Brandt’s Woodwind Quintet Site Gets Major Update

New Quintets + Internal Links Are All Live

When Brandt’s Woodwind Quintet Site first went live six months ago, there was still much work to be done.

The latest round of editing took two months, but I’ve edited and expanded the woodwind quintet pages. Among the changes:

There are more quintets. Probably a net gain of around 60 or more. (A good chunk of them are Latin American.)

A few duplicate entries were removed. Also a few errors fixed.

If a composer wrote both woodwind quintets and works with keyboard, you can now click links to go back and forth between the listings. So if you look at a composer’s quintet entry, if he or she also wrote any works with winds and piano, a “See More” link will take you there for a quick look. Finish reading and you can return with one more click.

Cross references are also live. If a composer goes by more than one name, or you’re not sure of the last name, we have links to the proper entry for many composers. (This also helps eliminates duplicate entries.)

I’ve written more commentaries for more compositions.

Each of the 26 pages of compositions got a pretty good proof-reading, too.

This work unifies the 26 pages of composer lists and should make it easier to find info and go to different pages. This was part of the plan when this site went live at New Year’s, but it took a lot of work to finish it.

So, we have music by over 4500 composers and arrangers who have written over 9000 works for woodwind quintet and related ensembles (double quintets, woodwind quintet plus one as well as works for winds and keyboard). It’s a rich treasure of repertoire, and this site is the first large attempt on the web to bring it all together.

How YOU Can Help

You can help make this list better, by:

  • Sharing new quintet repertoire as it becomes available, anywhere in the world
  • Sharing publishing and purchasing info for any quintet
  • Add brief commentaries about works you’ve performed
  • Add names of composers who are not yet in the list. (Contact info would help.)

The easiest way to contact me privately by using the contact form (click on the menu), or publicly by leaving a comment below.

And Tell Others

You can share this site’s address — — with other quintet players, composers, publishers, librarians and anybody else who likes woodwind quintets. (Who doesn’t?)

Future work includes continuing to research and adding works and making all the web addresses live. I’m also considering starting a Facebook group to promote more quintet discussions.

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Photo Credit

Title photo, “Blackbird Singing” is by the author, Andrew Brandt, processed with Photoshop and Topaz Labs Impression 2.