musicali,

Schoonenbeek, Kees (1947- )

Freaks (2001)

Bronsheim Music,

For woodwind quintet or saxophone quartet.

Another work, Sfinx, is listed elsewhere as a double woodwind quintet, but it is actually a double wind quartet. SEE:

Scott, Jeff (1967- )

Sacred Women for double woodwind quintet

New York: Homem De Pao Music, 2012

Shamo, Igor (Ihor) Naumovych – Iгор Наумович Шамо(1925-1982)

Moldavian Dance (arr. Myron Zakopets)

Lancaster, UK: Phylloscopus Publications,

Out of print?

Sewell, Domenic(1973- )

The Saints, A Set of Miniatures for Double Woodwind Quintet (2001)

Dedicated to “Julian and also for the victims of the terrorist attack in the United States of America, September 11th, 2001,” Movements: No. 1. St. John the Baptist; No. 2. St. Matthew; No. 3. St. Paul; No. 4. St. Augustine; No. 5. St. Mark; No. 6. St. Francis of Assisi; No. 7. St. Peter; No. 8. St. Luke; No. 9. St. Therese of Lisieux This work isn’t listed on the composers website and earlier links don’t work. Contact the composer for info,

Shapiro, Alex(1962- )

Archipelago for woodwind and string quintets (2009) or with additional piano (revised version 2013)

Activist Music

Scored for normal woodwind quintet with 2 violins, viola, cello and double bass. The 2013 version adds piano. See her website,

The composer writes, “I live in a beautiful archipelago in which each island has a distinct character. Some are similar to each other, and others cause me to wonder what the geo- and meteorological forces could have been to make them so contrasting. This piece is not dissimilar, as it wends its way through a series of cohesive but varied segments, each subject to the forces of my own emotional geology.
“Similarly, a musical ensemble is its own archipelago: wonderfully contrasting individuals who, when experienced together, form a compelling, unified group. As with navigating the channels and straits between isles, or those of one’s psyche, Archipelago offers a journey, and every listener will experience the landscape differently.”

Short, Michael (1937- )

A Little Light Music

Lancaster, UK: Phylloscopus Publications,

Movements: Helter-Skelter; Rush Hour; Sauntering; Schottische; The Broken Doll Dances.

Siebert, Friedrich(1906-1987)

Scherzetto for solo horn and 8 woodwinds

Zurich: Edition Eulenburg, 1966

Adliswil Frankfurt: Albert J. Kunzelmann

Written for solo horn with pairs of flutes, oboes, clarinets and bassoons. (It’s unclear whether the Scherzetto for Horn and String Orchestra is a different version of this work or if they are different compositions.)

Sims-Williams, Nicholas(1949- )

Serenade for Ten Wind Instruments (1999) for double woodwind quintet

Lancaster, UK: Phylloscopus Publications

2nd clarinet doubles on bass clarinet (if possible). Others double on piccolo and English horn. Duration: 18:00. Three movements.

Spusta, Marek

Wind Quintet (2005)

Check Music Centre Slovakia,

Stafford, Simeon

Scherzo for Wind Quintet (2 flutes, oboe, clarinet and bassoon)

Mancester, UK: Da Capo Music,

Wind Quintet, Colour Tones (for 2 flutes, oboe, clarinet and bassoon)

Mancester, UK: Da Capo Music,

Stanček, Ladislav (1898-1979)

Dychové kvinteto (Woodwind Quintet)

See Music Centre Slovakia,

Variácie na pieseň “Nocovali, nocovali dva maliari u nás”, Op. 108

See Music Centre Slovakia,

Steinecker, Anton (1971- )

Wind Quintet (2000)

Bratislava: Hudebny fond

Premiered by the Bratislava Wind Quintet. See also:


Taneev, Sergei Ivanovich (also Taneyev)(1856-1915)

Andante for double woodwind quintet

Lancaster: Edition Phylloscopus, 1994

Sergei Ivanovich was a distant cousin to Alexander Taneyev. The two are easily confused.

Tanner, Jerré E.(1939- )

Prelude and Double Fugue for woodwind quintet

Honolulu: Malama Arts, 1984

Suite No. 2 from “The Singing Snails” (2005)

Duration: 23:00. See also:

Tarrodi, Andrea (1981- )

Fanfar (2004) for brass and woodwind quintets

Svensk Music (SMIC)

Duration: 0:30.

Serenade in Seven Colours (2014) (reduced version for double woodwind quintet)

See Svensk Music; possibly from the composer

Premiered by the Uppsala Kammarorkesters Serenadensemble in 2014.

Testoni, Giampaolo(1957- )

Sei Bagatelle (Six Bagatelles), Op. 9 (1982, revised 1997)

Milano: Ricordi

Movements: I. Allegro moderato; II. Con brio; III. Allegretto; IV. Andante; V. Vivo; VI. Moderato. Duration: 11:00.

Canzoni da Sonare (1982, revised 1996) for double woodwind quintet

Milano: Ricordi

For 2 flutes (2nd doubles piccolo), 2 oboes, 2 clarinets (2nd doubles bass clarinet), 2 bassoons, 2 horns. Movements: Sinfonia; Canzoni; Sinfonia e finale. Duration: 12:30.

Thelin, Eje(1938-1990)

Circo della vita for double woodwind quintet

Svensk Musik (Swedish Music Information Centre)

Duration: 11:00.

