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Here’s a quick guide to navigating this site. It’s still under construction, so things may change around for a bit.

The Quintet List

First, most of this site consists of Brandt’s Woodwind Quintet List. It’s a (long) list of woodwind quintets and other works of interest to quintet musicians, composers, arrangers, librarians, publishers and the like.

The list itself consists of 26 web pages, listed by composers (and a few arrangers), alphabetically, A-Z (there are no X-Files on this site). To get to the list, use THE QUINTET LIST menu and click on a letter of your choice. Or just click on a letter of the alphabet in the sidebar. The list also includes a special page for Winds and Keyboard works.

The Cracked Reed Blog

A new site needs a new blog. Ours is The Cracked Reed Blog. It’s just beginning, but you may leave comments with announcements of your quintet news and questions, too.

Learn more about the Site

If you want to learn more detail about what this site is about or learn more about woodwind quintets in general, go to our ABOUT THE SITE page.

Learn about Andy Brandt

To learn more than you’d ever reasonably want to know about the creator of this list, see the ABOUT ANDY page.

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Finally, to leave me, Andrew Brandt, a message, use the CONTACT ANDY BRANDT menu.

We’d love to have corrections and expansions of the info of our current list. I also hope to make this a place where quintet players, composers and others can share info, promote their concerts and recordings, and add to the common good. This is not a commercial site. The only thing we don’t promote is the cost of the music.

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