Tucker, Christopher(1976- )

A Feather in the Morning Air (1999-2005) for double woodwind quintet

From the composer,

Duration: 10:30.

According to the composer, ” “A Feather in the Morning Air began in the spring of 2000 for double woodwind quintet. The orchestral score was completed in 2002. The composition incorporates stylistic techniques from Percy Grainger’s catalogue of repertoire. A Feather in the Morning Air consists of two main melodic lines, an original melody which dominates the work, and as a tribute to Percy Grainger, Oh, Danny Boy, aka. Irish Tune from County Derry. I employ both melodies through a wide variety of styles and textures. The last four bars embraces the two melodies as well as two frequently used chromatic motives juxtaposed to an overwhelming, steadfast climax.”


Van Parys, Annelies(1975- )

Meditation (2005) for double woodwind quintet

Commissioned by I Solisti del Vento (in Antwerp?). Duration: 7:15. A recording is available online at:

As the title suggests, this is a meditative work. Listening to the online recording, it explores highly complex harmonies and harmonics, made possible with microtones, tone bends, a few multiphonics, flutter-tonguing and more. It appears the bell-like clangs are created by the complex harmonies (although I wonder if somebody slipped in a gong for the first note). There’s no melody, just the ever-changing sound textures. You will either be fascinated or freaked out by this piece. It would take an advanced modern music ensemble to do this work justice in performance. [Andrew Brandt]


Waterhouse, Graham(1962- )

Jacobean Salute, Op. 34, for woodwind and string quintets

For woodwind quintet, string quartet and double bass. See also:

Furioso (or Strepitoso), Op. 52 for woodwind quintet, string quartet and double bass

Nonett, Op. 30 for woodwind quintet, string trio and double bass.

Frankfurt am Main: Robert Lienau Music Verlag,

Wegener, Margaret

Pipers All (Quintet for 2 flutes, oboe, clarinet and bassoon)

Mancester, UK: Da Capo Music,

Wiernik, Adam(1916-2006)

Pezzo Levantico, for cello solo with double woodwind quintet (1992)

Gehrmans Musikforlag (rental only?)

Wiernik should not be confused with the American composer, Adam Wernick.

Variations (1994) for double woodwind quintet

Edition Suecia (formerly SMIC)

Duration: 11:00. Not to be confused with his Variations for Strings of the same year.

Impression for piano with double woodwind quintet

Edition Suecia / Svensk Music (formerly SMIC)

Wong, Chee Yean (1979- )

On Huygen’s Aria for double woodwind quintet and double bass

A tribute to the Dutch composer, Huygens (1596-1687), it is in one movement including an introduction, the aria, and a finale. It was probably written while Wong studied at the Rotterdams Conservatorium. The publisher describes the work as “neo Strawinsky.” Duration: 4:00.

Woolfenden, Guy(1937-2016)

Serenade for Sophia for double woodwind quintet

Oxfordshire, England: Ariel Music, 2002

Movements: Intrada; Dance; Finale.

The composer writes: “Serenade for Sophia was written to celebrate the birth of the composer’s first grandchild, Sophia Isobel, in March 2001 and is dedicated to her with love. The work is scored for double wind quintet with no doublings, and begins with a short formal Intrada celebrating the happy event of Sophia’s arrival. The Dance is melodic and friendly music that hints at warmer climates, and taps into the rich culture of Sophia’s Jamaican friends and relations. The Finale plays on the juxtaposition of two contrasted moods: firstly a reflective, somewhat troubled idea, followed by a happy Allegretto passage; the reflective mood becomes more espressive and is treated canonically, the sun once again breaks through the clouds, and shines even more brightly in a joyous coda.”

Reflections, Serenade No. 2, for double woodwind quintet

Oxfordshire, England: Ariel Music, 2002

Movements: Allegro moderato; Andante espressivo in memoriam William Waterhouse; Andante con moto: Allegro subito.

The composer notes: “Shortly after I began work in earnest on Reflections, my second serenade for wind dectet, the great English bassoonist, William Waterhouse, died. We attended the same school (Whitgift in South Croydon), and I followed his remarkable career as he climbed to the top of the profession both as a performer and a teacher. He was loved by all for his wit, wisdom and scholarship.
“The second movement begins and ends with a bassoon solo in Bill’s memory. The outer movements which frame this ‘In memoriam’ are reflections on the witty, humorous side of Bill and my own memories of a happy childhood with musical parents – my father led a dance band and my mother was the daughter of a church organist and sang rather well.
“Reflections was commissioned by Simon Payne and the Oxford Sinfonia, to whom the work is dedicated with affection. The first performance took place at St Mary’s Church, High Street, Oxford on 26th April 2008.”

Prelude, in memoriam & Finale, sextet for woodwind quintet and bass clarinet

Oxfordshire, England: Ariel Music, 2002

Movements: Prelude; In Memoriam; Finale.

The composer shares: “This work was commissioned by English Serenata and received its first performance in May 1987. The sextet is dedicated to the memory of Howard Walker, clarinettist and founder member of English Serenata, following his tragic death in a car accident.”


Zander, Heinz Joachim(1920-2010)

Capriccio for double woodwind quintet

Simrock (see Schott catalog)



Fall scene is from Hurd Park in Dover, NJ. Image is by the author, Andrew Brandt.

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